Mechanic replaced unit. Front left wheel bearing and lower ball joint replaced. The transmission has automatically downshifted. There was a popping noise when taking full turns. One owner of a 2016 Tacoma complains about the slow engagement of the transmission when cold, stating, “I was almost involved in a wreck pulling into traffic when the transmission…went into neutral for a few seconds when I let off the gas”. Vehicle: 2009 Toyota Tacoma; 4 cyl. The lurch occurs when trying to engage the transmission, and happens very abruptly once the transmission finally engages. the clutch safety pin needed to be replaced. ), if I did not have such experience I am sure I would have ran the car up a tree or something. The transmission in 2009 Tacoma 4wd v6 does not shift down smoothly as the truck slows down into a turn and begins to accelerate out of a turn or in a straight away.

The contact stated the vehicle will also downshift from fifth gear to second gear when driving with the cruise control set to 55 mph and above. Driveshaft center support bearing failed. Clutch pedal squeaked when depressed and slow to return in temperatures under 20 degrees F. Replaced clutch fork and clutch throwout bearing. 2009 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 crew pickup truck with auto transmission and v6 engine accelerated unexpectedly to over 80 mph, then later on the same trip it happened again. A very common automatic transmission problem, delayed engagement refers to the delay that occurs for a few seconds when shifting into gear or between park, drive, reverse, or neutral.

So i went to the dealer. Clutch and push plate replaced. When re-accelerating after a low speed turn my 2009 Toyota Tacoma revs high but does not go anywhere. Toyota was no help at all. The dealer could not duplicate the failure or provide further assistance. Shifts way smoother and gas is more responsive after update.

. Suite 300 I pressed the gas pedal hard enough to boost speed. My foot is on the brake when this happens, and I am not slamming on the brake. Delayed Engagement in Tacoma Automatic Transmissions. No repairs were made to the vehicle. Toyota of saint croix,us virgin islands removed it. The transmission is one of those repairs that no one wants to deal with because it’s rarely a simple repair. See There seem to be a delay in response when accelerating,. I have carried the vehicle to the dealer twice and they say that Toyota has recognized the problem and is working on a computer 'patch' to solve the problem. Clutch master cylinder noisy and sticky Rear axle makes a slight howling noise at 55mph. The failure mileage was 6000 and the current mileage was 17311. See

TSB for throwout bearing completed. I had a 2001 Tacoma before purchasing this new one and it did not do this.

3rd Member (differential) noisy at certain speeds.

2003 Toyota Tacoma transmission problems with 6 complaints from Tacoma owners.

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