Rebel Minis is proud to offer some really cool Science fiction pieces in the 28mm scale. Used Coachmen Freelander 19cb For Sale, Javelin Amx For Sale Craigslist, Shop for SciFi in the Shapeways 3D printing marketplace. Next we have the stretch goal miniatures, consisting of a Japanese Oni demon miniature, the Southern gent Colonel Kenneth T. Tuckey and his associate Gary Grey, Uncle Earle with his large caliber pistols and Bomber Bob the Gremlin. Offers 28 mm figures for the following periods : The Empire in Peril range: Imperial Germanic Army of Kaiser Wihelm II (1890-1910), the range offers guards and cavalrymen. Specialized in the sale of 28 mm fantasy figurines (Amazon woman, goblins, Egyptians and 3 burlesque monsters). Offers 28 mm decors and figurines in laser printing for the following universes: World War II, heroic fantasy, pawns for board games. Figurines made in England of 28 mm access on the fantasy universe, heroic fantasy. Features 28 mm characters from the following eras: antiquity (gladiators), medieval, Napoleonic period, 7 Years War, And they have stocks for the following ranges: laughing monk miniatures, martian empires, shadow forge miniatures. Offers game mats for your 28mm wargame games. Philip Mckeon Tmz, Offers play mats in the size and patterns (grass, sand, snow, water, urban, space, custom) that you want. A 1/60 VOTOMS mech would be about 4" tall. They are also manufactured in the United Kingdom. 0 3 mechs for both armies.Perfect way to get into the game. CAV:Strike Operations features a wide variety of high-quality plastic miniatures for all of your 23rd century combat needs. Featuring warhammer 40k and a host of other international figure makers. The series (72000+), molded in gray plastic, is unpainted and may require some assembly. Lindemann Lake Nd, LL08014 Winged Firebreathing Dragon. 25/28mm AFVs 25/28mm Sci/Fi Figures › Lizards with Guns Transfers.,, Is an online store of figurine whose range is as follows: Ancient Rome, medieval, Napoleonic period, science fiction, Congo, 19th and 20th century. Pond Ideas For Small Yards, Offers 28 mm figures for the following periods : Medieval, Byzantine Empire, Napoleonic War, World War II, fantasy football, forgotten world,  Offers 28 mm figurines of pirates, freebooters, freshwater / saltwater sailors, they also offer decorations related to this theme, as well as boats.Specializing in the sale of World War II figurines. Andreivian Factions 10mm transfer sheets › Welcome To Chilis Lyrics, ). They’ve added a range of Panzer Mech 1/56th scale ‘walking tanks’ to the range, which will be available to all as soon as the Kickstarter backers have had their items. Offers figurines inspired by Egyptian gods (Anubis, Osiris, Bastet,…), as well as characters from Olympus and Hyperborea. Quick view Add to Cart. Welcome to Mantic Games - the home of great miniatures at great prices! $15.00. However, if you weren’t one of the lucky backers, you won’t have too long to wait before you can get your hands on a host of new miniatures. $9.95. Newline Designs has a fairly wide range of historical 28 mm figures including the following main periods: Antiquity, Biblical Period, Middle Ages, Chinese Medieval Period, Napoleonic Period. Proposes mainly painting material (brushes, airbrushes, ).

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