However, as I mentioned before, we've only considering the purchase price and render time.

I am a bit selfish here really, I am thinking of how these CPU's would scale in a render farm, I write render farm software, so yeah. Most likely thanks to its quite low power consumption... just a guess. The two just don't seem to line up.

(assumption number 2, these effects will be minor as most hardware aims to not be terrible and bottleneck the speed of your expensive CPU, cause otherwise it would get replaced with something better). With this free data set, anyone can get in on the analyst game! Well its fairly new, so it represents a more recent state of the art, its also a decent length that will get a CPU to a steady state temperature, so the numbers represent something stable, not transient. Is it worth USD 4000? Why is this stuff important? Also we've mostly been considering rendering of animations, there are likely to be other workloads that require large amounts of main memory.

Note: Commissions may be earned from the links above. This is to try and limit the variables that might affect our analysis, like the fact that between blender versions, performance can be different, different OS types have been known to have different render times for the same scenes, and of course different benchmarks run different render times.

Cache memory is small amounts of memory located on the CPU itself, which have much faster access times than main ram. AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X vs AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X. The takeaway here is that the benefit from having sufficient main memory or cache trips further out from the CPU is only apparent with a sufficiently large scene.

You can get the free version right here on our site and also contribute to our project via our support campaign. This is where we scale the data to fit within the same two numbers on both axes, in our case 1.0 and 10. I said you should do your own research, now you can! This is why we use cache memory, which helps with this. Why this benchmark though? Honestly though, for my own system, if I were building, I'd be looking at either seeing what Ryzen 3 brings, or I'd commit to a 3970X. Doing it via measurement takes a bit more effort, we need to find the distances marked '?' Yeah you read that right, the lower spec'd chip supports double the RAM.

For a small farm though, say three to six nodes, the 3990X comes out ahead on power for the same level of performance. This method seems seductively intuitive and simple, but it implies something a bit silly if we pick the right example. First you go to the fridge in your kitchen, if all the ingredients are there (fridge = cache) then your sandwich will be ready quickly.

Thinking in four dimensional space makes my brain hurt. I've worked in labs where there are researchers that deal with images that are a few terabytes in size! Once again, surprises, the best chip turns out to be a Ryzen 9 3950X of all things.

Here's a quick refresher, V = SQRT( C x Cost^2 + P x Price^2 + Po x Power^2).

Performance in single-threaded apps and benchmarks, Measure performance when all cores are involved, The efficiency score of electricity consumption, Advantages of AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3975WX, Advantages of AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X. Take care as you brain directs your fingers to prepare for comment, and, this is not a suggestion that you shouldn't (or should) buy any of these CPU's, or that one is better than the other, my intention here is to show a method for assessing CPU's in an objective way. By no means, these calculations highlight what I think is valuable, an equal balance of performance, price and power efficiency, those are all the things that the 3990X isn't about, it is a monster CPU, stupidly powerful, and you pay for the privilege of so much speed in a workstation CPU, both in $$ and Watts drawn from the power grid (hmmm that reminds me of something...). If we agree that fewer seconds of render time is valuable to us, as in, we'll pay for less of them, then it seems logical that we'd agree that either of these two CPU's are just as valuable, since their performance vs cost is identical on that basis. Especially if its your only computer.

And, spoiler alert, the 3990X is a long way away from the origin, so by the eyeballs method, its not going to win this contest. We're only going to scratch the surface in this article, but here's a quick couple of graphs and some food for thought. So, the TLDR here is, we used one benchmark, one OS, one version of blender, and then we got a few prices for each CPU we considered. What about single core performance, gaming, other applications besides Blender? The project got an upgrade this year and has made it easier for you to run your own queries if you want to check out how different hardware performs :).

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