They even have more controlled expansion than a hollow point (since the goal is to harvest meat or fur not obliterate it). The infamous ‘green tip’ bullet which all vets will recall with mixed emotions. Copyright © 2020 SHWAT™ | All Right Reserved. Features to Consider When Buying Deer Hunting Ammo The Caliber. They offer expansion qualities much better than that of an FMJ. Dave Bahde – Dr. WT…? Go with the stuff that goes ‘bang’ every time you pull the trigger and doesn’t say ‘match’ anywhere on it. Load your magazines with this ammo for a competition, and the only person you’ll be competing aga is yourself. If not tap the link in, Repost from @hatchet_jane⁠ We recommend the 223 caliber for deer hunting. It is capable of penetrating thin steel and bi-metal armor. With excellent penetration and weight retention, it’s ideally suited for patrol weapons, and good expansion close to that of a hollow point.
The bullet is then topped off with a polymer cap which aids its ballistic coefficient of .270. Introducing the latest products from the worldwide leader in ammunition. R, Thinking about shooting Steel Challenge? Born to scream, Hornady’s Superformance is designed to propel around 100 to 200fps faster than its peers, which is well over 3,000fps for a 55gr 5.56. By Guy J. Sagi The spiralled grooves and lands inside a firearm barrel—rifling—force a projectile to rotate as…, There is no record of the first projectile used by early man, although the odds are good it…. The soft point offers the best advantages of both worlds. bullet which had a steel core. In reality, my finger trigger was the one getting tired…tired of having to squeeze off several rounds (in some cases 4-5) to take down a pig. But it does shoot reliably and their Gold line is a step or two up from its steel cased stablemates. Ha Ha! These .223 Remington Ammo are perfect for any shooter, and affordable too! .223 Remington and its nearly identical twin brother, the 5.56x45mm NATO, need very little introduction. My electronic hearing protection kicked in but I still heard the confirmation “thwap” of the Maker Overwatch 62gr Expanding round enter the hog right below the ear. The FMJ is the most common type of ammunition because of the relative ease of manufacturing and significantly lower materials cost than other types of bullets. The boar collapsed and it only took only one pull of the trigger. As we cruised down the highway, I checked the 120 acre field on the east side and there was a loan boar not 50 yards from the road. Either way, love it or not, it is recognized by all AR shooters for one reason or another. Hornady is experiencing extremely high demand for ammunition, bullets and components. 223 Remington 62 gr FMJ Hornady BLACK ® Item #80234 | 20/Box Hornady BLACK ® ammunition features versatile loads optimized for excellent performance from America’s favorite guns. With the.223 Remington, the tough bullets come into their own because the cartridge pushes them fast. Are you planning to engage a silhouette at 25 meters? The ballistic coefficient of SP ammo is excellent, particularly in the form of a boat tail. The .223 Wolf Gold line is actually manufactured in Taiwan, in the same factory that makes ammo for the Taiwanese military. If somebody is dead-set on hunting medium-sized game, has fully committed to using a .223 Rem, and they have a physical impairment, by all means, get out there and enjoy the sport of hunting! I got back to the truck and it was right around midnight and the wife was asleep. The lighter grain bullets are best suited in conjunction with higher rates of barrel twist like 1:8 and 1:9. They represent one of the most common calibers in the U.S., and being the NATO standard, they are in use in various platforms around the world. Well, except for the .22 LRN but that is pretty much used for the same purpose. The unique manufacturing process for hollow point bullets is more involved, which translates directly to the price, and to the availability on the market since demand is lower than that of FMJs. The data to list the number of world-wide .223 users is surprisingly difficult to find, but anyone who recalls the 2012 ammunition crisis, can attest to the serious shortages of .223 ammunition on the market. – the Integrally Suppressed AR.

Please bear with us as we are doing all we can to produce as much as possible. Increasing the Body Count – Hog Hunting with the Suppressed Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel! It was time to call it a night but Maker Bullets and I were just getting started. Since I’ve started using Maker Bullets loaded ammo, I’ve shot 13 hogs and recovered 12 bodies and I love those results. Twitter and other social media icons below. In the middle of this field is a bunch of brush that we often use for cover but it’s a little over a quarter mile from there to where these hogs were rooting in the wheat. Even when it was introduced, the M855 was nothing new, it was just an old concept reused in a newer application. Unless you are planning on buying bulk steel-cased Russian ammo, these rounds are at the upper end of the price sheet. The big sentry pig looked at me again as I squatted in the middle of the field pretending that they couldn’t see me. By Guy J. Sagi The spiralled grooves and lands inside, There is no record of the first projectile used by. I sort of panicked because the truck lights wouldn’t turn off. Similarly, the Barnes VOR-TX 52-grain load can leave the muzzle 100 fps faster. The lowest common twist rate is 1:7, which also happens to be the M4 and M16-A2/A4 standard. As for me, I’ve experienced a significant improvement using Maker’s slightly heavier, marginally more expensive round.

Take a look at our .223 Remington Ammo Ballistics Charts and see how your ammo is performing. Challenge Accepted! Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf Big Bore Takes Down Big Texas Boars! For example: The Sierra MatchKing is a boat-tail design, which is synonymous with excellent aerodynamics. My Lancer mag was loaded and I paced off 50 yards, give or take, and fired three rounds into my target and I was good to go. Maybe her womanly intuition kicked in and she was trying to prevent this inevitable lovefest from happening, but she was unsuccessful. I pulled over on the grassy shoulder and turned the engine off and commenced on the stalk, which wasn’t far. The list of product reviews provides you with reliable buying information. Let your fellow shooters know – share this article using the Facebook, .223 Remington Ammo .

Although I had never met any of these so-called “experts”, I felt as if I had a point to prove. By looking at popular ammo type listings, we can easily see that FMJ rounds are the top 10 selling cartridges. Pretty proud of my shooting, I snapped a couple of photos and headed back to the truck. Thank you for your understanding and support. When accuracy and target placement counts, the MOA performance of these cartridges is near the top. I had my breaking point and since Jonathan was responsible for introducing me to my wife, I decided that I needed to talk to him and see if he could introduce me to a new love of my life, well at least my hunting life. Ideally suited for barrels with a lower rate of twist like the 1:7 and 1:8, the heavy 69gr Federal Gold Match is tailored for the AR geek who actually likes reading about ballistic co-efficiency. The GMX line is a design that employs a one-piece copper alloy rather than copper plating bonded to a lead core. Any landowner is confident he can dispatch all forms of varmints with a healthy dose of .223 Remington.

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