Got rid of the hot leaf juice joke as many did not get it! My goal was end of this year, but due to Covid-19, along with health issues and life, I'm hoping for sometime next year.

Sayori forced our protagonist to join the Literature Club. Revised message to Monika and added new message in day 9! ), MC has been tweaked in all the days, so there should not be anymore misunderstandings. Link below!

The mod has been in development since DDLC modding began. Stuff gets weird.

It is advised that you have finished the game at least once, before subscribing as all mods must assume post-game content. Anyone know when DDLC: A Brand New Day full release will come out? You will have to find this mod elsewhere.

The mod is based on parts of the original story that have been remixed, along with a large amount new content.

Day 9 is about 70% complete!

There's lots of humour put in, which is nice for a change. Health issues among various other things have been causing my development to slow down.

Day 10 is Extended!! ), Reuploaded Beta 7 since some people were encountering strange issue with characters overlapping on event at end of the day. teasers have been shown by artists and my twitter! We all have been hard at work since the last release!

Fixed some grammar and spelling errors in earlier chapters. Day 11 is 70-80% Done! :) Here is an invite to the Discord server as well:

is now available to everyone! (Google Drive!) Added new Natsuki face! There are some changes in dialogue and facial expressions, as well as more expressions in dialogues as well. Added more little fixes! (Now updated with Backgrounds and Some Dadsuki 2.0 Art!)

Day 12 will only be available on final release!

Ele conseguirá salvar verdadeiramente todas elas? I learned something new!

That’s not all there is to this story.

Play beta 6, you may understand it more then. and more! *Steam game example folder location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Doki Doki Literature Club\game*, *Downloaded game example location: C:\DDLC-1.1.0-pc\game*.

Added some new character poses but only partially implemented in day 9! There will be a point to that. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Other fixes as well, can't remember them all!

the game. Here's what's coming in the future versions: (Everything that has been mentioned on Discord so far), New Outfits! lots of added material!

Узнай в A Brand New Day! Intro is day 1, day 12 will be implemented once art is completed :), BTW guys, make sure to go to the A Brand New Day Discord server for tweets from the creator, Doki pics, and more, sometimes memes as well!

Ending shows more to come to cause less confusion and delay! We all have been hard at work since the last release! If you just overwrite, you will have problems! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Close. There’s something even bigger happening behind the scenes that may cost them their lives!

As beyond the darkness there will always be shining light! – In development –. A Brand New Day is a fanmade mod of Doki Doki Literature Club, created by Phathom on Twitter. I strongly recommend playing through ALL of the days as you may find other new tidbits in each of them!

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