It is a condition when one thread is waiting for an object lock, which is already acquired by another thread and the second thread is waiting for lock object which is taken by the first thread, so this is called deadlock condition in Java. Call by reference: In call by reference, an address of that value is passed to the function so, if we make any changes in formal parameters it will affect the actual parameter as well. You must provide an answer in a very positive way. We are 1.400 individuals. Speed = distance/time It was all a very fast process, they gave you 2-3 days for each stage. I felt my time was not respected.While I did not receive an offer, my timeline was extended far beyond what was typical at my university.

For declaring a class, we use a 'class' keyword followed by a class name, whereas we can create the object using the 'new' keyword in Java. All rights reserved. You will need to complete an IQ test and a video-questionnaire. I interviewed at Accenture (New York, NY (US)) in May 2020. Some DML commands are: DBMS stands for "DataBase Management System". Declaration of Variable: Declaring a variable or function is that we are declaring the name and its type so that it can be used in the program. We can query the data in Native-XML database using X-path expressions. Got an email with online interview details. There are mainly two types of memory allocation in C: The malloc() and calloc() are the two pre-defined library function available in Library. So the first thing that before answering this question you must be full of confidence and relaxed and then start answering. Please describe the problem with this {0} and we will look into it. There are several rounds conducted during the complete recruitment process. Object cloning is a mechanism of creating the same copy of an object. Runtime Polymorphism- We can achieve runtime Polymorphism by method overriding in Java. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. They all consume food for 15 days, food consumed in 15 days= 15*120 What makes you different from others? First did a pymetrics test, then did an online interview on Hirevue, then went for a combined session at the beach in Sentosa, where we did a series of challenges. The class and structure both are approximately equivalent to each other. Accenture Interview Questions About the company: Accenture. I interviewed at Accenture. • What do you feel are your main strengths and how will they help you on this job? XML database is designed for storing and transporting of the significant amount of data in the XML format. Hence, Ravi's age 6 years back (20 - 6) = 14 years. When we start execution of any program, execution directly goes to the main() in the program. = 1/24 Keep it recent that means to tell that biggest achievement which you have in recent years. I would like to ask what the multiple choice question(s) are and what the essay response question is (and what case study (if any) is it based on)? Let suppose class A inherits the two parent class B and C in which a method with the same name is present in both the classes and hence when we try to override that method it will create confusion for the compiler and will give the compilation error.

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