Beginning spinners may find the wool challenging.

The fur of the Giant Angora contains three varieties of fiber: underwool; awn fluff and guard hair.

If you are considering owning multiple rabbits, they must be kept individual enclosures. Breeding Rabbits: Your Get Started Guide! It should also have adequate ventilation so the rabbit does not overheat in warmer climates. The Awn Hair, also known as guard hair, is the third type of fiber. Does are territorial and can harm a buck if he is introduced into her environment. German Angoras are often referred to as Continental Angoras to distinguish them from the French and English varieties.

The French Angora is one of the large Angora breeds at 7.5 to 10 lbs, with a commercial body type. Angora rabbits are at high risk of getting wool block; a potentially fatal blockage in the digestive tract. Angoras’ gestation period ranges from 28 to 32 days and litter sizes can vary from between 2 and 9 kits (baby rabbits). By abiding by breeder’s standards, a breeder can ensure the best quality wool is produced. The head trimmings should be noticeable, but does have lighter trimmings than bucks. of Agriculture. German Angora. There are two color patterns found in harlequin, Barred and Banded. Making them difficult to clean. Angora rabbit wool production is an industry that many individuals and animal welfare organizations have had issues with. Like many other 'giant' breeds of rabbit, the Giant Angora grows slowly.

Belgium and France have their own Dwarf Wooly breeds. If keeping rabbits in a cage, a suspended floor is recommended as it allows waste to fall through. Junior rabbit’s average weight is about 4 ¾lbs. Their fur is more resistant to matting and does not require daily grooming as with the other breeds, making them a more suitable pet option. Although Angora rabbits are generally bred and kept for wool production, it is possible to keep them as pets. A-grade Angora wool can range from 12-16 microns in diameter making it finer than cashmere, which is 14microns in diameter. It is recommended to use a sharp pair of scissors. In addition to the sheen (for which the Satin is known), true red and copper pigments emerged in the new rabbits. The rabbit is then flipped and the underside shorn from tail to chin. Dirt flooring is not as ideal as the rabbits burrow, causing their fur to become dirty and matted. There are up to 10 different varieties of Angora rabbit recorded. The English Angora can be bred to have broken colors—i.e., white with black spots—but this is not accepted by ARBA standards and would lead to a disqualification when showing the rabbit. This rabbit belongs to 7 Pines Rabbitry. This breed is more common as a pet because of the facial features that give it a puppy or teddy-bear look. For children wanting a pet Angora, it is recommended to get an Angora which is bred specifically as a pet as the maintenance of wool-producing Angoras can be intensive. Wool mites may be treated with ivermectin or with carbaryl powder. Signs of infestation are flaky skin patches and fur loss. This “golden fleece” of the Angora provides luxury wool for a high-end, niche market worldwide and is 7 times warmer than sheep’s’ wool.

The Giant Angora is also the only breed of angora that is shown only as a ruby-eyed white. You can pluck either by hand or with a brush. Do not clip the face, legs or belly unless matted. Small ear tufts are allowed but not usually preferred by breeders. The intermediate buck and intermediate doe are 6–8 months of age. The Satin does not produce as much wool as other Angora breeds, but this trait is being improved upon through selective breeding. Cashmere wool is 14 microns. The French Angora does not have any wool furnishing on its front feet, face, ears or head. Angora cats and Angora goats (also known as Mohair goats) originate from the same area. 5 out of 5 stars (528) 528 reviews $ 11.58. The Satin Angora can produce up to ½lbs of wool per year. [7], The iconic long coat of the Angora is the result of a rabbit gene referred to as l (i.e., lowercase "L"). The Chinchilla rabbit was developed using Himalayans, Beverens and wild-coloured agouti rabbits, and first shown in France in 1913. This fur is easy to harvest and is spun into high quality, fine wool. Angora wool is harvested (plucked or shorn) every three to four months throughout the year.

Its wool must be harvested by hand shearing. If you try to pluck the rabbit and bald patches appear then you must shear, otherwise you will hurt it. While more difficult to keep groomed than the Giant or French Angora, the Satin is less difficult than the English Angora. Senior buck and doe may weigh between 6 ½ to 9 ½lbs. Due to their high care demands, some breeders do not recommend keeping them as pets, especially for children. The wool is dense and is easy to harvest. Harlequin is caused by the "ej" gene. Shearing is similar to a human getting a haircut. In French Angoras, the guard hairs make up the majority of the animal’s coat, making them a good option for novice Angora owners as well as an ideal choice for hand-spinners. The wool is 7 times warmer than sheep’s wool. [4] A healthy adult Angora's wool will grow approximately 3 centimetres (1.2 in) per month.

Angora wool may be gathered periodically by hand-plucking the hairs within the coat that are being naturally shed. The points for 'general type' include the body type, head, ears, eyes, feet, legs and tail. The Giant Angora should have forehead tufts (head trimmings) and cheek furnishings. Because rabbits do not possess the same allergy-causing qualities as many other animals,[citation needed] their wool is an important alternative. If the texture of the wool is correct, the maintenance is relatively easy; if the texture of the rabbit is cottony, it requires a great deal of maintenance. ARBA recognizes the same colors as with English Angora, plus broken. Some owners prefer to use an electric clipper. "Dwarf Wooly" breeds including American Fuzzy Lop, Lion Head and Jersey Woolie are now recognized in the U.S. by ARBA. This rabbit was specifically bred by crossing German Angoras with Flemish Giants and French Lops, to create a larger rabbit.

The seeds are commonly known as "Brazil nuts" when they're harvested and sold to the public. In modern society, they only exist in domestic environments and are most commonly bred for their wool. If the rabbit produces chestnut babies, it … Angoras are either bred for wool production or as pets. You may also want to trim the fur on her belly to assist the kits in finding her teats.

Before 1939 there was one breed of "Angora Wooler". Although the English Angora has an adorable teddy-bear like appearance, its need for regular grooming makes it a poor choice as a pet, especially for children. A fifth variety, the German Angora, is recognized by the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB). Other identified varieties such as the Korean Angora, St. Lucian Angora, Swiss Angora, Finnish Angora, and Chinese Angora, get little recognition and as a result, minimal information is available for these varieties. The ears should be lightly fringed and well tasseled. [1] In the United States garments made of Angora-rabbit wool have been popular ever since they first arrived in the early 20th century. After plucking, the rabbits may show a lot of pink skin, this normal and only lasts a couple of days. All rabbits ingest some of their wool when they groom themselves, but their digestive system is not able to pass that foreign matter. Color varieties: Only Ruby-eye White (albino rabbit) is accepted by the ARBA. If keeping a rabbit indoors, ensure space is rabbit-proof and has no exposed wires or plug sockets, etc. There are several varieties of Angora rabbits. Due to regular grooming, they soon become accustomed to human contact. Unlimited hay and water should be readily available.
Kits naturally wean at approximately six to eight weeks. A Blue Smoke Pearl. Rabbits can also have a mineral salt lick available to encourage adequate water intake. They also need to be kept away from water and dirt. The fur on an agouti’s back and flanks is multi-coloured, with bands of chestnut brown and black on a dark grey base colour with solid black guard hairs. Hygiene is an important factor when caring for any animal. Historically, Angora rabbits originated from Angora, today Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. A broken Chocolate Agouti with some handspun angora yarn. Desirable characteristics of the fibre include its texture, warmth, light weight and pure white color. With correct farming and harvesting practices, Angora rabbits are not killed for their fur.

Golden Retrievers and Labradors generally don’t live quite as long. The Awn Hair is a strong straight hair that protrudes above the wool and must be present and evident. What is a Continental Giant Rabbit? Symptoms of wool block include; a loss in appetite, misshapen or dry droppings, the increased presence of fur and less frequent passing of droppings. ARBA-recognized varieties: [Includes eight color groups. Rabbits should be vaccinated against fur mites, myxomatosis, and viral hemorrhagic disease as these are contagious. Because ARBA wouldn't allow German Angoras to be shown, their body type being considered too similar to other Angora breeds, Louise Walsh of Taunton, Massachusetts, created a new breed. She used German Angoras, French Lops and Flemish Giants to develop a completely different 'commercial' body type. Some owners suggest that you can pluck a non-molter, however other research states that it is best to only pluck molters and shear non-molting breeds. It is important to carefully follow breeders’ regulations, such as the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club for specific breeding regulations. They are shown at ARBA shows using the types 'white' and 'colored' (broken being a colored). They are gentle in nature, but they are not recommended for those who do not groom their animals.

Beginning spinners may find Angora wool a challenge. Senior rabbit’s weight ranges from 5lbs to 7 ½lbs. Like many other 'giant' breeds of rabbit, the Giant Angora grows slowly. Is the same as sable yet so dark it almost looks black. Also known as the “teddy bear rabbit” they are the only variety that has facial furnishings. Wool mites reduce fiber yields and the resulting skin flakes are detrimental to the fiber quality.
The underwool should be the most dominant over the other two types of hair. French Angoras molt naturally so their coat can be harvested by plucking. Harlequin is not an ARBA Recognized color for angoras but it is very beautiful and very rare. The agouti is the only mammal known to be able to break open the hard shell of the fruit.

I believe this rabbit belongs to Heather Campbell of Oceanside Angoras as she is currently developing the color in Satin Angoras. Only Ruby-eye White (albino rabbit) is accepted by the ARBA. Bedding should be avoided as it causes Angora fur to mat.

Seal English Angora. If harvested correctly, the harvesting process is painless and can be repeated several times a year. Thank you for letting me photograph your rabbit at the 2017 National convention!

If you are concerned about the rabbit getting cold, you may want to put a small sweater on it. ... which is a large economy size bunny.

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