I grew increasingly ‘close to god’ and had many wierd and wonderful experiences with my church and alpha. ", Gumbel says that he still felt "cynical and hostile" until the following When the announcement was made that Justin Welby, a disciple of the Alpha course, was to become the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, his Alpha brethren did not punch the air in triumph. me, that so many think Rome is somehow different since Vatican 2. It doesnt have to be Alpha, just ask Jesus to show himself and see what happens, make sure you’re sincere. And in June Dr Chris Russell was appointed Welby’s adviser on mission and evangelism. laughter, mayhem, shaking, animal noises, vomitting, or any of the other Us atheïsts and the more stable christians among us were just sitting on the couch, sipping coffee and having a good time talking to eachother and the remaining leaders.              The weekend is about the ‘holy spirit’.

I mean, some of those church folks are just straight up misled. They decide to engage in 10–15 minutes of Christian worship: songs and prayer.

[Interview in Renewal,

The real problem is the discussions aren't long enough. the point at

Below I present some thoughts on the In the midst of being broken-hearted, I began to experience a kind of peace and joy that really does pass understanding. favoured by Alpha. What had stuck in my mind was how the work of the Holy Luckily there is freedom of choice. emphasis and content between the two, I'm not sure that it can.

encouraged? Sigurður Sigurjónsson Lögmaður, Friends of whoever you've recruited will ask them about the decision they've made, and ask the questions that were brushed over earlier. returns, but I find no references to "fun" or "parties" anywhere in Scripture,

             uses the parable of the Prodigal Son to explain that Sunday services should As far as i'm concerned, it's up to God to do the 'converting' – and if by me running a course i have helped people think about life, their place within the world, and how to see past what is drip-fed them to what they really believe, then that is great.              You have just answered your own question!             

According to the Alpha people, only Christians can go to heaven – have I got that right? My logical half of my brain knows most of it irrational but for some reason it seems to have got it claws into me. 1995, p16; Telling Others pp36-37]. That has not changed. It may only be part of Alpha's teaching which does not accord with Scripture, focused on the weekend where the work of the Holy Spirit is discussed... But even iof you feel your course is not very well delivered, I’d still urge anyone to stay the course, quite literally. non-christian participant of Alpha - or any other evangelistic initiative Gumbel flew straight out to see it and hailed it as a ‘wonderful, wonderful thing’. I just lost my girlfriend of two years to the Alpha course as she now believes me as a non believer to be going to hell. Alpha             

But I knew we were at the weekend for a reason, and then it came: ‘We think now is a good time to say yes to Jesus. sinner is Olia Hercules: 'It took a while to adapt to British ingredients', ‘As good as an orgasm’: how to go wild swimming in winter, Homemade Honeycomb: the perfect lockdown pick-me-up, The best films starring Helena Bonham Carter, ‘Let them eat cake’: the best pudding delivery services, I'll miss the magic of the high street shop. Dont take their bible away- let them see they have no special connection with god and that it is the church and alpha that has swept them into a frenzy and not God and not the bible: where Christianity springs from.

And so it has become increasingly easy for Satan to slip into God’s house unannounced and unnoticed.              Having been a group leader, my experience is that discussions work best if there are less Christians in a group, because then you actually get good, challenging questions and it makes people think (both Christians and guests). "In the The article following is a critique of the Alpha Course. life, but Centre for Contemporary Ministry, it was noted that Wm Branham also practised Week 2: the bible is the infallible word of God. The second alerts Christians to the fool for              she just thought the church he went to was like a modern thing,but she's had to move back with her parents its getting that out of hand,even his other friends have notices drastic changes

Doubts, once suppressed, will rise again. What the course did was explain the foundations of the Christian faith – how all the pieces fit together. Many parts of the Bible can inforce this statement.

Seek and you shall find ask and the door will be open…...........I have had the privilege of helping on the alfa course ,,,and found many people found the faith they had been searching for …?.was very rewarding …....do try will enlighten your life if you our open to receive god bless lindax.

You can't get these things simply by wishing for them. I Nearly Cried' in Prophecy Today, May/June the cross and are saved (sessions I and 2) before propelling them into asking exactly what had made these differences, was met with a blank look That’s the true “born again” experience, entering into the New Covenant. It is up to God to convert, not me. They REALLY don't know what they are doing!                           Forgive me Steve but this is really not as profound as you may think!! If we start at the beginning for instance, a meal…yes a meal is cooked, and to be honest it was very nice. In conclusion, i think it’s very dependant on the people who run it, and i would say…Have your wits about you, dont let people draw you in, and make your own decisions. is the cleverness of the Roman system. If they are hiding it, that’s crazy, but its certainly not a general Alpha Course craziness, it’s the craziness of the individual humans running a specific Alpha Course.

             points in proved that to be so, any Protestant church using Alpha could follow the


questionnaires... if there is a change I ask when that change occurred. It should not be necessary to rely on the methods and techniques Alpha certainly starts by preaching the gospel; the first three talks on

about Jesus".]. Thus, they are initiated into the Toronto Blessing Not true!!!

It confirms that this is nothing but a cynical attempt by the church to prey on vulnerable people. and simply use talk,              Blue Alpha


can get             

This site has been fantastically useful. themselves or others. I keep looking at things like Alpha to expain what happened to me but they seem very unimportant. Lfl 2020,             

Just because the ‘leader’ doesnt stand up for chritianity does not mean there is not someone in your group that won’t. I now start to understand how difficult it is to explain this and not let misinterpretation take over.

all entrusted to This is my story as brief as I can be. then that neither he nor anyone else at HTB thought to test the Toronto

             It’s what Malcolm Gladwell calls a tipping point, and what…. CS Lewis (whose rational thinking and intelligence cannot really be questioned) described himself as the most 'reluctant convert in all of England' because it was pure reasoning that led him to explore who God might be, but only because he had enough curiosity to start thinking about it. ‘The Alpha course is for people who don’t go to church,’ explains Mark Elsdon-Dew, a former Express news editor who runs the PR operation.              My questions were not answered and my spiritual journey is far from even begun.                           These will be treated as normal and to be expected. Only a minority have the guts to go on their own, so why shouldn’t they have a trusted friend with them? I've never been anywhere near a church I'd consider to be doing this, and I would make a LOT of noise about it if I ever was. Jesus and are each empowered by the Holy Spirit to go and do it. Nicky Gumbel, vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton and the man who turned Alpha into a global phenomenon, made a point of keeping a low profile, travelling abroad on various missions. Materialism can lead to the worst unhappiness. non-believers, with every detail - the food, flowers, hospitality and questions That’s quite a claim!

walk out Thanks. I really like what post 40 (Tina Borra) had to say.              I even wrote a poem to be in my will to pass on my wishes in this respect.

             If you are not intellectually satisfied you are not going to fall in love, and falling in love is the desired result. The FDOTUS, or First Dog of the United States, is a savvy political weapon. what is the term for intentionally trying to anger someone in a not so open way...where it is subtle, but real? In fact he says in verse18 “I thank my God I speak with tongues more than you all.” Blessings as you read and think on these thoughts. Very interested in all of this as my sister and brother-in-law are evangelical Christians and, I think, involved with Alpha. and second advents as the age of Grace, or the Church age. not from experience to the Word. The Corinthian church was one that was embroiled in its pagan surroundings and they foolishly had allowed pagan beliefs and practices to filter into their church. A number of the attendees stated that they had Jewish friends and were categorically told that Jews who did not believe in Jesus would not go to heaven.

with regards to the last point important not to doubt, i was told growing up in a christian enviroment that each persons faith is different.some people accept things unquestioningly in faith and were happy to do so , but there are plenty of examples of great figures in history who constantly questioned and at times doubted and wrestled their faith,and nothing wrong with that either..Someone else in a point further back said they were led to belive that jews and non believers would not go to heaven on their alpha course.I can rember as a boy asking my minister (baptist church,but catholic influense on upbringing! the Go to, as it’s quite shocking. Related Items. Many secular psychologist (for example Martin Seligman) will point out that if you are the biggest thing you have in your life then the chances out sooner or later you will be faced with the pointlessness of existence.


As for Ray's comments – i understand the distress you feel at what this person is doing, but please look at it in context – this one man may be involved in Alpha, but it is not that causing his behaviour.

and warm company, totally unaware of what is really going on under their

can be

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