but, that will do the trick. Airplanes aren’t built out of fiberglass for a reason: aluminum is really light, which fiberglass isn’t, and very strong. He noticed the boat was starting to leak and assumed the plug was bad. Our test boat had the SeaStar hydraulic steering system upgrade — the best $1,290 you’ll ever spend (it comes standard when you upgrade to the VMAX SHO 150) — which made driving the 2072 Bay really easy. Aluminum boats used to have a bad saltwater rep, and decades ago that might have been the truth. !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s) The Bay Series is new for Alumacraft, and the company entered the category with 18- and 20-foot models. The fiberglass helm also matches the hull color. Let us count the ways: they’re more affordable to both purchase and operate (since they generally require smaller powerplants to attain performance equal to a similarly-sized glass boat); they require less maintenance (no waxing! A jumpseat in front of the console sits atop an 18-gallon livewell. With their years of experience building high-performance, deep-V hulls, Alumacraft craftsmen had the know-how to build superior aluminum fishing boats and it was simply a matter of putting it together in a package tailored to skinny water.

Forever. It is like the prop is not into the water enough to maintain propulsion. Purchased at McDuffie Marine, Lake City, Fla. My grandfather designed bass plugs in central Florida, and I grew up fishing with him in fresh water. When we moved north to Lake City, we got a place on the Suwannee River and fished in the river. I contacted my local prop repair and they said i could add some cupping to it. So, what are the down-sides? I made the drive and there were several models and I was able to meet the Southeast Rep . if you cup it you will need to go down a pitch to keep the rpm’s the motor is rated for. s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window,document,'script', i’m thinking about adding cupping and some pitch to the prop? 'https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbevents.js'); Families. I have since put around 20 hours on it and couldn’t be more pleased . what do you guys/girls think. The 2072 Bay is Alumacraft’s top-of-the-line bay boat model, and it comes with the storage and features fishermen need. Tight lines , The holeshot was excellent, as the 2072 Bay got on plane in 2.7 seconds with minimal bowrise.

The xpress h20b is a slightly better looking, better built thicker hull. Our boat was clad in the latter color, but it was closer to copper than Fanta orange. Boat tests, DIY, gear accessories, Expert tips, contests, engine maintenance, watersports, fishing and more! Ed Morgan.

With 18' and 20' options, the Bay series gives you enough space to do whatever it is that you do best. Our test boat had a Humminbird Helix 5SI that’s affordably priced at $705. Its modified V-hull has 11 degrees of deadrise, so it doesn’t drive like a car on ice, like it might if it were Jon-boat flat. Combine all of this with Alumacraft workmanship and fishability, and it’s easy to understand why inshore anglers will love the 2072 Bay. This makes a rigid hull that is stronger and helps manage deteriorating conditions when Mother Nature sends an unexpected storm your way. 246 were here. Purchased by Steve and Debbie Osborne, Lake City, Fla. Former LSU football player preaches hunter safety after accident. The Coastal Edition is new for 2016 and adds some panache compared to the 2072 Bay Standard version’s generic-esque white hull. Your email address will not be published.

Speckled trout at the Great Wall of Chalmette, Former LSU football player Matt Branch preaches hunter safety less than two years after accident that almost took his life. I test drove one of these boats and had lots of issues with cavitations during even the slightest turns they blamed it on the three bladed prop and said that a four blade prop would improve the cavitation. I am interested in your alumacraft 2072 coastal Have g3 camo sc want to upgrade. But wisely, Alumacraft didn’t blow up its affordable price point, keeping it south of $30k, even when powered by the more expensive Yamaha VMAX SHO 115. […]. Nope, not if it’s the Alumacraft 2072 Bay Coastal Edition. An aluminum boat builder that has been in the industry since the forties is Alumacraft. I stumbled across one online , it was 3-1/2 hours from me at an in house boat show for a dealer in Florida . Flanking the leaning post are two flip-up jumpseats that fold down to form a really solid base and create more usable aft deck space. Rod storage abounds in the twin lockable rod boxes set into the deck just forward of the console against the gunwales.

The 2072 Bay is 725 pounds lighter than a fiberglass Skeeter SX-200 bay boat, which weighs 1,900 pounds despite being four inches shorter (but two inches wider) than the Alumacraft. The 2072 Bay is rated for up to 150 hp. Briny water does have a tendency to bring out the worst in a boat — especially one made of metal — but an aluminum boat executed correctly has a number of big advantages.

But the 2072 enhances its salt-cred with a center-console design that makes it comfortable for a driver to stand and drive, which makes it easier to visually judge skinny water depths or see likely fishing holes. I have been looking at Aluminum Bay Boats for some time now and have narrowed it down to two , The Alumacraft and Xpress . […], Speckled trout are inshore gamefish that are popular among recreational anglers along the Gulf Coast and the eastern seaboard. That’s the equivalent of kicking the two heaviest players in the NFL off your boat. Designed to execute in and around intercoastal waters, these boats offer a smooth ride and easy handling.

We have a jackplate on it and can run in really shallow water, but it still handles the open water of the Gulf of Mexico when we are on the move. Fishing. The lighter weight of an aluminum rig, while a big plus in some ways, also means you get tossed around in waves a bit more than in a fiberglass boat. I see xpress h20b red fish pkg. The xpress h20b just feels smaller than the alumacraft, especially fwd of center console.

In fact, you might even call it aluminamazing. I just can’t see paying more for alumacraft. Welded floor, no pop rivets, extruded keel, spray liner interior for easy cleanup, full basecoat/clearcoat paint, rear jump seats, aerated livewell, custom galvanized trailer with aluminum diamond plate fenders and more! The tunnel shaves several inches off the already minimal 11-inch draft and makes it possible to reach redfish other anglers miss. my top speed is about 42 at 6200 rpm’s. There are also multiple options that fishermen can add to customize the boat more to their fishing style, but the 2072 Bay begins as an advanced basic package. Copyright 1999 - 2020 Louisiana Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved. Time to 30 mph was 7 seconds, and 30 mph proved to be a good cruise speed for this boat, with the engine working at 4500 rpm, smack dab in the middle of its power curve. The large front deck makes a great casting platform, has a storage compartment and can accept a pedestal fishing chair. Remember, less weight equals more speed with equal power.

I like the Xpress Bay for financial reasons and their .125 aluminum , they come loaded with what Alumacraft has as an upcharge …. 6 Alumacraft Boat reviews. The Coastal Edition (a $2,065 upcharge) gives you a choice of four hull colors: Mica Black, Galaxy Blue, Sonic Red and Orange (what, just plain ol’ orange?). But the water rose for two years and we were restricted to just idling around, so I tried fishing in the mouth of the river on the Gulf Coast and fell in love with the saltwater fishing for redfish and trout there. On this type of rig that’ll get you a cruise in the 30-mph range, and a top-end pushing 40.

Okay, now let’s consider the AlumaCraft in specific. Take BoatingWorld to on your digital device and get the best of boating information and videos.

That’s pretty darn sweet economy for any fishing boat. My apologies, not fight but bite during turns? With no seams below the waterline, there is nothing to split and leak. Other than the optional items mentioned, about the only other items to add are fishing electronics. For example there is an 2017 Xpress H20 Bay listed $25,990 on a site for an Alabama Dealer .. It’s tough enough to do battle with the odd oyster bar without causing the owner to freak because of deep gouges in a fiberglass boat’s gelcoat. They can hold at least four rods apiece and serve as a step-down for people boarding from the side. And the rig weighs 1,756 with a full fuel tank, which means that even small pick-ups and SUVs can usually handle the hauling. This boat has the 115 Yamaha Vmax , Hydraulic steering ,Trolling Motor , FF , Front Console / Backrest Cushions , Aluminum Trailer… ); their lighter weight makes for an easier tow, launch, and retrieve; and if you ever run in areas like the upper tributaries or the Susquehanna, you’ll appreciate the fact that aluminum dents instead of shattering and is much less costly to repair. I am not knocking Alumacraft here , they have an awesome boat , its my first choice the price difference is the only thing holding me back .

Top speed was a sprightly 44.5 mph with the Yamaha spinning up to a lusty 6300 rpm. After climbing on board and looking around a little bit I decided to pull the trigger and am now a very happy owner of a brand new 2017 2072 Bay Coastal Edition . Johnson downs big 9-point Sabine Paris... Johnson downs big 9-point Sabine Parish buck, First buck with crossbow a winner for Chandler, You want to catch fish? MSRP ranges from $25,500 to $31,590 depending on how it’s rigged, and you can pick one up with a trailer and a Suzuki DF115 for around $27,000.

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