I think I’m overweight and I want some tips because I can’t run up stairs and I can’t even walk up stairs without needing a break. I am very, very thin, and have a 22.5" waist on a 163 cm frame. 40 Comments. How, you asked me? noone is going to look at you and ask "are you obese" or "are you anorexic" . Are You Naturally Beautiful? I wear glasses, and I like them, they look good on me ^.^ Smiling and being happy helped a lot as well as weight lifting sometimes. You're at a perfectly healthy weight, 52nd percentile assuming you're female and 14 years, two months old. Can someone reply to me if you see this and tell me if I'm obese? There are many people who are beautiful in this world. I was actually very chubby when I was small and now I am perfection ready to be a model when I’m a bit older.   8 Questions | By JasmineB98 | Last updated: Mar 6, 2017 | Total Attempts: 8275 . But are you naturally beautiful without any makeup or cosmetics to show off. I get called too skinny, asked 'do you even eat?' NerdTests.com - Make Your Online Test or Quiz. I usually buy what I like, then I slap some clothes on, I just don't care what people think about me :)     Which my little pony character are you? I mean, I guess I do, I have alot of friends... I LOVE wearing short shorts, half tops, with a shawl. Slender is, after all, a challenge to achieve. If you're worried about your figure or just want to know what you are then this quiz will tell you how skinny you really are! PLEASE see a doctor and get help. Most of the time to make sure I'm not letting myself get overweight, or too skinny. Uses real statistical data. I may not be a psychiatrist, but I know beauty when I see it. You are EMACIATED. I hope you learn how to love yourself and be thankful for your body. Hi I’m 10 and I am 4 foot 4 and I weigh 88 pounds. Quiz: What Is My Skin Tone? I got skinny, then curvy, and chubby and obese are 0%!   What is Your Relationship Status w/ Food? Girl/Boyfriend, friends, Omg yes, I'm so lonely at night I barely get any sleep I got 50 % curvy and 17 % skinny! There are many small people, but few perfect sized. Yes, but to comb my hair, coming my hair brings out the best of me :) Am I Too Skinny? A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes   Was thinking about a regim. HA! Phil is too sweet and ccuuuuttee!!! and I've been told I 'need to put some meat on my bones'. I can eat and eat and be lazy, but won't really ever gain massive amounts of weight to not be classified as skinny. Hello!! Sorry don’t mean to be snobbish but I’m curvy and beautiful but we all are different on our own ways never compare yourselves to other people and be happy with what you’ve got! What is GotoQuiz? Healthy things, not because I want to be skinny, but because I like to eat right Ex. If I do weigh more that would be horrible but I really want some tips do I can do things that I can’t do due to my weight. I think I’m overweight and I want some tips because I can’t run up stairs and I can’t even walk up stairs without needing a break. (Sorry, don't mean to be snobby).   I don’t know if I am overweight or not! I AM pretty tall ( 5 "11) and i eat my emotions . Quiz topic: Am I Skinny, Perfect Or Fat.   1 Mother, 1 Father, 1 Brother Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Yes! Pewdiepie is THE BESSTT!!!   No, I know I'll find him/her someday, right now I just love being single! Today is the day i make a regim. Enjoy exercising as you dont have to be obese to do that. that you can create and share on your social network.   A little bit of vegetables, meat, sweets, just enough to satisfy me :) There's a huge difference between being slim and skinny. Are YOU a slender or buldy? Hi I’m 10 and I am 4 foot 4 and I weigh 88 pounds. I'm 27th percentile and 96 pounds. I wear both, and I don't mind it, I actually enjoy them :) I don't really care what people think of my appearance, I eat whatever looks good. Do you spend much time in front of the mirror? I wear glasses, but I hate them, they're horrible Person, i checked your BMI, and you are considered healthy (like legit your one bar away from underweight). ARE YOU FAT, SKINNY OR PERFECT? Quiz: What Is My Skin Tone? I'm very skinny! She's very skinny. thin not skinny but not curvy at all Take the quiz to see your inner beauty. Don't Miss:Politics QuizPersonality QuizHomeDon't forget, you can make your own quizzes at GoToQuiz! Bruh at least one of the ppl are chubby and commenting ‘curvy and beautiful’ idk what I’m even talkin’ about I got curvy I’ve literally like 1,000 bfs . Take this quiz to find out!   I may not be a psychiatrist, but I know beauty when I see it. Well I just tried to be happier. Uh... well, I let myself out, but I hide who I really am, so nobody really 'knows' me, so I guess I am kind of shy... Step Mom, Father, 1 Brother This also has something to do with the quiz. Other (I'm too tired to type), If you want to add me on Facebook, here you goes ^.^ (Click any answer, it doesn't matter which one) Also, I'm a fan of Pewdiepie, Onision, Danisnotonfire, and AmazingPhil. I wear both, but I don't like either of them :(.   A healthy weight for you is (assuming you're 14 years 2 months and female) between 101.5 pounds and 150 pounds. No diets. Take the quiz to see your inner beauty. Trending Quizzes. Everyone basically worships me with my looks, and I get all the guys, so who cares about anything else? 9 Comments. Can't say in fat. tu novio ficticio de la saga de Percy Jackson. What type of right winger are you? Why y’all vein’ so snobby abt being curvy and skinny??? I don't know what to write... Umm have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 5'7. You were previously 29th percentile, also perfectly healthy. Yes, this has something to do with the quiz :). I think I might be obese or maybe I’m just fat.my mom and dad say I need to lose weight but I just get so bored outside.so instead I just eat.i weigh 344 pounds and I’m 4’8 and I’m 13 years old.but to be honest I like being fat like I just love my muffin top,my thighs,triple chin,chubby checks and my belly.i love being fat to because I don’t have to go to school I can stay at my couch all day and wear a onesie and just let my grandma feed me whatever I want.so please give me a nice response to let me know if you think im fat, I'm skinny and beautiful! 1 Mother, 1 Father, 1 Sister   All vegetables, I have to be skinny no matter what!! Nopes, I have a boy/girlfriend. Im naturally skinny myself. A Human Body Skin-structure Quiz! Am I Skinny? Start. I love it, and it gets all the boys crazy!

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