With everything being tracked nowadays it is too risky for them - one too many of these and they could lose their job. I have had the majority of these types of tracking status get delivered. You can always call the USPS 800 number and open a case. Will my food be ruined? Do I have to be home for the delivery? Getting paid 15$ after being promised 16$.

Very often after hearing how we track down packages, the package will suddenly appear -which is fine. All left on the front steps by USPS, UPS & Fedex. So much for Priority Mail. Delivery blocks are typically 2-4 hours. USPS is great most times but when its bad its real bad.

Thanks to everyone for your replies – great support system for a low-volume seller such as myself.

I don’t think many carriers start that early.

Wow! UPS package stuck on "Out for delivery" for several days. The first order eventually showed up. Considering the amount of time since the item was supposed to be delivered (nearly 3 weeks) you may have a couple of ways to go. Definitely worth the time spent going to ask my postmaster to help! Does it come in a box with ice packs? • Prime Now and Amazon Fresh: Pick up groceries or household items from an Amazon delivery station and deliver directly to customers.

PS: I recently ordered and received $1000+ and $300 headphones plus a $300 amp from three different sellers – all very high volume outfits – and none of them had signature confirmations. New replies are no longer allowed. The first time, the delay was because they could not access the apartment building, and the second because the business was closed on a Saturday. Live chat is probably your best bet. This is definitely a common issue I haven’t seen solved/explained yet. Dave, But this was 15 days ago according to the OP…yes, I would be concerned and try to contact the local post office where the items was last scanned and see if the carrier has any recollection…You need to get your customer right and follow-up with the Post Office…. What really bothers me is the once or twice a month I personally receive an Amazon package for someone on the other side of town. Hi I'm sorry if this has been answered already. It shows as delivered when I track via USPS website, but Amazon tracking still shows it undelivered.

Note: If you live in an area experiencing an unexpected service delay (severe weather, natural disasters, unscheduled events, etc.

Selling on Amazon. You should contact the delivering post office about this package. They will then investigate what happened to your package. Many post offices now scan pictures of packages as they are coming in, so describing the package is helpful. I have a package perpetually stuck in “OUT FOR DELIVERY” mode. Note: If you live in an area experiencing an unexpected service delay (severe weather, natural disasters, unscheduled events, etc. Occasionally I get a “no secure location; notice left” when I was home when the mail was delivered, there was no package, and there was no slip. I finally called the local post office. I'm trying to find a flexible job and I read Amazon FWA has a flexible schedule. After reading the last couple of posts, I’m going to call the receiving Post Office again and see if I can get the package marked as delivered. Telling customers about this capability has also proved helpful. In my case it turned out the carrier had left a notice (the package had Signature Confirmation and nobody was there to sign for it) but didn’t note it in the tracking. Seriously, don't come over here to complain about how DSP's are stealing your blocks. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Thanks to all forum contributors for their input. A customer notified us today and states they know we shipped their item but was never received. Edited by: recordhog on Nov 28, 2017 1:54 PM. I’m asking as both a buyer and as a seller. Then I have 2 items I ordered that I don’t think were received (waiting to check with my grandson - he might have grabbed them and not told anyone) that are also showing as “out for delivery.” These packages were ordered over a period of about a month and a half… All should have arrived before Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Everything~! That way you’ll be ahead of the game if the buyer calls you with a “where’s my stuff” message. Anybody else having this issue?

Idk what to do and my enthusiasm for this job is dwindling. This happens more this time of year simply because of the influx of seasonal temp workers who receive little training. Get groceries and most importantly freaking shower and cook a meal! Called them yesterday and my shipment is showing “Delivered” this morning! I used email to contact Amazon the first time, but that’s no longer an option. Edited by: recordhog on Nov 28, 2017 12:54 AM. This sends us info we already saw, but it calls attention to wayward packages 9 times out of 10. Amazon is offering a new franchise opportunity. Press J to jump to the feed. A community for DSP van drivers of Amazon. Posted by 6 days ago. When the carrier comes into pick up mail for their route, all parcels are in bins are the carrier will scan the barcode on the bin which will mark all packages in the bin as ‘Out for Delivery’. And lastly how long are shifts? I don’t think many carriers start that early. I recently signed up for MyUSPS (tracks incoming packages) and have discovered that tracking is seriously fehitzed. They were out yesterday, and never updated to delivered or any other updates today so I suspect they were delivered just not scanned. Your Customer will see out for delivery, but that does not mean it’s on the Postman’s Truck and down the Street coming their way. Is anyone else having this problem? ... third one is the one that is stuck. 1. The first thing we do in this situation is request tracking details by email from USPS.com. More stops and packages. Too trusting? It is highly unlikely the carrier took the item especially if the contents were unknown. According to Amazon, it will allow more of your orders to arrive on the same day, rather than be separated, allowing for more efficient delivery. This could be a disaster since I’m a low volume seller and one ding could really mess me up. You should follow your own tracking to them as well. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I’m asking as both a buyer and as a seller. share. 10 comments. Last week I received a package that was not scanned on delivery, almost definitely because it was so thin that it was stuck in with the First Class envelopes.

I get taken advantage of for doing a good job. Been on "Out for delivery" since September 6. Most USPS folks are absolutely great and do a wonderful job knowing how important their service is. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

i wonder if this was a bug. Any chance it’s been delivered or not? Technology is grand =) Hope that helps someone~! I went to the post office and “politely” showed them the package. The worst Amazon shipping delays could still be ahead of us Just as the name says. Press J to jump to the feed. How to Contact Amazon About a Late Delivery To reach out to Amazon about a late delivery, the first thing you need to do is visit the Contact Us page. I had another where the carrier was standing on the porch ready to hand me the package but did not have his scanner and had to take the package back to the truck to scan it. That’s another way to do it. Order Management, Shipping, Feedback & Returns. I have had one instance where this happened to a customer I shipped to. It`s impossible to know what exactly happened to it. Priority mail includes insurance. How should we handle this?

At any rate, there is nothing else to do except refund in full and file an insurance claim with usps. Except the time I overheard him complaining about, “all these stupid Amazon packages they have to deliver.”. What does this mean? over my last two attempts at shopping in Amazon fresh, they have been out of at least 90% of my past purchases, and my girlfriend is finding the same thing even though we don't order the same products. Been a customer for 6 years (started in OC) and this is a first. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. I’m beginning to get irritated as well because I work through my breaks and finish first, I suffer in order to do that, no food an only water. So, yeah, I’m totally baffled about this. Is there a minimum about of hours/shifts you have to pick up per month? It should (should) be delivered within 2-3 days now. If your order is eligible for Amazon Prime, Amazon Customer Service will handle any questions about shipping and delivery after the order is placed. The book arrived at a small town post office on Nov. 13, went out for delivery and then there was the “carrier delay has occurred” message since then. Did you send with SC? I went to my local PO and they tracked, then my postmaster called the receiving PO and had them check what happened. No contact from the buyer one way or another…yet. Get on the phone as soon as 8:01 happens and get your free month! Item shows out for delivery but was not delivered, now what. Has anyone in the Boston market been able to get a refund the easy way in the past week? Like the other poster there, I have done some returns in the past, but far from excessive and ONLY at those times when stuff was legit unusable. Rarely, we will Google the USPS that delivers to that address and call them on the phone using their local number. • Instant Offers: Available in some areas. I hope I don’t have to file a missing mail claim, but I will if it’s 7 days past delivery. Edited by: recordhog on Nov 28, 2017 1:23 PM. Amazon Sees Pandemic Boosting Holiday Sales And Investment In Delivery Amazon forecast operating profit to be between $1.0 billion and $4.5 … Do you choose your schedule or do they schedule you? The email I sent the purchaser was just a courtesy and, IMO, good business practice. It means it's late and you're entitled, in the terms and conditions of Amazon Prime, of a month of free Prime. If you did not purchase your postage from Amazon then you need to refund the customer before they open the claim as you would lose that claim and it will count against your metrics. • Store Orders: Pick up orders from local stores and deliver directly to customers. It used to be that if an item arrived damaged or spoiled, the return process would just automatically issue a refund.

Amazon says they won't do anything until the 15th when they consider it "lost". As a seller, I have 2 inquiries from buyers as to where their widgets are and both tracking numbers simply show “out for delivery.” Neither are expensive items (under $10 shipping included) and the categories I sell in seem less likely to attract scammer buyers than many categories. for an item of that value I would have used signature confirmation. It is an unfortunate occurrence that has happened to me. I think I may actually get this problem resolved! Either the package was left at the address unattended, handed to someone at the address, kept in the truck for them to deliver the next day or returned to the Post Office where the buyer can pick it up. It could simply be that the barcode became unscannable, it fell off the truck, was left at another house, etc. Stuff that has been delivered is still tagged as “Sorting Complete”, and then the next day as “Out for Delivery”. Edited by: demcomm on Dec 2, 2015 12:12 PM, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Order Management, Shipping, Feedback & Returns, USPS Status: "Out for delivery" but no further updates.

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