But once the job seeker left, the recruiter "told us he would never submit him to any clients," Mr. Anderson recalls. When I worked with it years ago, it was a basic system to keep agencies from duplicate submitting candidates for jobs. Upon submittal, that agency is then notified if you can or cannot work for that client company again. It is a well-known and used Vendor Management System (VMS). In most cases, the outcomes will be different depending on geo. Joann Lublin looks at the little-known but apparently widespread practice of blacklisting undesirable job applicants—sometimes, forever.

Tell them what happened. Walden and the Internet business blacklisted him, says Mr. Sutherland. But I can't. Let's forget about the third company that would have access and just focus on the first two parties in the line. Below, there is a link to an article citing various state blacklist laws. Reading over the Washington State law you can see it is not as broad about the actions that define a blacklist. The former being provided without your approval or knowledge, the latter being an action by the potential employer you approved. Did you catch it? This general definition does apply, but very loosely. At a networking event last August in Bellevue, Wash., a recruiter pointed to a software developer across the room. If you miss work in a retail/service job, you get fired.

"I will not consider her. She didn't pose any during or after the interview. The clueless candidate subsequently applied for several other positions with Come Recommended. BAAM, BLACKLIST!!! until late 2006, Mr. Anderson says he blacklisted certain prospects after his preliminary screening found they had exaggerated their qualifications on their résumés.

Many snub-worthy mistakes occur as a result of job hunters' anxiety, which is being amplified by today's high unemployment. This was after extensive efforts by the retailer's CEO to work out an attractive pay deal for the executive, who even signed an agreement to join.

Mr. Anderson says he and his team had hiring folders on Microsoft's intranet, and these prospects' names "were put on the 'do not hire' list'' in those folders. Yes, there is worse.

But an in-house recruiter refused to consider the programmer because the official remembered asking him during a 2007 interview there about undergoing a drug test. Getting a lawyer will most likely end in an employer reference starting with the phrase, "According to their lawyer I can only state," and cost you some money. Extra corrective steps that may get your name removed from a "do not hire" list: Last July, a ProLango staffer contacted a major defense contractor on behalf of a promising client. 2 spot at his current employer. Microsoft says it doesn't maintain such lists. There is nothing wrong with an employer maintaining a Do Not Hire list for their company. A friend employed by the institute told Mr. Greer the instructor didn't give him the interview because its head of education had overheard Mr. Greer criticize the curriculum during his seminars. Those individuals can't re-apply for a finite period, which Microsoft handles case by case, she explains. Your career coach may be able to learn if an employer labeled you unsuitable. I want to appeal and plead my case so other employers know, I had a bad manager, I'm not what you see on that screen!

Because in my case, as a recruiter, I might one day work for that agency.

We'll address these in the next section What to Do.

Stand up against the Blacklist. Your best course of action is honesty. § 49.44.010 Willfully and maliciously sending, delivering, making, or causing to be made, any document, signed, unsigned, or signed with a fictitious name, mark, or other sign; publishing or causing to be published any statement, in order to prevent someone from obtaining employment in Washington or elsewhere. Personal criminal charges for those who can be directly tied to the blacklisting activities and more. A spokeswoman, who doesn't know Mr. Greer, says the institute never excludes qualified individuals from seeking or obtaining employment.

Dictionary.com defines a Blacklist as, "A list of persons under suspicion, disfavor, censure, etc.".

BAAM, BATMAN, IT'S A BLACKLIST!!! It's when they share that list with other employers, letting them know without your consent, "Not eligible for Rehire", that it becomes a Blacklist. But an instructor keen to hire Mr. Greer suddenly refused to schedule his interview, claiming the teaching post no longer existed, according to Mr. Greer. Similarly, Heather R.Huhman needed a public-relations assistant last summer for Come Recommended, her new online matching service for entry-level jobs and internships. They can review your contractor profile and work history to decide if they want to hire you.

Getting back into the good graces of a recruiter or hiring manager might require going the extra mile. Oh yeah, the blacklist.

Mr. Anderson remembers the HR official asking, and then scribbling the name in her notebook. Like that? And I'll do what I can to make sure it doesn't happen to others.

What if they hold it against me that the client had some issue with me at one point? Next we'll explore what you can do if you are actually on a Blacklist by exploring what has worked. This goes even deeper as you research and find any instance of this list being obtained by a third party makes it a blacklist.

I'm not talking about one employer saying, "You can't work here." Rather than the desired effect, you may end up with a previous employer that says, "According to their lawyer, I can only say….". You probably don’t want to go back there anyways. There are companies out there with reputations for beating up employees and lots of people out there that don't agree with those practices.

https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748703389004575033583145567138. If you can, have a good peer reference available from that role. That doesn't get put in the Beeline system, eh? Our Economic Mobility. It's a blacklist, by Washington State legal definition. The one that exists, it's called www.beeline.com. This would seem adequate for most purposes. It could impact your ability to get a job at Beeline. It can cause depression, divorce, homelessness, suicide or worse. It was an agreement that hurt the employees Economic Mobility and right to Gainful Employment. "I was very angry," and yelled at the engineer for lying, he says. Let them know, they cannot contact that employer for reference. One could be in disfavor of a family member, or Santa's naughty list, which by this definition would apply. Two parties no conspiracy, three parties conspiracy.

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