If you want a unique baby boy name, look for monikers with magical meanings like other words for "witch." Occultists and mystics are not the same as cultists.

Master Sorcerer: The master sorcerer is the best sorcerer in the universe. Famous occultists such as these could certainly be considered "real-life wizards".

People professionally or notably involved in occultism during the Middle ages (circa 500-1400) Wizard names vary greatly from one work of fiction to another.

If you need to name an ancient sorcerer for a fantasy story you are writing or if you are just looking for a cool sorcerer name for a game, hopefully this generator helps you out.

Owahl 3.

Female sorcerers are also known as sorceresses. He also appears in the Nibelungenlied as a dwarf who guards the treasure of the Nibelungen.

While some may equate the occult with Satanism, this is a misnomer.

Buveus 13. Legendary Sorceress

Merlin is the most powerful magician in all of history, there is none that could overpower him.

People who were or are merely believers of occult practices should not be included unless they played a leading or otherwise significant part in the practice of occultism.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alberich was the name of the sorcerer king of the dwarfs in Germanic mythology. Gramarye (Middle French) - book of sorcery.

Spells of Magic Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. People professionally or notably involved in occultism during the 20th century; Alexis-Vincent-Charles Berbiguier de Terre-Neuve du Thym, "Acts 13_8 But Elymas the sorcerer (for that is what his name means) opposed them and tried to turn the proconsul from the faith", "The Book of the Moon - Magic. Mage - a magician or wizard. Floreviar 9.

… Apprentice: an apprentice is someone who is learning magic. Abe no Seimei was the Japanese Merlin.

Some choose to stick more to real names, like many names in Harry Potter, while others stick to fantasy-style names, like in Lord of the Rings. Sorcerer: A sorcerer is someone who knows a lot of spells. 1 Kallikrates (Ancient Greek) - beautiful power.

Salem 2. Leadbeater", "Occultism and Occult Training - Theosophical Society in America", "Theosophy : Occult Chemistry by Annie Besant and C.W. Neo-platonist Philosopher, Espoused Theurgy. Papus started his own occultist group, the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix.

Archan 17. Alatar 14. A list of famous wizards, both legendary and real wizards, mystics, and occultists.

Pictures included where possible.

Ra 7. Leadbeater", "Alice Bailey—Contemplative, Mystic, and Occultist", "SKELETON KEY OF THE OCCULT - Kindle edition by KANSI ONWUEKWE.

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