This is what different impact forces can do to the brain: So whilst accidents may not be likely in most scenarios, or even as most situations are low risk. Skateboarding needs more people doing their own thing, not less. Find out more about the Triple 8 helmet here on I don’t mind && wearing a helmet but the brimmed SS look is a bit suspect. It’s good for those on a budget. Like the S1 above, it comes with both the CPSC high-impact certification and the ASTM F-1492 multi-impact certification. You should aim to get one that is certified. Favorite Website: This one.

The majority of skaters don’t wear them and it’s a rare sight to see a pro with one. Maybe i just like simple skating that looks really clean (like Gallant, Kenny Hoyle, Wade D etc)  but this dude is just wack and very dorky. I like him. If you’re a beginner skater and don’t feel confident in your riding ability then a helmet is necessary.

Since then, we've gone from a small time online and local retailer to a leader in the industry.

266.1k Followers, 3,287 Following, 968 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Andy Anderson (@authenticandyanderson) I don’t understand why pros who do huge tricks don’t wear safety gear. Any force above 300G to the head is considered a fatal impact force. Imagine it’s a fall where the board slips out from under them and they fall backward and on to their head. If you’re an extremely experienced and skilled skateboarder, you’re probably safe if you’re just cruising around.
Years Skating: 18; First Setup: A department store Switch-Board(Four wheeled scooter and the handle folded down into a tail guard). Andy Anderson is a skater famous for always wearing a helmet. He's gonna have a decent career. However, a traumatic brain injury can put you out of the game for good. He’s had photos turned away by magazines, had other skaters try to hide his helmet away and even had his team manager sit him down to encourage him not to wear it. You’ll see a lot of vert and pool skaters wearing helmets. However, he does put himself in really risky situations. He even lost his memory for a bit.

He's not in your face like Lutzka, or the Braille guys or the many other dorks out there that I despise. Kids like him and theyre the future like it or not. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. i get it its always going to look cooler to see a guy do the trick with no helmet vs. a guy doing it with one. ha damn some of y'all need to get laid!!! Check it out in the video below. He knows exactly what he is doing and has the skill to recognize when he might fall pretty badly. Helmets are especially a good.

It will be easy to pick a helmet you like from all the options they have. Will you be wearing a helmet from now on? If a kid feels more confident wearing a helmet that's fine but putting shit like this in the news to scare parents so they force their kids to wear a helmet is dumb. What’s the most fun DIY, skater-built or renegade spot that you’ve skated lately? So I don't think it tarnishes the image at all. This thread people are saying more of what I'd expect. Has this kid ever filmed a video part?

Any specific reason he always wears a helmet?
"I just care about the river, I dont care about your back". So even if a pro wants to wear a helmet, the industry discourages them. Join our community! They don’t have much skill and skating feels very awkward and unnatural to them.

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