But I had entered all the chapters into A03 on one day, and just left them as drafts. Works on my desktop great. "Gameverse") automatically includes your work under "All Media Types". 4. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press J to jump to the feed. These are all things that you can't really get in a original fic, but can be SO enriching to read. I actually prefer to completely finish writing a work before I post, but recently started spreading out the days I posted the chapters, to make the last work a little more visible. That stuff can be really messy at times. This lets you get an email alert when there is a new chapter which is typically what I wanted. AO3 is just newer and less used. Not that I'm the second coming of Tolkien or anything, but the fandoms I write for don't seem to have a large audience, hence few hits and aside from the occasional favorite (either story or author), no feedback whatsoever. Fanlore claims that AO3 was started as a consequence of the Great Strikethrough and Boldthrough of Livejournal in 2007. :). I just cross-post to a03 for a back up and for curiosity's sake. The draft thing is a problem even if you create the draft and publish it the same day, and then there isn't a way to fix it. From my own personal experience, my highest-rated fic (by kudos) is a 50k-word, multi-chapter, T-rated fix-it fic. They're pretty much the same as favorites vs. follows on FFnet. Where as when looking at your bookmarks list you can. This is false.

Well-written one shots also have the disadvantage of only showing up in the most recent listing once. However, if you: My experience on Android devices is, this still works but some shenanigans are required. This is going to save me so much time excluding tags from my searches, and also prevent me from accidentally seeing the sorts of fics that can trigger me just from the tags/summary. Tag Wranglers cannot separate works using the exact same tag. That's anecdotal, I guess. Using any media tag (e.g. Do people actually use the forum function on ff.net to promote their stuff? People aren't entitled to have their story read no matter what though. I'm not hating on anyone who likes or reads shipping/etc anyways, honestly. And crossovers! I've also been known to complain about how underappreciated many gen fics are and how few are produced compared to ship fics. The vast majority of everything that's produced is awful. Yeah they are two separate things. If you bookmark but don't follow it won't send you an email I think. I don't know, I've found a lot of great gen on there, and I've also posted a fair amount of gen as well. Subscriptions are only for WIPs and authors. The commenters on ff.net seem to feel the story.

Definitely one at a time! and manually changing the date has no effect. AO3 lacks the social media aspect that FF.net has - there are no forums where you can plug your latest fic.

If our works fail, they should fail fairly, damn it, not because the site doesn't work the way we expected. Some have bigger followings on ff.net, some on AO3. If I want to crosspost something from FF.net that's already a few chapters deep, should I publish it one chapter a time or the whole thing all at once? Does that just mean private/hidden bookmarks or are those really different things? Just like with pretty much everything else, it's all about networking and advertising. Like halp i dont ... under .. stand.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Editing scripts through Tampermonkey is not apparently allowed. AO3 has less of a community than ff.net- I get the feeling that on ff.net people are more inclined to review and leave concrit because AO3 readers seem to expect more of a "finished" product. Where does the 3 come from? It is an excellent tool and I hope it helps! :(. Sorry. Especially in AUs, which often have zero relation to the canon beyond the names of the characters- why not just change the names and make it an original story?

Clearing cache etc. And I have nearly 900 kudos on that sucker. Also, ff.net has just been around longer. You can't just throw your work out into the howling void and expect people to drop what they're doing and read it. Click on the tag that you think your work should fall under. It's not like you have to add sex to get noticed. It's fun. I have a few that put my stories in a translator, they write a comment in their language and put it in a translator again so they can leave a review in english ... like that is fucking sweet.

If you know any other weird AO3/FFN quirks, please share them with the rest of the class! I mean, I get that writing fanfic isn't supposed to be "for the views" or popularity or anything. Another tip, if you only tag by pair it won't tag the individual characters. I'm not even talking about my own fics at all. I get thousands of views on ff.net versus the dozens on ao3. How would Harry Potter handle Discworld? However, if you: Excellent explanation! I've tried downloading other browsers on the phone and it doesn't work, either. ; FanFicFare can call Reading List to sync devices and keep a list of new books to read. Sex sells, people like reading sex and people like writing sex. There seems to be a culture of leaving comments and reviews on ff.net. Thank you! You're welcome! It's not like a lack of smut fics will make people read your work that wouldn't otherwise. I've read plenty of other almost-masterpieces throughout the site that are very under-appreciated in contrast to how much passion and effort they obviously have put into them. For the community, you go to other sites like Tumblr or whatever. So it's not all low quality oneshots. Wasn't AO3 created after/because FF.net started shooting down smut themed fics? Be the change you want to see in the fandom. AO3 lacks the social media aspect that FF.net has - there are no forums where you can plug your latest fic. I only learned myself when I tried to update to the new AO3 Savior script and it didn't work and asked for help, and they explained that I needed the config script as well and why. It is strictly an archive. A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. And I like that feedback. So now I do both with fics I want to follow. A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. What if Nevill was the chosen one? Personally I'm really uninterested in any fanfic that isn't shipping. AO3 treats chapter drafts as having been published the day they're created, not the day they're posted, and sorts them accordingly. To get the most exposure, use specific media tags. The date has to be corrected before posting. Honestly, I don't understand AO3's tagging system very well. I just discovered that Subscriptions and Bookmarks are apparently not the same thing. I've always wondered at two-script services in Tampermonkey, and you've finally enlightened me.

I mean, it does make sense from the practical perspective.

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