Due to a player initially entering spectator mode, their character dies, so when you disable and "log out" of spectator mode you will see the respawn menu. Tier is required and should be one of the following: Quality can be one of the following: Primitive, Ramshackle, Apprentice, Journeyman, Mastercraft, Ascendant, Alpha. The commands found here can be entered in the console. This console command will instantly give you all of the Tek Engrams until you leave the server. Same data as the Admin Blink Rifle's inspect mode. Description: Set the number of blink cooldown slots the enforcer hasExample: Cheat: Yes Target: Self The following Commands will only work on the dinos they are listed under This command will forcefully tame the creature that is behind your crosshair. Higher numbers mean dinos and players at greater distances will be affected. Description: Destroys all creatures of the specified type, both wild and tamed.Compatible with gaming consoles: YesExample: Cheat: Yes Includes examples, argument explanation and an easy-to-use command builder. The number of trikes and parasaurs to spawn (total). AddExperience [HowMuch] [FromTribeShare] [PreventSharingWithTribe], To use Ark commands you need to open the Ark command console. Tek Engram IDs are the same as the GFI code for the item, find them at arkids.net/items. admincheat LevelUpTarget . A searchable list of all Ark commands for players and server administrators. The section, input the item or dino or command line in which you wish to see. Unlocking a boss will instantly give the player all of the Tek Engrams associated with it. admincheat SetImprintedPlayer <"Player Name"> . Target: - If you wish to reset your character size you simply need to enter the value or "1", Player ID is the Steam, PSN or Xbox ID. You can concatenate multiple commands in one line using a vertical bar |. Description: Renames the tribe specified by its string name.Compatible with gaming consoles: YesExample: Cheat: Yes See also DoTameCompatible with gaming consoles: YesExample: Description: Force tames every dino in specified radius, default's to 2000 if no number is given.Compatible with gaming consoles: YesExample: Description: Spawns a mix of sheep and dodos above the player, cannot change the creatures as it's hard coded into the game.Similar to SpawnActorSpread.Default numbers are 30 300 200Compatible with gaming consoles: yesExample: Cheat: - Description: Enables or disables god mode for the current player. Note: it will not tame creatures, it will only make you the owner - to tame a creature, use the tame command. This command will change a player's name. These tutorials disappear after some time, just like the message of the day. admincheat SetTargetPlayerColorVal . Description: provide the partial string of a tek engram to give them to players, works similar to GFI Unlike the 'GFI' command, you must specify the, This command will make you the owner of the entity that your crosshair is currently over. Here you simply enter the GFI command followed by the word of the item that you want. Includes examples, argument explanation and an easy-to-use command builder. the enforcer your crosshair is over). 500 = 500 in front of you). See also Summon, SpawnDinoCompatible with gaming consoles: YesExample: Description: Spawns a set of dinos in the specified tier, fully set up with reasonably optimized stats and saddles. See also SpawnActor, SpawnActorSpread, SpawnDino, Summon, GMSummonCompatible with gaming consoles: YesExample: Cheat: Yes

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