Press J to jump to the feed. After eons of fighting the creatures from the Abyss, Asmodeus and some of his fellows began to change. However, if Asmodeus and his angels moved their workplace to Baator, they would be unable to draw power from the gods to conduct their duties. Melee Attack: +14 to hit, 4d4 piercing damage. Melee Attack: +14 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. 1e Maybe to keep with tradition, you could give him 666 hp?

Otherwise, Asmodeus reasoned, they would have to be granted the powers of godhood in order to do their job, which the current gods would surely find unacceptable.

Feels like it hits them harder than the high AC does fighters, especially since he also has Limited Magic Immunity. These souls were special. Since he's had those, historically. Manual of the Planes mentions a supposed legend that the form of Asmodeus seen by the other archdukes and visitors was merely a specter or aspect, and that his true form, that of a titanic, serpent-like devil, resided at the bottom of the canyon known as "Serpent's Coil," so named for the outline he made when he hit the surface of Nessus, still wounded from his fall out of the upper planes. General information True Resurrection, and Dark Star. However, the nourishment needed to heal his wounds was the souls of disbelievers, not agnostics but true atheists. During the Creation War, a greater force sent Asmodeus to lead a host of angels against the evil hordes of the Abyss.

On Geryon's signal, the pit fiend commanders turned on their archdevils and their armies were destroyed while Asmodeus escaped unscathed. [91], The majority of cultists were dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, and humans. Asmodeus is described in some versions of the myth as an "angel."

Great work. The demon's flattery caused Asmodeus to develop a sense of pride that became arrogance and the desire to rise up against He Who Was. It has has the ability to unleash the dragon fire of the great wrym Black (15 ft. line & 5 ft. area, DC 11 Dex Save, 5d8 acid dmg on fail or half dmg on save), Blue (30 ft. line & 5 ft. area, DC 12 Dex save,4d10 lightning dmg on fail or half dmg on save), and White (15 ft. cone, DC 12 Con save, 5d8 cold dmg on fail or half on save) types each can be cast five/day. C11 But thank you for proving he isn't unkillable. The Asmodeus can take 5 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. C1 Channel divinity [3], The Prince of Darkness has many servants who rise and fall in popularity according to his whims.

Magic Weapons. Every time a devil had an opportunity for promotion to greater devilhood, they needed the approval of a superior, an archdevil. Classification [25][3][26], Asmodeus was a lawful evil creature with the goal of becoming the supreme being in the multiverse even if it required destroying the current multiverse and creating a new one.

They will have Tiamat, a CR 30 god fighting on their side (stats from Rise of Tiamat).

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