The shared experience of this journey with the space led to a strength, which consequently informed the work. Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, It's soft, it's fuzzy, and it takes finish unevenly. 294344) and in Scotland (No. I noticed how hard it was to actually explain to Angela what I had been doing and why. Oops - posted in wrong thread and had to delete! While I now understand that both aspen and poplar are at the 'harder' end of the soft wood types, I'm still clueless as to their use as cabinet stock. and to add to what jc said, cottonwood actually. Elder trees will grow, their white umbrellas developing heavy crops of deep red berries. What Kind of Wood Is Alder?. Come join the discussion about shop safety, wood, carpentry, lumber, finishing, tools, machinery, woodworking related topics, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! In The Anthropology of Magic Susan Greenwood refers to magical consciousness as the sort of experience that anyone can have through empathising deeply with another creature in the imagination, so that the bodily boundaries and distinct notions of self are temporarily abandoned. The Janka test measures the amount of force required to embed a 0.444" steel ball into the wood to half of its diameter. The poem thus opens with the ever-trembling leaves of aspen and closes with reference to the sap of alder. Petra had carefully chosen the well of St. Bride as the final site for our discussion.

From contributor A: Learn more about the pests and diseases threatening our trees. If we make another choice, a different kind of relationship between people, trees and the place, what kind of culture could be built? For more information, contact me at petravergunst [at] hotmail [dot] com. Anyway, aspen in my neck of the woods is quaking aspen, and rarely used for anything but soft pallet stock, & poplar is tulip poplar. Gather at 2.30 pm at the junction of School Road and Bucklerburn Drive in Peterculter. It is pretty wood - I like the whitish color, but for doors and such, in lieu of maple or poplar I'd search for alder. Young leaves are of a coppery colour before becoming green, then turn a vibrant yellow or occasionally red before falling in autumn. Magic for me is experiencing these moments whilst working on a performance. Interestingly, looking at the photos taken it struck me that when people were taking photos they turned their backs to each other, engaging with the raindrops hanging from twigs or the flaking bark of a birch, whilst their gazes turned to each other when they were sharing and reflecting on images taken. It doesn't look like maple but it's harder than aspen, about like poplar. Saturday 5 November, 2.30 to 4.30 pm                                                                                        Between the trees.
These actions led to a meditative state. Aspen wood is white, soft, lightweight but fairly strong and was used for making oars and paddles, surgical splints and wagon bottoms. Coarser texture (when compared to aspens), Medium texture (when compared to cottonwoods). Join environmental artists Reiko Goto and Tim Collins to explore issues of empathy, memory and imagination through walking, listening and recording in the woodlands north of Peterculter. JavaScript is disabled. The utilitarian relationship between trees and people has been emphasised in our culture. Entering the woods with a pocket full of observations, memories and thoughts this autumn morning makes me vividly aware that I do not enter the wood as a bare branch. Participation in this workshop is free, but please sign up in advance by emailing petravergunst [at] hotmail [dot] com. Round with large, irregular, blunt teeth.

I guess it would be a good idea to use plywood for the 30" center boards the bottom of which will be where the microwave will be mounted. A conversation between Petra Vergunst, Reiko Goto Collins and Tim Collins inspired by Reiko and Tim’s workshop People, Places and Living Things.

The scale used in the table is pounds-force. Hail showers had caught up with us, and Angela Main, the workshop leader, encouraged me to listen to the dramatic sound it created on the last of this year’s leaves, feel the way it tickled our hands, how it made the path gritty. GB520 6111 04. That's a shocker to me! At the second site many people were drawn to Culter House (an old estate), a massive rhododendron border, and the handful of old trees, some of which had fallen. Aspen is a popular sauna timber for people who want to color their saunas and thanks to its even structure, aspen provides a great surface for this.
The bark is grey and often pitted with diamond-shaped pores, called lenticels. Alder is a relatively soft hardwood of medium density that has low bending strength, shock resistance, and stiffness. Copyright text, poetry and image Petra Vergunst. Maximize your home’s value.

It is very soft – I wouldn't do it again. Reiko: Listening to the participants and sharing different thoughts and impressions were important because they allow me to go beyond my own subjectivity. Question Most importantly, however, I realise how the branch is a metaphor for the daily and seasonal cycles the wood undergoes. My ideas, however, are sharpening up, and words are appearing on paper. Woodland Trust (Enterprises) Limited, registered in England (No. Yet, not all of these are at the forefront of my mind.

Sapwood is white, blending into the light brown heartwood. Images © protected Woodland Trust. How and why it happens, Woodland Walks podcast with Adam Shaw – Northern Forest, Autumn trees for your garden: best native trees for seasonal colour. Gather at the junction of School Road and Bucklerburn Drive in Peterculter. It took several month of intense writing to complete Embrace, more than it would have taken to write the same amount of text as short poems. I am a long time logger who is new to woodworking( just setting up shop). In my experience, if you are connected with the space this allows for communication, respect, understanding and trust, essential ingredients when working with performance. Reflecting on my thirty moments of magic I realise how deep inside I know woods are ever-changing, responding to sunlight and moonshine, heavy snow, spring sunshine, warm damp conditions.

There is 'craftsman' detail at the bottom of the cabinets that I'll have to duplicate with a scroll saw. We spoke about how the wood effects humans, how humans effect the wood, the  interrelationship between different species, sunlight and water.

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