The plot takes place in 2018, a futuristic version of Japan where they’ve cloned dinosaurs and set up an underwater theme park. [3] Yasuyuki Oda stated it was difficult how to perform Athena's 3D models and yet making it look like her original 2D model. [42] Athena appears also in the dating game series Days of Memories, in which each game is presented with different personalities (and even with different ages).

Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life is a 3D RPG game developed by Yumekobo released in March 1999 for the Playstation. The character of Athena has been very popular within gamers; in the character popularity poll on Neo Geo Freak's website in 2000, she was voted as the tenth favorite character with a total of 1,020 votes. [76], SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium, "Developer Interview with designer/planner Toshiyuki Nakai", "SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Illustrator Talks About Designing The Heroines", "Why Doesn't Athena Look as Much Like Athena in King of Fighters XII? by Kurt Kalata on September 21, 2008. [3][5] Instead, focus on the game is on puzzle solving and computer generated movies. The opening video is pretty hilarious at least, since it features some really bad English voice acting (upon finding the relic underground, one scientist exclaims “Is it…human?” and another, male scientist yammers, “Yes, it is! Unfortunately, the quality is only so-so – it’s not even at Koudelka‘s level, and certainly doesn’t touch anything by Square. The year is 2018 and science has progressed at an alarming rate under the Tantauls system. Exclusive postcards, book previews, and more. The game introduces a few other characters, like Rika Kashiwazaki, her friend at school, and Masato Kurihara, a boy with mysterious powers who helps Athena understand the truth behind Tantauls. [4] Athena wears new outfits in every game, some with little changes.

The game's image song, "wannabe /Misty Eyes", was performed by RUMI . Clark Destry Recommended for …

Nevertheless, the handling of the Psycho Soldiers Team in the fighting games was found hilarious due to how the group appear to have relevant storylines in NESTS story arc yet following games starting XI the endings are shown in a comical point of view. It was released again as downloadable content for the Playstation 3 and PSP on August 28, 2007. Her character is also featured in various types of merchandising such as figurines from KOF: Maximum Impact and SNK Beach Volley. Box art 3 in the list of Top 50 Characters of 1994. [63] PSPMinis found Athena's relationship with the goddess nonsensical and attributes that players would not have knowledge about it if it were not for the internet because the game does not provide information for this. Single player Her psychic powers are believed to be transmigrated to her rather than inherited by her family. [9] 3:54, 41 Last Boss [Psycho Soldier (Arcade Ed.)] As with most games, SNK also released a soundtrack and a drama CD for the game.

Yet through this government agency lies a dark conspiracy, one which mysteriously surrounds the brain waves of the school girl, Athena Asamiya. [30][31] She is also present in the role-playing game The King of Fighters: Kyo where she and Kensou travel to Japan to meet Kyo Kusanagi, befriending Kyo's girlfriend, Yuki, in the process. [61] Den of Geek had mixed thoughts about her character, praising the way she changes outfits in every game and fighting style but criticized her spin-offs and association. [1][3], Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life is an adventure game using three-dimensional graphics. The game was never released outside of Japan. And in spite of that, those few hours are just horribly tedious, filled with mostly running around and boring combat. Image Songs [edit | edit source] Psycho Soldier - … One of the designers tried to explain Athena's poses but the developers found it funny. Astraios - a masked jester who has similar psychic abilities as Athena.

Now, it is up to her to find the truth behind her powers as well as the secrets behind Tantauls. Codex Gamicus is a Fandom Gaming Community. There are a total of ten psychic powers in the game, including telepathy, clairvoyance, teleportation, psychometry, and psychography. Psychic Madonna - Days of Memories (Boku to Kanojo to Koto no Koi) You Feel For Me - Athena On Stage; Psycho Dancer - 100 Mega Shock! [15] Lily Kong voiced Athena in the English dub of The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2. [66] When she was announced to appear in Capcom vs. SNK 2, David Smith from IGN praised her addition to the game but was confused about from what game Athena was going to be based as she has several incarnations. [24], She is also featured in the spin-off games The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise,[25] The King of Fighters Neowave, KOF: Maximum Impact 1 and 2,[26][27] and KOF ALL STARS. [29] Athena also appears in the spin-off video games The King of Fighters R-1 and The King of Fighters R-2 as part of the Heroine Team with Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki and in the sequel with Kazumi and Yuri once again. [18] The team has little changes within tournaments with the only new member joining them being Bao from The King of Fighters '99 until The King of Fighters 2001. Except the FMVs, you are just an ordinary game with ''old'' graphic. [1][2] In retrospective, character designer Ogura felt Athena's marketing as an idol was ahead of its time, citing things such as her songs and anime-like illustrations. Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life is a 1999 Japanese video game developed by Yumekobo and published by SNK for the Sony PlayStation.

Hilariously enough, if you screw up, you lose a bit of ESP, and if you run out, you lose consciousness, so it’s entirely possible to end the game by trying to use your powers.
Only Athena, who finds herself teleported to their base, can undercover the truth. 0:26, 31 Water World [Athena (Famicom Ed.)] But whether it’s male or female, I couldn’t tell you without…uh.. further…investigation…” ) The rest of the game is completely in Japanese, and really quite boring. [55] Athena was the featured character on a 'Neoprint' photo printing machine for a while. "[70] GameSpot writer Hirohiko Niizumi claimed that several fans complained on this new design as it looked "chubby", but mentioned Athena looked normal-size in comparison to other characters from the game. In the Masato Natsumoto's manga The King of Fighters: Kyo, Athena has a crush on Kyo Kusanagi, being also interested in his abilities. The year is 2018 and science has progressed at an alarming rate under the Tantauls system. [6], Ralph Karels writing in the German gaming magazine Video Games gave it a 50% score. Athena has never been SNK’s most consistently portrayed character – she was a warrior goddess at first, then a pop idol with psychic powers, which became the version used in the The King of Fighters games. Whenever you’re next to something important, a little screen pops up with the appropriate psychic power. It is a three-dimensional adventure game where her psychic powers are used to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Since The King of Fighters '98, Athena has been voiced by Haruna Ikezawa in each game she is featured as well as the anime The King of Fighters: Another Day and The King of Fighters: Destiny. She later appears in The King of Fighters series of fighting games as a member of the Psycho Soldier Team alongside her friend Sie Kensou and her teacher Chin Gentsai.

[21] The Psycho Soldier Team returns in The King of Fighters XI with Athena, Kensou and a Momoko, a young girl able to use Psycho powers. In Psycho Soldiers, she was one of the "heroes of light" who defended the world from the Shiguma forces.

Technically you don’t have a life meter, just your ESP gauge  – Athena automatically uses her powers to defend from enemy attacks, so effectively it doubles as HP and MP. [28] In the Maximum Impact series, Athena has a self-proclaimed rival named Mignon Beart whom she does not acknowledge or know her. The Psycho Soldier Team is initially composed of Kensou and Athena's teacher, Chin Gentsai. [50] In the web series The King of Fighters: Destiny Athena faces Rugal Bersntein alongside other fighters during the climax but is defeated.[51]. However, they surprise him by redoubling their enthusiasm for the event and they enter.

[2][3], Another SNK character named Sie Kensou also appears, and he is in love with Athena. Rika Kashiwazaki - Athena's friend at school who tries to cheer her friend up. She also has recurring encounters with a psychic jester named Astraios. Publisher: SNK: Date Released: 11 March 1999

[1] She is a 16-year-old high school student who one day discovers she has psychic powers. 1:30, 40 Deep Blue Lake (Fourth Area) [Psycho Soldier (Arcade Ed.)] She has spent most of her life secluded in China's mountains training. A majority of the game's story is presented through lengthy FMV sequences with acting that commonly resembles modern Japanese drama. Limited)] 3:06.

The game stars SNK character Athena Asamiya who is a normal Japanese high school student who suddenly learns psychic powers and thrust into a science fiction storyline. Reiko Fukui voiced her in The King of Fighters '94, Moe Nagasaki in The King of Fighters '95, Tamao Satō in The King of Fighters '96 and Yukina Kurisu in The King of Fighters '97 and The King of Fighters: Kyo. Haruna Ikezawa) PS2 Ed. [67] In a bigger note about The King of Fighters franchise, Den of Geek found the relationship between Athena and Kensou as dated because the latter was in love with the former and after multiple games, Kensou did not confess her feelings. The staff worked so much on her that other developers accused them of favoritism. Athena is very outgoing, polite, and friendly. athena awakening from the ordinary life action. Athena also appears in several comic adaptations from The King of Fighters series which retell the story from various video games. 1.10 Details", "SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy - Yasuyuki Oda (Producer) Interview", "The King of Fighter XIII's Team Ikari Warriors And Team Psycho Soldiers", "The King of Fighters Neowave official website", "『KOF』シリーズの麻宮アテナがVtuberデビュー! ボイスを担当するのは池澤春菜さん", "The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood", "Metal Slug Defense Gets Reinforcements From The King Of Fighters Series", "The King Of Fighters' Competitors Are Headed To Brave Frontier", "The Rhythm of Fighters - SNK Original Sound Collection", "プレミアムヒロインズシリーズ SNK BEACH VOLLEY ギャルズアタック", "Pinky Street X King of Fighters Shiranui Mai & Asamiya Athena Figure Set", "Athena Asamiya Is Becoming A Virtual Youtuber", "KOF's Athena going Virtual Idol on Youtube", "NEOGEO mini(ネオジオミニ)発売記念 好きなキャラクター人気投票&NEOGEO mini入ってほしかったゲームのアンケート結果を中間発表! 1位はコイツで"オーケー!, "Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 Preview", "King of Fighters XIV: Team Psycho Soldier Trailer", "King of Fighters XII Hands-On Impressions", "SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Can Be Quite Silly", "SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy's Customization Options Can Sometimes Hit The Mark", "New SNK Heroines trailer is heavy on fan service",, Woman soldier and warrior characters in video games, Video game characters who have mental powers, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 September 2020, at 23:42. This game recasts her in a dark alternate reality where she’s just a regular schoolgirl, slowly struggling to deal with strange powers that are emerging within her.

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