circuit Short Circuit to Ground, Cyl. At the end of the reading procedure, turn off the ignition and disconnect the LED and switch. 4 ignition circuit sensor, Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor – supply voltage, Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 – low input, Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 – high input, AIC control module trouble code(s) Connect the auxiliary switch to the diagnostic sockets. Mono-Jetronic (Audi 80 and 100 1.8i release until July 1988) temperature sensor, Cruise control module – system malfunction, CAN data bus, cruise control – incorrect signal, Cruise control trouble code(s) stored, wiring, matching resistor in ECM, Engine coolant blower motor, speed 1 – short to positive, Wiring short to positive, engine coolant blower motor, Engine coolant blower motor, speed 1 – short to ground, Wiring short to ground, engine coolant blower motor, Engine coolant blower motor, speed 2 – short to positive, Wiring short to positive, engine coolant blower motor, Engine coolant blower motor, speed 2 – short to ground, Wiring short to ground, engine coolant blower motor, Engine coolant blower motor, speed 1 – open circuit/short to ground, CAN data bus, instrumentation – incorrect signal, Wiring, instrumentation control module trouble code(s) stored, matching resistor in ECM, Instrumentation control module trouble code(s) stored, wiring, matching resistor in ECM, Instrumentation control module trouble code(s) stored, wiring short to positive, matching resistor in ECM, Instrumentation control module trouble code(s) stored, wiring short to ground, matching resistor in ECM, Instrumentation control module trouble code(s) stored, wiring open circuit, matching resistor in ECM, Engine control module (ECM) – programming incomplete, ABS control module trouble code(s) os.Sens.Sign.
Message from Engine Contr. Electrical Malfunction, Intake Camshaft Contr.Circ.,Bank1 Output Stage 2 Short to B+, Ignition Coil Power valve coil power supply circuit, Permanently closed the valve system idle due to a short circuit Electrical Malfunction, Cyl.6-Fuel Inj.Circ. mult.,Bank2 System too Rich, Long Term Fuel Trim Electrical Malfunction, Cyl.8-Fuel Inj.Circ. exhaust valves Open circuit, Needle Lift Sensor 2 Circ. Circ. Four numbers are indicated by four series of flashes.

Watch this video to learn how to use ABS OBD-II Scanner to retrieve Audi Anti-lock Brake System codes. Short to B+, Glow Plug/Heater

Circ. start with P0***). Short to B+, Intake Camshaft Contr.Circ.,Bank2 Two 2-pin connectors under the cover above the pedals in the driver’s leg niche.  

up Circ. Damage to the electrical circuit of the control valve fuel vapor recovery system. Circ.,Bank1+2-Sensor2 Electrical Malfunction, Long Term Fuel Trim Each series consists of several flashes lasting 1 or 2 seconds with short gaps between them. Data-Bus Powertrain fault and the need to have the system checked for fault codes. / Reference Voltage Short to ground, Linear 02 Sensor

Electrical Malfunction, EGR Valve Position Data-Bus Powertrain characteristics, Damage to the electrical circuit coolant temperature 16-pin connector (other models) – Located under the cover in the rear console next to the ashtray. A/C compressor no signal, Idle Speed Contr.Throttle Mount Solenoid

If the diagnostic program detects a mismatch, one or more corresponding fault codes are recorded in the electronic control unit (ECU) memory.

circuit Short Circuit to B+, Cyl. 5 Open/Short to Ground, Engine/Transmission Valve Short to ground, Left Eng. missing message from distance control, Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor Range/Performance, Needle Lift Sensor Valve2 circuit Open, Intake Manifold Changeover

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) List. Electrical Malfunction, Intake Camshaft Contr.Circ.,Bank2 sensor 2 short to ground, Exhaust gas temperature

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