Submit Here. On the surface, Aura Kingdom 2 seems like your run of the mill MMORPG game with the familiar grinding and learning curve we’ve come to expect from the genre. Add Life-type Eidolons in the squad for the Elementalist class. This class is similar to the Shinobi class in terms of strengths. Alodia Gosiengfiao stuns Genshin Impact fans with a spellbinding Lisa cosplay! There would be three lines on the talent page; max out the first line for more DMG. For things to go along with her script, Ramayan decided to transform into a human and guide you, the Envoy of Gaia, to become the light of hope for this world. After all, while you might be fighting the same enemies every time, the method in which you’ll kick their butts varies according to your class. Aura Kingdom 2 is quite straightforward when it comes to its class system. He also has CC skills such as immobilizing the enemy, decreasing their defense, etc. In fact, the Nymph thrives in groups with a tank as she can just relax and rain destruction on the enemy with reckless abandon. The Nymph is the easiest class to play, by far, as most of her gameplay can be reduced to auto-attacking and using your skills as soon as they come off cooldown. Riot Games hinting at a new potential LOL game with Among…, Genshin Impact hits $100 million in just 2 weeks after launch,…, Genshin Impact in-game chat censors the words Taiwan and Hong Kong, Assassin class, first look into the upcoming class in Perfect World…, Perfect World VNG is launching a brand new class: Assassin, Netmarble officially partners with the NBA to create a brand new…. And, tank-type Eidolons for Dragoon class. There would be three lines on the talent page; max out the first line for more DMG. Before starting your journey, you’ll get to customize your character’s appearance, and afterward select a desired class to play. Like most of the massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Aura Kingdom 2 offers multiple classes that you can choose right after starting the game. Share your Aura Kingdom 2 Dragoon talent & best skills build in comments. Aside from character customization, Aura Kingdom 2 also offers a diverse selection of costumes and accessories to choose from, giving players the chance to be truly unique. By learning about them and their unique abilities, players can select specific Eidolons to aid them in combat, providing Envoys with beneficial buffs. Cheech and Chong Bud Farm Cheats: Guide, Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks, Falling Sakura – with this skill, Shanobi gets closer to the target and inflict attack damage, Toxic Cross – with this skill, Shinobi inflicts attack damage – with (Human)Fuyutsuki Shadow Justus, gains slash, Tsukikage – attack DMG – with(Earth) Fuyutsuki Shadow Justus, gains Parry – blocking the x3 attacks, Nijikage – massive attack damage – with (Sky) Fuyutsuki Shadow Jutsu, shocks the target and increases their CRIT DMG Taken, Misty Cut – ATK DMG – with(Earth Fuyutsuki Shadow Jutsu) – gains Venomous, Drizzle, Continuous DMG, Wind Poison, Drizzle – ATK DMG – with (SKY) Fuyutsuki Shadow Jutsu – gains Poison effect that causes damage equal to 22% of the attack/second, Dragon Charge – charge damage that crushes the enemy’s target – decreasing their DEF + stacks Dragon Soul(triggers when stacked x5 times) – increases ATK, Wing Buffet – ATK DMG + self-buff(increases ATK), gains one Dragon Soul, Dragon Swipe – reduces the enemies’ attack + inflict attack DMG + gains one stack of Dragon Soul, Dragon Impact – AoE DMG + reduces damage taken + gains Dragon Soul, Pivoting Spear Dance – immobilized the enemies + inflict DMG, Meteor Shot – reduces enemies’ DEF + inflicts ATK DMG, Storm Curse – stuns the enemies with furious wind + inflict DMG, Triple Shot – increases own CRIT + inflicts massive damage, Vixen Shot – reduces enemies’ defense, gains “EVA”, and inflicts damage, Diving Strike – increases own damage, knocks back target + attack damage, Blood from Beyond – increases own CRIT and inflicts damage, Zephyr’s Blessing – self-healing and inflicts damage, Arrow Storm – increases own DMG, increases target’s damage taken + inflicts attack damage. Since you are on your phone, we are going to send you to the Google Play page. Both of these classes are good at inflicting damage. Enduins is a Southeast Asia gaming media and social news platform. However, even if you find yourself completing the same challenges over and over, you can still find great enjoyment in playing with the different classes in the game. We provide articles, updates, features, lists, reviews, videos, and other content about everything and anything gaming. Aura Kingdom 2: The epic 3D mobile MMORPG from X-Legend now Available... Diablo Immortal to begin external regional testing very “soon” according to…. Because no traditional MMORPG is ever complete without the holy trinity of classes, there always has to be a class that can act as the dedicated tank of the bunch. Flyff Star and MU: Legend coming before 2020 ends thanks to…, Among Us 2, sequel to the popular multiplayer survival game has…, Cyberpunk 2077 unveils 3 new featurette videos featuring weapons, life paths…, Netease announces a more ambitious Top Clans 2020, includes DOTA 2…, The Tournament of Bast now live in the Philippines! Active members will help the structures grow and level up faster. Whether you enjoy cleaving enemies apart with sweeping blows, getting up close and personal and dispatching your foes with grace, or simply staying back and pelt them with arrows or spells, you will definitely find something for you in this awesome mobile MMORPG. They often revolve around grinding certain challenges on a daily basis in order to receive resources and other important items for powering up our characters and unlocking different aspects of the game, and Aura Kingdom 2 is no exception. You can share your Shinobi skill build in comments. Comment below. The Dragoon’s defensive playstyle comes in the form of added effects in his skills. Share your Aura Kingdom 2 Elementalist talent & best skills build in comments. Best talents for Shinobi (last line) – Toxic Cross, Tsukikkage, Nijikage, Fortified Toxic Cross, Fortified Tsukikage, Asura Mind, Stunning Sakura Dance, Fortified Slash, and Asura Slash. This class likes to get up close and personal and, using their superior speed and agility, unleashing upon their enemies to destroy them in a matter of seconds. While Shinobi is more melee. But don’t misunderstand; while the Dragoon has plenty of skills for improving his defenses, he can also inflict potent debuffs on groups of enemies, and finish them off with powerful sweeping strikes and jump attacks. Furthermore, their potent poisons continue to deal damage to the boss even after the Shinobi is done attacking. Share your Aura Kingdom 2 Nymph talent & best skills build in comments. Of course, this won’t be an Aura Kingdom game without the Eidolons. We recommend adding the Eidolons based on your character’s class strength. For instance, while most of his abilities can deal damage to the enemy, they also have a defensive component such as reducing the target’s attack stat or improving the Dragoon’s defense for a few seconds. Elementalist is the mage-class in the Aura Kingdom 2 that excels in inflicting CC skills and assisting allies. Action Taimanin, intense anime hack & slash multi-platform game is ready…. Aura Kingdom 2 is now open for pre-registration! Which Class Should You Pick In Aura Kingdom 2? But, it could be helpful in PvP battles where you often need CC and supportive skills. Unlike the Shinobi, she can simply sit back and pelt the enemy with attacks from a distance, instead of having to constantly reposition herself in order to dodge attacks and stay safe. If you don’t feel like creating four different characters, and want to find the right class for your play style from the very start, then this article is for you. If you have just started playing it and wondering which class should you pick for the best results, then you are on the right page. Players will see themselves thrown into conflict with the Goddess, Ramayan who is facing a disaster that will extinguish humans and all other species from the world.

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