You can play the encrypted scripts, or release them to Script Store.

Do be careful not to be cheated, AutoTouch can do nothing to protect your money provenly. You can directly download all scripts from the store. It needs Jailbreak environment. GBA4iOS You can also turn on WebDAV Server and connect the told address with WebDAV client on computer. Multiple Snapchat Accounts Package must have a. Tongbu In addition to these, it also provides some extension features like a screenshot, image matching, app run/kill. You can also "Activate Current Device" diretly with a license key bought from other devices.

Provenance Emulator

Long press volume decrease button, select a scripts from the control panel, set playing settings, At the interface where you want to start recording , hold volume decrease button (or other main control action set with Activator by youself, this point will not be repeated below) to call out the control panel.

Tap accessory button of a package or script in the local script list, choose "Encrypt". It provides several extended functions to achieve automation. HIPStore Input repo address or

Press "Confirm" to complete the encryption.

Download AutoTouch For iOS 11 – AutoTouch is a Tool or Software designed for iOS for the users to record and playback. Record, playback, simulate human touching, Visit from browser on computer.

It also offers some extension functions like color searching, picture matching, and application on/off. There are "Extensions", "Indent" and "Statements" buttons on top of the keyboard in the script editor. By running the Lua Script, you perform several operations such as simulating Human Operations like writing or recording scripts by hand. You can also sell your scripts on that store. You can search and install AutoTouch in Cydia diredctly, it is released in BigBoss. Compatible with any jailbreak-able iOS It simulates touching and keys pressing. Emu4iOS

Download AutoTouch For iOS 11 – AutoTouch is a Tool or Software designed for iOS for the users to record and playback.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using AutoTouch, the iOS users can record or playback their operations in their iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, etc., This AutoTouch Tool is not only used for recording or playback, but it … The AutoTouch application supports recording for operations such a touch, physical key pressing also. How to use Package to orgainize the script project? Cypple Cydia Download for iOS 11 (Best Cydia Alternative), HiPStore Pokemon Go for iOS 11 & iOS 10 Without Jailbreak, iCleaner Pro Repo iOS 11 (Download & Install) Free : 2017, Tubidy For iPhone (iOS 11 & iOS 10 App) Download Without Jailbreak, Kodi For iOS 11 (Download Latest iPA) : Without Jailbreak, WhatsApp 2 For iPhone (iOS 11/iOS 10) Download & Install, SnapChat 2 iOS 11/10 (No Jailbreak Download) iPhone/iPad, Instagram 2 For iPhone : Download & Install on iOS 11, Tutu Helper Subway Surfers (TutuApp) iOS 11 Without Jailbreak, Facebook 2 For iPhone (Duplicate Facebook on iOS 11/iOS 10), Viber 2 For iPhone and iPad (Works on iOS 11 Without Jailbreak), Call Recorder For iOS 11 (iPhone 7/6) : Latest App, Cydia Download on iOS 11 (With and Without Jailbreak), KStore Download on iOS 11 Without Jailbreak For iPhone & iPad, How to Download SaveCloud on iOS 11 and iOS 10 (No Jailbreak), The AutoTouch App was originally released in the, Now you can get on with the recording and.

iOSEmus Click AutoTouch form the Source view, find AutoTouch and install it.

Upload a encrypted script or package as a new version to this script. Complete the details required to create a new script. AutoTouch is a toolkit that performs a default set of transformations to the user interface of a web-based system so that it may be used with a touchscreen. Turn on Web Server at AutoTouch setting and visit the told URL from browser on computer. Read the Instructions and do be aware that AutoTouch license has ONE YEAR validity period! It provides a Script Store to sell and buy scripts. Add official repo: to Cydia. play it. vShare Helper It allows only one time activation a day, you may do it again after 24 hours if you need. Tubemate For iPhone. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You can query bought licenses with your PayPal ID email, or any activated device SN. It also provides an API for developers who wish to add transformations particular to their system. Just long press the volume decrease button to call the control panel. You can create a Package as script project to contain different scripts, files and images etc. You can install the AutoTouch application through the Cydia. Long pressing volume down button will stop the playing forcely. AutoTouch is a "Macro" tool used to record and playback human touching and pressing on the mobile device.

It runs Lua scripts. Press the "Record" button on the control panel to start recording. It provides several extended functions to achieve automation. Keep Reading, Filed Under: Apps, Featured, iOS, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 8, iOS 9, Without Jailbreak Tagged With: .IPA, Download, Free, iOS 10, iOS 11, Without Jailbreak, Your email address will not be published. run JavaScript/Lua scripts.

The auto touch application provides a script store where you can download scripts or purchase them. Press the "Extension" button to present the extended functions list, click a function to insert into the script diretly. Hold on volume decrease button to call out the control panel. Download AutoTouch For iOS 11 & iOS 10 Without Jailbreak. Download iFile Tap License on AutoTouch settings to enter the license management view. How to use the "Function Helper" while script coding? Project Activity. versions and devices. Press "+" button on top right of the local script list, choose “Create a script” to open the script editor. Hold on volume decrease button (or other Activator action) again to stop the recording. iNoCydia

By default AutoTouch uses volume decrease button holding or pressing to control everything, untill you install Activator by hand. The AutoTouch only runs on those Apple devices which are jailbroken. See All Activity >. Best Cydia Sources Install Cydia Tweaks In hold mode, every time your tap the volume down button(or action you set in Activator) it will start playing. You can activate another device with a license after you query it out. By this, you can enjoy recording and save whatever you’re doing on your device such as games and video chats, etc. AppCake Your email address will not be published. AutoTouch will automatically detect Activator and use it as the default control method. Package can be encrypted to xxx.ate which is also execuate-able and can be released to Script Store. It also provides series of extended features more of complexly automated operations through the use of it. Record, playback, simulate human touching, run JavaScript/Lua scripts. Customize the actions you want to use to control AutoTouch by Activator. A encrypted file with the same name but ended with .lua.e or .ate will be generated in the script list then. Is it possible to get auto touch for iOS 9.1 w/o jail breaking? Press the "HELPER" button on the function list, it will help you to determine the coordinates, colors or key flags for the functions. I would jailbreak but I cant jailbreak 9.1 yet Or leave it blank if you don't want one. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do provide a detailed and beautify html page for that script as the details page, a YouTube video will be much better. You need to contact the author to buy the decription password. Compatible with any jailbreak-able iOS versions and devices, Now supports to iOS 13.5. Input the encryption password. You should setup the Digital Rights Management in the script by yourself, AutoTouch Script Store can not help you by now. By using AutoTouch, the iOS users can record or playback their operations in their iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, etc., This AutoTouch Tool is not only used for recording or playback, but it can also be used to run the Lua script on your device. GBA4iOS on iOS 9 It will record all your touching and key pressing to a script until you stop it. How to download and buy scripts from Script Store? You can conveniently insert extended functions, indent or common statement of Lua Language. recording. Gba4ios wont download

You can edit, rename or playback it. Then, there will be a Lua script named with create time in the script list. Open Cydia app, tab Sources at the bottom. The screenshot will be saved as PNG image into "AutoTouch" album of iOS Photo Library, then it might be used to speficy parameters of getColors, findColors or findImage.

You should make sure it shows "License Downloaded" at top-right of the License view after it's activated. There is a play options button on the control panel, it will ask for options if you turn on it.

There is a H button means hold mode, it will enter hold mode if you turn on it. Required fields are marked *. Manage scripts there. It will automatically activate current device after the payment if you use PayPal (If failed just follow the next step). How to write and manage scripts on the computer? Hold volume decrease button to forcedly stop the playing, or quit the.

AutoTouch is a "Macro" tool used to record and playback human touching and pressing on the mobile device. AutoTouch is a "macro making and playing" app for Android and iOS, it's used to record and play back the human operations.It can simulate human touches and run Lua scripts, with these features it can run the scripts written beforehand to simulate different human operations and implement a variety of amazing functionalities.You may use it to play games automatically to gain more scores … Press "Snap" button on the control panel to take screenshot, or just use iOS's screenshot method with which you are able to edit it directly. AutoTouch. Tutu Helper Press Record button to record your touching actions, long press volume decrease button to finished

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