Being able to outrange all of the dredge units, whilst almost always being able to make use of puncture make Nid one of the most deadly units in the game. Wasn't sure where to place him really. Juno is basically the only way I made it through the Darkness (Also Apostate but everyone knows he's insane), she can just get killed and resurrected every turn and still use her abilities which are super powerful.

If you see it, buy it. Note that items listed as 'Purchased' can also be found by stretching out Wars against dredge. Never a bad thing, really, and the best you'll get as far as Strength goes. Bloody Fail (active) is incredibly useful (especially when upgraded), it strikes the enemy with a series of hits that weaken both strength and armor.

Iver - some of the best stats in the game making him a great all around character, and tempest is great. That being said, their ability is still potent. Any fixes? I'd rather level up a character than buy one. Pretty good, though expensive. Fasolt can also use his ability to stun-lock if thats necessary. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. One particularly powerful combo I found was Iver (though you could use a lot of other chars instead) with the stonesinger. Eirik is a good support guy, his mobility let him dance around the front lines to lend aid where needed, while his track made him able to create impassible choke points, and his willpower restoring move kept my fighters dishing out maximum damage. Pretty straightforward. If Alette is rank two, for example, she can use rank one and rank two items, but not ranks three and up. Grab this off of Sigbjorn in the short time he joins your party, because once he leaves it's gone forever. Portraits of Skogr humans (PortraitAI) RIGHT RIGHT I MEANT RIGHT. Effect: Regain 1 Willpower per turn, +3 Willpower. Death messenger + Axe Storm + crit items & artery strike make short work of anything unfortunate to get his attention.

Sparr - see Aleo (but in Iver's party it's hard to make him work due to lack of ranged killers, basically Oli is his best friend). Home.

Mmm, not bad, even past the first few chapters. Fantastic.

He also has a potent ability whose poor description belies its true strength. Very expensive, but also very good. Aug 9, 2018 @ 5:02am One particularly powerful combo I found was Iver (though you could use a lot of other chars instead) with the stonesinger.

It really is a shame because his ability “Run Through” is extremely useful. Try to solve it on the first prompt, but go back to bed on the second.

Heavy Impact (passive) deals (a little) damage to opponents close to attacked enemy. Heavy Impact (passive) deals (a little) damage to opponents close to attacked enemy. May join the party if you decide to help the villagers of Reynivik (6th chapter). Her two abilities and high strength gave her a ton of versatiliy, especially with Eyvind to repair any lost armor for her abilities. More.

With the bards active ability the Thrashers survived on 1 hp for quite a while, and dished out tons of damage, enough damage to get kills and trigger the bard's passive, so they have willpower every round too.

For example, you won't fight against. Sigbjorn: (F) Although at first he looks incredibly strong based on his starting stats, you have to realize that he arrives at level five, leaving very little room for growth.

What I do to make Yrsa work out is have Mogr or Griss have their turn right after her.

Hogun: (C+) Thrashers can be a pain in the ass to fight against as an enemy, but they never seem that amazing when on my side. Style tier list for Romancing Saga Re Universe. I identified with her the most out of any character (despite being a 20-year old single male at the time). Yvind, for example, is a shoo-in for a Ring of the Wolf.

They deserve it. the ones that you will have a chance to use as units in turn based combat.

You lose out on some Renown—and Mogr's respect—but who cares, this thing is all-around awesome. It's really useful when someone from your party has been damaged.

I haven't played a run with him on BS2 yet, so I'm looking forward to doing just that. Eyvind - best Mend user in the game with the best will cap, lightnings can be devastating in the right circumstances and troll stones are great for blocking enemy advance. Card: Reasoning: S1: Pinnacle of Fury Goku - Great tank and DEF stacker - Transformation can be easily achieved in difficult events - Possess Rage Mode for free damage Canary - Amazing stats for ranged, can effectively disable melee units with Pin or devastate enemies through armor with DoTs (bloodletter + poison tipped). Great for archers who want to avoid attention. Play Queue. Agree on Rook; way too useful in BS1. if you go through two rounds of enemies and win you stand a decent chance of finding an additional item. Great secondary abilities selection as well.

After taking a second look, his high break and exertion make a pretty useful unit. Mend (active) restores armor points of allies. Having the highest base and max stats in the game solidifies Iver as the strongest hero, being able to fulfill the role of a tank, damage dealer, and armor breaker all in one. Seriously. don't bother, unless you get it for free and don't have any other items equipped. Mogr: (S) Mogr is possibly the most well-rounded tank in the game.

Here's to hoping both Valgard and Onef find their way back into the story for BS3 (and he doesn't betray us again). [Bug] I sent Krumr out against the dredge and instead of returning with Dundr's Hand, he got this shitty item. In one of the earlier tier lists on this sub "S" stood for Sundr-tier.

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