After all, some radio operators are into Skywarn and this necessitates being able to transmit in bad weather. Just upgrade. The showstoppers for me on the UV-9R are a weird "thunking" noise at end of transmission, and the headset and USB connectors are painful. With such demand comes the challenge of keeping the UV-5R in stock and available to ship same day to our customers. With high user ratings and positive reviews, the BTECH UV-5X3 is Baofeng’s most popular radio, and for good reason. But if you factor in the real world, standing in one spot might give you a -20dB disadvantage, and moving 2ft to the right will give you a +20dB advantage, because your signal is being absorbed by walls, trees, the earth, and bounced off of hills, buildings, and the atmosphere. Yeah the power selection is the main difference, it's also possible the F9 has slightly newer internals or something too. Easy enough for beginners to use but with enough features for a seasoned outdoorsman, the BF-F8HP is a good option for anyone. Rarely do you hear about a better standard dual-band Baofeng than that ubiquitous radio. The BF-F9 V2+ is one of Baofeng’s more popular radios. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Everything related to Baofeng Radios, and other similar models, Press J to jump to the feed. Somehow this is the first I am seeing on the 9r. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! Some even call it a potential UV-5R killer. And, if you really need to buy on price alone, Why not consider the Olympia P324? Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The two-way … Since its introduction the UV-5R has seen a massive success. Anyone who has spent time away from civilization will tell you that you need your equipment to be reliable and long lasting. Since the release of both these models, people have been trying hard to find the right one among the two. Also, the UV-9R belt clip has an interesting, but ultimately worse, design, where the radio can be detached from the belt clip by rotating it (rather than unclipping it). Orders placed before 6 p.m. EST ship same day! I am looking to upgrade soon. This means that in addition to being a already great radio, the BF-F9 V2+ has an expanded frequency range. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Bf-F8HP GMRS radio is just that. A distributor known for being less than truthful said it wasn't without proof. Most rugged Baofeng, and gets great reports Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. Does the UV-5R have a full color LCD display? The only diff is the UV-5R is 5 watts, the BF-F9 is 8 watts. Maybe later. Listen to an in-depth discussion about this powerful and inexpensive alternative to the UV-5R in Episode 149 of The Two Way Radio Show podcast! Overall, it was easy to program and operate. BaoFeng Introduced the UV-5R Dual Band, Dual Display radio in 2012. You can choose the radio that best fits you and your lifestyle. A -129dB signal is slightly intelligible but rough, and a -125dB signal is full. If you are looking for a fairly better performance, we recommend BaoFeng UV-82HP. As a beginner, you may experience some difficulty with programming and operating it. We could go on and on, but you get the point. It features 0-9 grades selectable VOX, large display, selectable RF power, and more! Can the bands be freely set in the UV-5R for VHF TX and UHF RX or UHF TX and VHF RX on the same channel? The difference doesn’t necessarily improve the range; in fact, only a better quality antenna can really make a difference. The radio might be 5 watts and is no more powerful than most other Baofeng radios, with the included antenna as a load mine was putting out just shy of 4 watts on 2m. The f9 is an official model with fcc certification. Of course, with high popularity comes high demand. They are not as powerful as a GMRS radio, but they make up for what they lack in power with ease of use and portability. Same Day Shipping! Colin is a freelance writer and editor. The third generation of the UV-5R, Baofeng’s second most popular radio is the BF-F8HP. Due to the sudden interest in personal preparedness during the coronavirus emergency, we've experienced an uptick in demand for certain makes and models of two way radios by the general public. Regarding specs, UV-5R delivers premium across the board. Even with newer models available, the classic UV-5R remains one of the best selling radios. UV-5R’s affordable price tag makes the device within reach of several HAM users. The Baofeng BF-888S’s small size makes them ideal for a beginning survivalist or hiker. The 2M/1.25M and 2M/6M versions are for amateur use only. Then there's a great selection from Wouxun. Beginner or advanced, you will be able to find the best Baofeng radio for you. Last update on 2020-11-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. It has all of the features of the UV-5R, but now has Tri-Power functionality. Thanks for the two replies. While some may not be at the same price point as the UV-5R, they are certainly capable of powerful, reliable operation on the same bands and frequencies as the Baofeng. In the world of cheap radios, it is almost always about the UV-5R and for pretty good reasons. I'm a noob looking for something small and portable for when I finally get around getting into amateur radio and settled on a Baofeng, narrowed it down to these two units. The most popular Baofeng radio is the BTECH UV-5X3. CHIRP software has many features, some of which are not available using the BaoFeng factory software, such as: Uses the familiar RX frequency and ± Offset for repeaters .

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