Head toward the marker and when there take note of the two snipers. When there is just one thug left, he surrenders to interrogation. The next door will not open so leap through the window. Follow his signal to the Sionis Steel Mill and enter through the main chimney. Move directly across the room and glide behind the thug in the confessional. Climb onto the next beam because the rotating blades will destroy the raft.

A trio of thugs are trying to enter via a gate on the south side of the building.

Defeat them all only to have Penguin release some sort of mutant Titan. Try to stay on the rooftops to be safe. Additional versions of the Batmobile lack the game version's unique battle mode; therefore, they are only playable in all of the Race maps.

Drop Attack Freeze's suit restricts his field of view leaving him vulnerable to attacks from directly above.

Instead we have to perform a cape stun then parlay that into a serious of precise attacks (Circle then repeatedly tap Square).

Enjoy the dialogue between Freeze and Batman. These enemies must be stunned the repeatedly punched. Batman does not want to be hit by the hammer counter. Batman now must find Freeze. Oracle though is able to help by finding us an alternate point of entry. Doing so will allow you to get a feel for exit/entry points, potential locations for attacks, and provide information about the enemies in the room. Once the enemies are defeated a giant sand Ra's appears. Proceed until the cinematic takes over. At this point we are reentering the elevator shaft only to cross to the other side. Thugs are in the adjacent room waiting for Batman to pass through the door. Enter the sewers through the manhole. After the scene, Batman is transported to the sight of his flight in chase of Ra's. He will hit the ground and send a shockwave out. At the marker Catwoman will find three enemies.

To counter this new foe an ability is learned, blade dodge. Redirects are basically an evade move towards an enemy (left stick + X, X). Make your way to Penguin by evading.

Avoid being seen by the helicopters when possible. The best way to avoid the attack is to be near a node and use the Electric Gel quick fire. Pickup Ivy's Orchid and open the suitcase. There are also two weapons caches in the room. Now ask yourself is there a way to eliminate anyone without being seen? Once close beat the crap out of the little nuisance. After the second gate be prepared to take out some blade wielding assassins. There is a trap door in the floor, several ceiling platforms, and wall vents that Batman can use to traverse the area. The Penguin is behind the cease and desist of helping Ryder.

Chase the assassin across the roof tops. This should lead Batman to the old GCPD building. Cross over via a wire and grapple up higher. Once the thugs are downed, talk to GCPD Officer Jones and agree to look for the rest of his team.

His attacks are pretty predictable. Drop down to a lower platform then use the Line Launcher to cross over. The door only opens slightly but Batman can Slide under. Grapple up to some pipes then climb the ladder.

Evade or counter these attacks when necessary. There is a path down the hall next to the room where we fought Freeze that was blocked by open pipes spewing steam. Constant movement and evade is a must to avoid Grundy's chain attacks and leap charge. Drop below and hang from the ledge. Upon leaving the GCPD, Batman is immediately greeted by a news helicopter with Vicki Vale as a passenger. Batman now is looking for an antidote that will cure the Joker. Other than that move from TYGER to TYGER using the appropriate attacks. Jump to it and grab the ledge. As DLC maps are always available even before starting the story, they can be a great way to gain a head start on Story Mode. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. This guard has a needed keycard.

At the end of the counter be ready to tap Square for an old fashion beatdown.

This triggers TYGER Agents (includes one with shield and one in body armor) to enter the vault.

Gun shots will take Batman out very quickly. A: Most likely there is a gadget you need before getting the trophy. You'll be facing one with body armor, a couple with guns, and a couple more with stun sticks. Batman will use one of his devices to hack into the communications of the enemy. Sorry y cant be more specific but i dont have the game memorized Rex Reefer Raptor Aug 28, 2018 @ 2:26am How do you get thows riddler trophies by sanding on the swch's or wall's. The path gets unlocked for the first time during Gain access to Wonder Tower.

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