These are pictures my girlfriend sent me when it arrived as compared to my chop job I did already with a grind to fit limbsaver. It proved totally reliable for safety, function, and performance. It’s rather small and compact even before it collapses, and engaging the collapsing function is smooth and responsive every time.

I am waiting for the go-ahead from our armorers for permission to install one of these on my work SG. My Urbino grip has a squared off backside which can be somewhat uncomfortable to hold as opposed to the rounded Benelli one. My M4 Urbino finally arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s a very steady, solid stock despite its adjustability, even matching truly fixed stocks in terms of stability. Non-ComforTech Stock, Realtree Max-4, Super Black Eagle II, M2 & Montefeltro 12ga. For Sale Benelli parts for the Benelli M4 Shotgun Model 11707, The Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock 70085, Benelli M4 7 Round Magazine Tube, Benelli M4 Muzzle Brakes All Factory OEM Original Spare Parts 70055. View All Brands. The storage compartment is located there and has a reversible door depending on your preference. ComforTech Stock, Realtree Max-4, Super Black Eagle II & M2 12ga. that's obviously a crucial factor for us m1/m2 owners.
Not Yet Rated Discontinued. Good job, MT! For that reason, it excels on lighter M4 builds that are going to be used for long-term scouting exercises or games to be played where a lot of movement is key. I'm 6'4 and wear a 37. There are eight different settings you can choose from for your perfect LOP, so it’ll be a great choice for shooters of varying arm lengths. Walnut Forend, Satin, Montefeltro & Legacy 20ga. This storage stock can be adjusted within a few inches and has a compartment that’s totally waterproof. Mil-Spec or Commercial Military-spec stocks are built to the same size as a traditional M4 carbine . I have no idea why it took so long for anyone to finally make shorter length Benelli stocks, but now we have them :). (Don't remember the exact thread, but it was the first hit when googling "Benelli M1 stock shortening."). It does have a very long LOP, so take note. How would I do that?

0; Shop by Brands. Forend Assembly, Realtree Max-5, Nova & SuperNova 12ga. AA Walnut Compact Stock, Satin, Ethos 12ga. "World Class" Exclusive Walnut Stock, Satin (Post '05), Super Black Eagle II, M2 & SuperNova 12ga. that's great - this is something that was missing from the market. It’s affordable for anyone within a reasonable budget.

Since I never seem to have any time at home to get a good pic of my short stock internals, here is a crappy hand drawing of what I did. I installed one of these this weekend on my wife's 870.

Is it in production now? I was about to pull the trigger on the Mesa high tube adapter for my 870 but I may now wait for this stock to come out. There are several different kinds of M4 stocks to look at. Since it’s an adjustable model, it allows you to modify the cheek riser to better acclimate to your personal level of comfort and your individual shooting stance. Why would you want this on your M4? Compact ComforTech Stock, Black Synthetic, Cordoba & M2 20ga. Update my browser now This is the best price for the Benelli M4 collapsible stock. Thank GOD someone is doing this. I just got my new Mesa Tactical Urbino stock mounted on my 870 SBS. We really like this stock. I love my M4, but the stock just has to go (way too long). Mesa Tactical Urbino with limbsaver for Benelli Supernova Tactical. Synthetic Rifled Slug Forend, Black, Benelli M2 20 Gauge Black Synthetic Forend w/GripTight Coating, Benelli M2 20ga. Grade A Walnut Stock, Satin, Super Black Eagle 12ga. ComforTech Stock, Black Synthetic, Super Black Eagle 3 Rifled Slug Forend, Black Synthetic, Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 & M2 Stock, Mossy Oak Bottomland, 828U 12ga. She says she is going to install it for me. Forend, Black Synthetic, R1 ComforTech Forend with Grip Tight, Black Synthetic, Sport II 12ga. Battle-proven reliability; Picatinny rail for …

Made this pic from one that a guy posted on the benelli forums. The butt is wide enough to be comfortable for most shoulders and features a textured traction end that will reduce slippage, much like the patterns underneath anti-slip boots. Benelli M4 Tactical Semi-Auto Shotgun -Originally designed in 1998 for the U.S. Marine Corps, the M4 (M1014) was extensively tested at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. "World Class" Exclusive Walnut Forend, Satin, Benelli Super Black Eagle Limitied Edition Wood Forend Satin, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Forend, Optifade Timber, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Forend, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Forend, Black Synthetic, Benelli Super Black Eagle II Flyway Edition Forend, Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 / M2 Satin Walnut Forend, Benelli SBE II/M2 ComforTech Advantage Timber HD Rifled Slug Forend, Benelli Super Black Eagle Timber HD Forend, Benelli SBE/M1 Advantage Timber HD Rifled Slug Forend, Super Black Eagle 3 Comfort Tech 3 Stock, Optifade Timber, Super Black Eagle 3 Comfort Tech 3 Stock, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Super Black Eagle II & M2 12ga.

It’s anti-slip, easy to shoulder and made from special nylon that’s designed to last for quite a long time.

I've always wanted a shorter LOP for my M1S90 because I'm considering the purchase of a plate carrier. The oval 55/60 stock drop washer with an offset hole sets the cast and drop by flipping it vertically or can actually see it move the butt of the stock up, down and side to side. SteadyGrip Stock, Realtree APG, Super Black Eagle II, M2 & SuperNova 12ga. M4 Tactical Shotgun. Finally, this is one of the pinnacles of adjustable stock examples due to its unique system of preset LOP ranges. Pistol Grip Stock, Black Synthetic, Montefeltro & Legacy 12ga. There isn't a storage compartment or any interesting extra features, but for the asking price, you can get a dependable, collapsible stock that's perfect for any build that relies on that function. Don't settle for anything but the best, original Benelli parts. It’s mil-spec, so it’s molded specifically to adhere to those sizing standards. Will be sure to post back here once they hit the pipeline but I get the impression that it's still a few months off. It is very well made and as short as my cut down OEM stock. Magpul Industries Lightweight Carbine Stock. Good Lord, man. Pistol Grip Black Synthetic Buttstock - Part # 81040, 4 product ratings - New Mesa Tactical 90880 SureShell Carrier and Rail for Benelli M4 6-Shell 12-GA, 1 product ratings - Benelli ComforTech Gel Recoil Pad - Black - 81047 1/2" Left Hand, 13 7/8" LOP, LimbSaver 10810LS AirTech Precision Fit Wood Recoil Rifle/Shotgun Shoulder Pad, 1 product ratings - Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Recoil Pad Long 80258, Mesa Tactical MESA91220 Sureshell 6 Shell Ammo Carrier Benelli 12 ga Shotgun. Update your browser to view this website correctly. It has a storage compartment like a fixed stock and enough stability to go toe-to-toe with the steadiest models out there, along with an anti-slip butt and a comfortable rubber ending that's perfect for unarmored or armored shooters. This is good new for me! Benelli M4 Stock Stay Bolt. There’s also a storage compartment included that’s perfect for storing batteries for your rifle’s scope. ComforTech Forend, Realtree APG, Super Black Eagle II & M2 12ga. The butt has an anti-slip rubber ending and an ambidextrous quick-detach connector, making this great for left-handed shooters.

Too short of a LOP will mean your arm becomes cramped over time, while too long a LOP will affect your accuracy and prevent you from firing quickly at the right moment. They indeed just slip right on and off.

That looks good....I had to cut down the stock on my Super Nova Tactical.

Forend, Optifade Marsh, Super Black Eagle 12ga. Replaceable Butt Pad Might Eventually Degrade, Ambidextrous Sling Swivel Socket Included, Very Solid Despite Collapsibility, No Rattling, Magpul Industries Collapsible Carbine Stock, MRAD vs. MOA – 2020 Informational Overview W/Our Top Picks, Best M4 Handguards of 2020 – Read Before Buying. You won't experience any rattling when using this. Steady Grip Stock, Realtree APG, Benelli 828U Walnut Forend, Silver Receiver, Cordoba 12ga. Can't wait to get mine. The stock is adjustable with its cheek riser, made from sturdy materials and has a battery compartment for a rifle’s scope. View cart for details. The entire device is made from multiple shells to withstand recoil and shock impact and preserve the lifespan of the unit. A short LOP stock is a nice thing to have. Compact ComforTech Stock with GripTight Coating, Black Synthetic, M2 12ga. Make them internally threaded on the top and sides to add rails for lights, etc.. Be advised, this stock isn't mine and it's the standard buttpad (non-Limbsaver) version. This is a lightweight, small collapsible stock that doesn’t have a storage slot or any flashy features. Quickview. This is a collapsible stock model that provides a really quick response if you need to pack up and move from location to location quickly. Add to Cart. Benelli M4 Stock, Forend and Mag Tube Package, ATI. ComforTech Forend, Black Synthetic, Super Black Eagle II & M2 12ga. It's very easy to shoulder, isn't likely to slip, and it's made from glass-filled nylon to promote excellent shape retention even as years pass.
1 product ratings - ComforTech Gel Recoil Pad, Right Hand - LOP to 14 3/8" Benelli 81038. The butt pads are replaceable and don’t last forever, but they offer extreme comfort while they’re in their prime. The M4 is a unique, Auto-Regulated Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) This absorbs recoil very effectively and can preserve your shooting time by keeping your time firing comfortable and manageable. This can affect your firing stance or comfort. A great improvement to the lop and length of the stock and upgrade to the original design of the Benelli M4. Non Adjustable Drop Stock, Black Synthetic, M1 & M3 12ga.

ComforTech Stock Assembly, Realtree Max-5, SuperSport 12ga. ComforTech Forend, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Legacy & Montefeltro 20ga. I thought that would violate some fundamental law and tear a hole in space time or something.

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