While some types of paint finishes may work better in certain areas than others, Benjamin Moore’s legacy of innovation ensures that our portfolio of products delivers premium performance across the sheen spectrum. How to paint the exterior?!?! The color I used was bizarre and unnatural looking. Even with Aura the dealer told me two coats for even sheen and color, might be close with one coat but to really look good two coats is the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, they both look great, but BM’s product just looks more luxurious. If you’re planning to paint your damp basement, you’ll want a paint with more mildew resistance. But the various opinions from painting companies and article are making it hard to understand the best paint to use? Hi -- This is a beautiful building and I would not make any structural or style changes . Just two weeks ago I painted a room for a client who wanted to use Aura because it’s a no VOC paint. Help! Resins called binders are left after it’s applied to the wall. Bonus: 3 tips for everyone on picking exterior colors, Touted as a new neutral, this baby blue can stand on its own or support bolder colors. Copyright 2016 - BlankSlate Factory, Inc. © Copyright 2020. It’s truly a matter of personal preference. The minor details, such as paint thickness, just depend on what you’re looking for. Notice how the material in between the windows between the second and first floor is changed while aligning the windows. The last time we had some painting done [last Summer]we used Regal in most rooms and Aura in the stairwell. It washes very well and is mildew resistant. HELP PLEASE! I have burgundy accents as well as sage, peach and golds. I didnt like it. Take a look at the picture below on the top right hand side. Sherwin-Williams Emerald costs around $75 for one gallon and dries to a durable finish. You might have a bathroom that builds up water on the surfaces after showering because of poor ventilation. Paint and primer together to help reduce the number of coats needed. Pigments and colorant give paint its color. They have a desert sand or a much darker chestnut bronze. The Aura line has not let me down yet and whenever it calls for it we use it without hesitation. I'm a bit annoyed by this because it took me forever to pick out the aura colors and I think they're great. It’s also a great paint if you appreciate faster recoat times. Its also nice because if you need to go back to a job and "touch-up" OR have a custom formula, you can still get it in the standard Regal line without having to re-match the color using the new tints. It performs at a high level and should be one of your first picks whenever you have to paint a challenging color such as a bright yellow or dark blue. Benjamin Moore Aura Paint. However if there is one thing that is not working is the brown contrast with the red. Regal® Select Interior Matte (548) is a professional painter favorite for its ease of application and smooth feel after drying. If it gets too hot it will dry too quickly and can become difficult to work with if you are brushing and rolling. When it’s time to choose the best interior paint for your home, use this guide to help you. Preferably black since is a more modern (ranch) type home. I’m in the same boat with your painter, he likes Regal, he’s experienced with it and it gives him the best results. Home > Comparing Benjamin Moore’s Aura Versus Regal Select Interior Paints. The one thing you shouldn’t use to make your choice is color. Finally, Aura is Benjamin Moore’s fanciest line of paint. The solvent keeps the paint liquid until you put it on your wall. Matte Paint Matte finish is nearly as shine-free as flat, again providing excellent hide and depth of color, with slightly more durability. Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Sat - Sun 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Plan Your Home Remodel: The Interior Renovation Phase, Crowd-Pleasing Paint Colors for Staging Your Home, 5 Easy Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette, How To Get Your Exterior Paint Color Right, 8 Homes With Exterior Paint Colors Done Right, How to Update a Traditional Exterior With Color, Help with Trim and Cabinet color with Origami White Walls, Updating oak office but need help with making things flow throughout. However, you can’t go wrong with either brand, as long as it’s properly applied. I think that if you line up the front windows and change the wood siding in between the windows only to a diagonal similar to what is on the side of the roof pitch, while leaving the sides vertical you would be creating a much more cohesive facade. This paint has the best hide out of all their products and is the most durable too. While there are many different types of sheen, you are most likely to see these seven key interior Benjamin Moore paint finishes during your painting journey: Flat paint is a term for a finish that does not reflect light, resulting in no sheen at all. In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know to choose the best paint for your home. Aura is available in four finishes: matte, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss. The top facia and the window trims and the door surrounds and doors should be an almost black green .- the darkest green possible.Then add gold metal leaf or metallic paint to the molding details. It requires a different application mentality than Regal. Red is bold color and as such it needs a bold contrast. It applies quickly and easily and is splatter resistant. If you are looking for premium paint for exterior metal doors the Grand Entrance should be your choice in my opinion. All Rights Reserved. Sheen, or paint finish, is a measure of how much light reflects off a painted surface, resulting in gloss—or a lack thereof. With the thinner Aura paint I had to paint two coats of a custom color of white. It is priced at around $59 US for one gallon. Or we could stick with black or just go with white. Check out how we brush and roll metal exterior doors with Grand Entrance at 518 Painters. Finally, additives give the paint extra properties, such as mildew resistance. Eggshell finish, perennially popular with professional and DIY painters alike, has a low-sheen reminiscent of flat or matte, but it is infinitely more durable than its namesake. It has better coverage and durability, but comes at a much higher price. The lady at BM told me that Regal Select will hold up pretty much the same as Aura for exterior and interior... Do you guys agree? It is our go-to for any home improvement project that needs a metal exterior door painted. We are building a new house (hour and a half North of Seattle, WA), and plan to live there for 15ish years so we want to invest in good quality. Receive The Latest Inspiration and Advice. Benjamin Moore doesn't recommend using primer on new wallboard except in cases of deep tone colors, when the Aura color foundation primer can be used. I spoke with the guy who mixed it too and he said it was thiner than Regal and that many people put up with that for the low VOC. Quality matters more than brand, and each of these two brands offers a variety of quality levels. Bigger vintage looking hanging lanterns on ornate brackets . But stay in tune for a few of our actual reviews of specific products. It was the first time our painter had tried Aura and he was surprised that it really did cover in one coat, instead of two.

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