After that Last Survivor dies, his treasure-hoard is guarded by a dragon for whom the treasures are useless. No plagiarism, guaranteed! The thief is the first character in Beowulf that is not a warrior or a king. Wiglaf wasn’t a tall or muscular hero like Beowulf, in fact, he was one of the weakest in Beowulf’s group, but his bravery was a match for even Beowulf’s, and he would fight for Geatland until the bitter end. An inflicting such monster defeat is in fairy-tales and legends often by the trial test of hero which as a result labors for riches (obtains treasure) or frees the captivated tsar’s daughter. But a faith in Fate occupied a central place in pre-Christian ideology of the German people. In China it is a creature, having most spiritual force, character of life and light; the emblem of the Chinese emperor’s family is a gold dragon. But it is contradiction of life, but not simple inconsistency between more early and by the subsequent releases of poem. But an epic belongs, in opinion of most specialists, to the end of VII century or to first third of VIII century. Afterwards its symbolism became ambivalent, designating beneficial rains, followings after thunderstorms, and, at the same time, destructive forces of lightning and flood. In Grendel's conversation with the dragon he is told that he is what defines man. A dragon, or «winged serpent», unites in itself a snake and bird, spirit and matter. A poem contains 3182 lines, written with alliteration verse. It is talked in a poem, that prominent force of Beowulf, equal to the force of thirty ordinary people, was given to him by God, and from a notable fragment (lines 2177-2189) clears that a hero would not begin to use this gift unworthy appearance, but saved it for the high performing. Meantime in the last few years the row of specialists is inclined to count prevalence in text of poem of stereotype expressions and formulas by the certificate of its origin from verbal creation. In my opinion it will be interesting to discuss also the dragon symbol in another countries and even cultures , because like any symbol it has own roots and their analysis will help us to understand actions in Beowulf much better. About the mountains of gold and jewels, hidden in their caves, legends walk. Bringing along his sword and special shield, Beowulf enters the lair and tells the men to wait for him. What do we know about the circumstances of its composition? In that period Anglo-Saxons experienced the beginning process of origin of feudal connections already. Victory over a dragon personifies permission of conflict between light and darkness, destruction or destructive forces of evil, or victory over own dark nature of man and achievement of self-possession.
It was identified with celestial gods and their earthly representatives – by emperors and kings. One of classic exploits of heroes there was the victory over a dragon. A dragon, or «winged serpent», unites in itself a snake and bird, spirit and matter. Similarly, Herot is the place where Beowulf defeats Grendel, and it is also the site where evil relentlessly persists in the forms of Grendel, Grendel's mom, and the dragon. Playing role of monsters, dragons are indigenous «rulers of the earth», with which it is necessary to fight to heroes, conquerors and creators, to take or master the earth. In this sense a dragon is a symbol of wild energy inherent to the animal, which has to be, overcame long-cultivated force. At the same time “Beowulf” makes gaudy references on Fate, which both comes forward as an instrument of creator and identical to divine Providence and appears as independent force. "(The dragon) Burned the bright dwellings-the glow of the blaze filled hearts with horror," the poet states. Western dragons are dangerous and cruel and, as well as east, quite often possess magic force.

Frankly speaking, “Beowulf” is difficult for a modern reader, educated on quite to other literature and inclined, let involuntarily, to carry and on ancient monuments presentations, formed with an acquaintance with artistic creations of new time. Dragons and monsters are a constant threat to the Danes and the Geats. In more late myths about creation of the world dragons in most cases appear cruel primordial creatures which have to be overcame gods. Beowulf then stepped forward, sword in hand, and let out his loudest battle cry, so loud that all of Geatland would hear it, including the dragon.

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