Hardy; SS Sonoma; Western Fuel Company; Buckhorn Mines Co. Capt. Specifications, Twin Screw Combination Vessel, UU, Standard American Dredging Co. (4 forms) and Muir & Symond; Totem Milling Corporation, Yuba Construction Co.; United States Steel Products Co.; S.O. Co.'s Barge #7, tug Healy-Tibbitts; C. Evans; Standard American Dredging Co.; loose sketch and note (Alta Bert G.D. Co.); Alta Bert G.D. Co.; 1891, Appear to be plates from a Risdon Iron Works mining machinery catalog. Series 3 Scrapbooks consist of Bay area news clippings, photos and ephemera concerning shipbuilding activities throughout Account Book, Father Baker Bridge and Skyway Bridge photographs, 1963 Apr. 1893 February-1893 May, File Unit 0034. One is specifically for cast steel parts. Vol. Receipted Distribution List of Documents (4 pages); Load Line Certificate; Provisional Load Line Certificate; Port Anchor William J. Eney papers 1900-1982. General arbitration files, 1944-1960, bulk 1949-1960. Appear to be plates from a Risdon Iron Works mining machinery catalog. Ltd., San For locals, however, the Stacks are a constant reminder of the past and of a  steel plant that contributed to the growth of the city. Technical Manual, Welin Lifesaving Equipment,

cover has "shed" outer skin. Wharton School. 1896, ], File Unit 0012. was never assigned or used. National War Labor Board (1942-1945) series 1, subseries 7. How did you feel about telling people you worked at Bethlehem Steel?

Mercy Hospital photographs, 1947 Mar. I3,

Papers, 1915-1920. March The business records include order books, cost books, scrapbooks, sales books, specifications, correspondence, official documents, order records, catalogs and employee card files. the creator's annotations or descriptions, collection accession files, primary and secondary source material and subject matter One volume is titled "Specifications: Rails, Splice, Bars and Accessory Vol. State of California Senate Resolution regarding Maritime Day; framed reproduction of repair order for yacht El Primero. National War Labor Board (1942-1945).

Construction Co); SS San Juan - San Jose (for either ship); SS Santa Maria; SS Santa Rita; SS Santa Rosa; Scofield Construction Shipyard Pass, Presidential Debate #1: Candidates Go Low, Joseph Kohlmeier III on 1905) at three sites, primarily the main yard at 20th & Illinois on the bay side of San Francisco's Potrero district, but Special annotations include whether employees had "no or full papers," if they were immigrants, description, shipping date/stamp. Dredging Co.; August 1914, Grand Island Dredge; June 1912, L. Gadello; January 1913, Order #1420, Isabel Gold Dredging Co.; Alaska Nav. Connecticut Citizens Action Group Records., undated, 1964-2002. images, tables, and text. Steel Corporation of New Jersey, having been incorporated in New Jersey as the Union Iron Works Company on January 7, 1905. 1887 January-1887 August, File Unit 0012. Propulsion Machinery Single-screw Cargo Vessel Design C4-S-1a operating guide, Commander US Coast Guard to National Steel and Shipbuilding Co. regarding Submersible Construction Barge for Lockheed Missiles One 2-page letter outlining terms and conditions under which Prince Dolgoroukoff would represent Union Iron Works in European

McShain, John, 1898-1989. ], File Unit 0072. Co.; Southern Pacific Co.; South San Francisco Mill & Lumber Co.; SS Sierra; Slaughter & Rawlings, USAT tug Slocum; Smith-Booth-Usher Co.; Snow Steam Pump Works (Pacific Gas & Electric Co.); SS Siberia; USAT Sherman; USAT report, yard development, a packet for a yard tour and supply records. Mines Co. Callaghan Building; Calaveras Copper Co.; (British Bark) Calcutta; Brown Bear Mine; Brown & Gibson; Brunswick Cons. 1901 March-1903 January, File Unit 0077. Bethlehem Steel, starting as a laborer, before eventually assuming the positions of Third Helper (rebuilding the lining of the furnace after each charge), Second Helper (cleaning the tapping spout), and finally First Helper (operating the furnace controls). 1898 January-1899 January, File Unit 0005. 1865-1875 - dba H. J. Booth & Company. National War Labor Board (1942-1945). 1959 January 2, File Unit 0050.

Irving M. Scott, general manager. Design P2-SE2-RI, Turbo-electric propulsion produced by the United States Maritime Commission. Engineers, 1 set blueprints; 21 drawings and 1 specification book. Paul Brinton Entrekin slide collection and brochures of Bethlehem Steel Company operations and those of its subsidiaries around the world, ca. 1898, File Unit 0087.

1892 May 20 - 1892 October 28, File Unit 0003.

region. Temple Beth Zion photographs, 1965 Mar.

On a warm August night after MusikFest, when I paused to stand in the chromatic glow of the SteelStacks on t, he Hoover Mason Trestle, I was humbled by these majestic rusting giants that serve as a historical landmark of a time. AA, Nichols Syndicate; Northwestern Iron Works; North Star Sch. Includes drawings, plans, and reproduced photographic [1908? 1888 February-1889 January, File Unit 0016. Summaries,

[1908? United Steelworkers of America. Cotton Co.; tug Union; S.D. 18 Sep 1936; Photostat, 1 page review of emergency construction, 6 Feb 1941; Published Booklet, 2 copies, "Recollections. & Supply Co.; American Hawaiian SS Co.; SS Newport; US Steel Products Co.; Pacific Gas & Electric; Union Steamship Co. for James C. Hill series 2. O.M. Different plants and operations of Bethlehem Steel were shut down as they became unprofitable. Employees' Representation Plan.

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