Though definitely not dedicated sand paddles, we were able to float across the sand in places where street tires have left us digging out the recovery gear.

Download PDF Version of Warranty. BF Goodrich has been a leader in off-road-specific tire production for nearly forty years. With some wheelspin, the Mud-Phobic Bars between the lugs helped break the suction, void the treads of packing goo, and keep chewing hungrily up, over, and through the trails. Though rock traction is commendable at street pressure, the real potential of these tires was unlocked when we aired down. Makes me want get rid of my NITTO Ridge grapplers and go for the km3s great article, Matt! Living in the Pacific Northwest we have some of the most diverse landscapes ranging from sand dunes to logging roads, including more than our fair share of mud and snow. The tire is closer in style to BFG’s All-Terrain tire. The massive improvement of the KM3 over the KM2 is the sidewalls, which are 27 percent tougher. Whether you are putting tires on a brand new vehicle or replacing your worn out tires, there are tons of factors that help make your decision when choosing tires for your vehicle. Working at Discount Tire has given me the opportunity to work with customers and discuss their experiences with different brands of tires and how they perform out in the real world. Details, • Adapted from race-proven technology designed for the Baja 1000-winning Mud-Terrain T/A® KM3 and Baja T/A ® KR2, • BUILT with Steel Belted Radial Construction for increased durability and optimal ride quality, • Engineered to BALANCE MAXIMUM TOUGHNESS with minimal weight for more comfort and handling performance. The balancer applies the load roller to the tire while it is spinning, measuring to locate any heavy spots in the tire. The real fun came when the trail slogged through a mud bog and promptly ascended a grade of buttery boulders and roots. Fast-forward to 2001 and the company gave Four Wheeler a look at the newest addition to the lineup, the Mud-Terrain T/A KM. With a job like ours, therapy comes in the form of cruising gravel roads. The KM3 looks more aggressive, is quieter on road, has a much stronger sidewall, and offers a bit better traction in all conditions. Tread depth (in): 18/32 It steers great and doesn’t wander like the race tire does. Rock deflection is just as good as with the race tire and so is flat protection. Discount Tire will also match the lowest cost if found cheaper. The Sand Once you have decided what you would like to expect out of your new tires and weighed all the factors, you are presented with various options. I have also been able to basically shop for tires for my own 2019 Toyota Tacoma all day long. It all started in 1980 with the BFG radial Mud-Terrain T/A, the fifth generation of which is the new T/A KM3. BFG does not give this tire a DOT rating; however, it is a steel-belted radial and one of the smoother-riding tires we have ever tested. I hope to now share my feedback with you.

• Thick extended should rubber helps protect the critical sidewall failure zone. You can see these vehicles doing 130 mph in the desert and then driving up sheer rock faces at events like King of the Hammers. We are the types who will detour from the interstate with the sole purpose of inserting some crushed rock into the monotony of our travel—and the KM3s were in full support of our decisions. BFGoodrich calls this the Krawl-TEK compound and claims the KM3 offers an 8 percent improvement in rock traction over the previous mud-terrain. BFGoodrich 28x10R14 Mud-Terrain KM3 All-Terrain UTV Tire. Pope891 . Despite the Jeep being low to the ground and pushing snowplow-style through the deeper snow, we were impressed at how far we were able to dig through the forest roads before the winch cable was unspooled.

The only negative is that the built-in strength and new features make it slightly heavier than its predecessor. Tire: BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

Deep snow proved to be a challenge—not to the tires, only the Jeep. Overall diameter (in): 32.8 Partially responsible for the good looks are the sidewalls. For anyone who drives in snow, we had the privilege of turning down the temperature knob and burying the KM3s in some white stuff. The burly sidewall construction and thick shoulder rubber let us spin with confidence.

Read your article. Featuring enhanced CoreGard Max technology for tougher sidewalls and Krawl-TEK tread compound for better grip and traction, the KM3 is built from the ground-up to conquer any terrain. I was able to drive a Jeep JKU Rubicon on 35-inch KM3 tires and a Land Rover Defender 110 with 37-inch KM3 tires at 50 psi. The lugs are considerably closer together than on other BFG Mud-Terrain tires. We always test tires in our brutal desert environment starting at 18 psi. The famous bowhunting couple will appear in federal court, where they face a laundry list of charges. Find Members Posts. If you do,you’ll love them !! The Linear Flex Zone was at work as the tires smeared themselves over ledges and stones alike, letting the sidewalls ooze and flow over the obstacles. Taking a quick trip back in history, BFGoodrich debuted the world’s first radial light-truck performance tire in 1980—the Mud-Terrain T/A. I have worked for Discount Tire for almost half a decade. The rubber compound appeared to be softer than that of previous mud-terrains and suction-cupped itself to even the slipperiest of boulders like the feet of geckos. With the KM3, BFGoodrich ditched the old school block sidewall and replaced it with the sidewall design from the aggressive KO2 and updated the tread design. WNDR Alpine Shows Off New Winter Tech, Caught on Film: Avalanche Swallows Pro Skier Nick McNutt, Skier Moms Take Center Stage in Arc'teryx Film 'Motherload', Prodigies vs. Pros in This Wild Faction Ski Edit, Not Slowing Down: Triathlete Rach McBride on Sport, Training, and Career, On Sale Now: 45% Off Coleman 2-Burner Camping Stove, Today's Bargains: 4 Steals to Start Your Weekend. Makes me want to go out and by a set of those for my equinox so I can take it offroading. If you ever get the chance to go to the Rubicon Trail, I highly recommend it.

The steel belts will make it a little harder to plug, but so far we haven’t had any leaks to test that claim. Please choose options for all selected products. Even when gunky ruts tried to direct the Jeep sideways instead of forward, the Terrain-Attack tread blocks were there to keep us on track. Polaris Ranger 500 Doors - Half & Full Sized, Polaris Ranger 570 Doors - Half & Full Sized, Polaris Ranger 800 Doors - Half & Full Sized, Polaris Ranger 900 Doors - Half & Full Sized, Polaris Ranger 900 XP Doors - Half & Full Sized, Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Doors - Half & Full Sized, Polaris Ranger 1000 XP Crew Doors - Half/Full Size, Front & Back Polaris Ranger 400 Windshields, Front & Back Polaris Ranger 500 Windshields, Front & Back Polaris Ranger 700 Windshields, Front & Back Polaris Ranger 800 Windshields, Front & Back Polaris Ranger 800 XP Windshields, Polaris RZR 800 - Half & Full-Sized Windshields, Polaris RZR 170 Doors - Half & Full-Sized, Polaris RZR 570 Doors - Half & Full Sized, Polaris RZR 800 Doors - Half & Full-Sized, Polaris RZR 900 Doors - Half & Full-Sized Doors, Polaris RZR 900 XP Doors - Half & Full-Sized, Polaris RZR 1000 Doors - Half & Full-Sized, Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 Doors - Half & Full-Sized, Seizmik Pistol & Magazine Holster Kit (1 PAIR), System 3 ST-3 Wheel & XCR 350 Tire Combo Kit. — anywhere your wheels can roll. It was also extremely smooth and cornered with confidence on the pavement. The Mud-Terrain T/A® KM3 UTV tires are not DOT approved. There is slightly more road noise but nothing to the point where you cannot handle it. For anyone curious about the tire’s moniker, “KM” stands for “Key benefit Mud traction,” and “T/A” indicates “Traction Advantage.” After serving for nearly a decade as the company’s mudder, the Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 has now been replaced by the KM3, and we were more than glad to trim the stock wheels on our ’17 Wrangler JK with a set. • Terrain attack tread designed tread blocks help to deliver incredible grip from any angle of approach. Thanks for the hospitality, BFG! I come up with creative solutions to problems, if you have a question, please leave a comment.

After months of debating between an all-terrain tire and a mud-terrain tire, I finally selected the KM3 Mud Terrain from BFGoodrich Tires! But somehow the brand also improved on-road comfort. Bryon Dorr caught the outdoor adventure addiction through whitewater kayaking, and worldwide adventures to remote places ensued. But it also needs to cruise down the highway effortlessly. The 285/70R17 rubbers weigh in at 67 pounds each compared to 36 pounds apiece of the stock Jeep tires, and even with the added weight we’d choose the KM3s every time.

The ride is phenomenal. It offers 5% better mud traction, 8% better rock traction, and 27% stronger sidewalls. TV stars, Olympic gold medalists, off-road racing legends: I was amazed at the diverse cast of people brought together for the launch. BFG KM3 tires for UTV: Post Reply : Author: Message Topic Search Topic Options.

But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. The all-new BFGoodrich KM3 tire delivers off-road performance unlike any mud-terrain tire before it. The process of selecting my tires was very drawn out and took roughly 4 months! If a heavy spot is found, the balancer will prompt you to spin the tire on the wheel to lower the Road Force, this is called Force Matching. Almost every trail here in the PNW will be covered in mud at some point during the year.

The lugs are considerably closer together than on other BFG Mud-Terrain tires. Deep within the rain-soaked, rutted-out backcountry of Ohio, we tried our darndest to get ourselves stuck.

The 12-mile flight into the Rubicon Trail crossed breathtaking wilderness and took only eight minutes. When i air these tires down to 10PSI – these things are ape shit impressive.

Although the tire has a super-thick bead, it still has a decent-sized rim guard. The KM3 will come in sizes ranging from 30 to 39 inches to fit 15- to 18-, 20-, and 22-inch rim sizes. Although the tire has a super-thick bead, it still has a decent-sized rim guard. Quote Pope891. … The all-new BFGoodrich KM3 tire delivers off-road performance unlike any mud-terrain tire before it. Tires connect your vehicle with the ground, which keeps you rolling to work or the campsite.

The KM3 ranges in price from $172 per tire up to $508 per tire; of course, size plays a factor in the cost.

Discount tires does trade in! The tire’s new “Krawl-TEK” compound offers up an 8-percent increase in rock traction, the brand claims.

Maximum psi: 80 The Road

The all-new KM3 Mud Terrain was released in early 2019 and has destroyed its predecessor. Member Joined: 13 May 2018 Location: Ridgefield, CT Status: Offline Points: 232 Post Options.

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