View all posts by philip, Thanks for this. It’s important to find the right balance. Jan Heine gave me permission to republish the Bicycle Quarterly graph with my additions, and it turned out to be pretty useful for some people. I actually had an internet friend send it to me, not knowing I’d posted it in the first place. Dave indicates that to make a formula for each smaller wheel size, you’d need to measure the pressure it takes to get the 15% drop at a bunch of different weights, then use that to make a formula that works for that size. In principle, the higher volumes of wide mountain bike tyres can sustain a lower air pressure without the tyres becoming destabilised. • About Us, Review: MET Terranova open face trail helmet, Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT goes Stealth, drops in price, adds e-bike firmware update for all. Given that I know the pressures I use work well, I don’t see any value in this tool, as is seems like it’s just continuing the old paradigm of road pressures that are much too high. These worse case scenarios are what the tires really need to be pressured up for… Darryl, Hi Darryl, this post is actually… TEN years old! Just don’t give your actual email address. On uneven tracks, this occurs several times per second and every time the tyres bump over an obstacle, momentum is lost. (oatmeal too hot; too cold; just right/chair too big; too small; just right/bed too big; too small; just right). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. is the world’s largest cycling tech blog. Because of the high volume of the tyres, you can get away with much lower air pressure, without risking pinch flats or instability. Whether you want to perfect your setup or just use our recommended pressures, you will quickly learn that tire pressure is the easiest and cheapest tune-up for your bike. If your bike doesn’t handle a fatter tire, there are many that do, from Rivendell, Surly, Jones, and Black Mountain, without getting into custom (*cough* Winter, MAP, Potts). There were none for other sized wheels. LOL at the ridiculously over estimated average speeds people were entering! So for the 23mm wide tire, it simply means the contact patch is ~1 square inch at 15% drop. We'll answer in the meantime! Most bikes put 60% of the weight on the rear, for a 40-60 fore-aft weight distribution. If in doubt, follow this rule of thumb: as low as possible - as high as necessary. Here’s a clean XLS file you can download for your own use:, All this is very good, and I for one appreciate the think time that went into the original work as well as the commentary that followed. i.e. What's 2+2? Dave Adams saw the post in his research on the same subject, and sent me a copy of his spreadsheet, which I’ve been using ever since. What I haven’t seen is anybody point out that for 23mm wide tires, the calculated optimum tire pressure in psi is essentially the same as the wheel load in lbs, within 5% for wheel loads between 53-198 lbs (<2% between 67-104 lbs). A tubeless tyre is then placed over the tube, and is filled with a very low air pressure. However, the air pressure cannot be lowered indefinitely, since this will have a negative effect on many factors, including the stability of the tyres on the rims. The algorithm was built by curve fitting these 4000+ real world optimizations, so if you want to calculate Peter Sagan’s Roubaix winning pressure, you can just enter his weight/tire size and cobbles and you’ll get his exact pressures… same for Bettiol’s Flanders win, multiple Dirty Kanza winning pressures, and so on.”. For cornering and drifting, this can be risky for the tyres, as they will become compressed over the edges of the rims. It doesn’t seem to, though. PSI will equal wheel load when the developed contact patch is 1 square inch (not necessarily 1 inch wide), neglecting tire stiffness. Shouldn’t the pressure per square inch should exactly match the tire load in lbs when the tire is 25.4mm wide? Info. Low-trail French Randonneuring bikes are different, with only 55% on the rear. Best done semi manually so you understand the limitations of your model and have awareness that, though the one you have produced might be the simplest best fit to the data you have, there are many others that might be statistically acceptable and possibly better reflect underlying mechanisms that are producing the data. You can imagine a firmly pumped up tyre going over a root: As it passes over the root, it raises up, and then it falls back down again to ground level on the other side. • Ask A Stupid Question Get your handlebar and front wheel perfectly aligned w/DNR Design’s new... Insider Interview: Zipp explains hookless tubeless rims for road bikes. Studies have shown that, even on gravel tracks, lower air pressure is associated with reduced rolling resistance. BTW, I agree that most of the mfr’s info on the sidewall is not to be trusted, but it would be a Bad Idea ™ to exceed the maximum recommended pressure on a tire by more than about 10%. Sure would be nice to have a collection of similar runs for 26″ tires.. and 650B. The most basic form is the LITE version which limits you to inputs for the total system weight (rider + bike + gear), and the measured tire width.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',103,'0','0'])); The more comprehensive Pro version is still free – but you’ll have to cough up your email. Since: Where there is no tube, there can be no hole! Of course, in many of these optimizations, we are optimizing down with a 1-2 psi range most of the time, so it is possible that there is a <1psi delta due to casing, but it hides in the data both from a data set size and test resolution point of view.

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