At the moment, the ethernet cable (that was my own idea, not Blink Support) is winning whether or not that’s entirely down to the placebo effect. Does anyone have the Blink XT2 Camera's on the Orbi System? The camera takes 2 to 3 attempts to view live. This morning I tried to modify the camera schedule… that failed too. I’m sure tech support would love this feature. The Live View works well on all outdoor cameras. Use the camera settings to change image resolution. But it does the Motion Detection well. I did not connect the second sync module. FINALLY, I tried the full reset one last time but added all 5 cameras to my Inside sync module. I can’t even hit the “update” button in the camera settings without getting “Command Failed” most of the time. I was immediately having similar issues.

I thought this was a quality product but products are only as good as the customer support. doesn’t matter whether they are physically indoors/outdoors, original model camera or XT model, etc. If so, are you having issues viewing Live Views? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. It is critical for the cameras to show 3 bars of connectivity to avoid performance issues. Placebos can certainly have their place, and i am glad your connection problem has improved, but if it recurs I would suggest not spending any time trying to troubleshoot the Ethernet connection since that will not be time well spent. I am glad your issue has been resolved! If those connection strengths appear to be ok, please contact support through a support ticket or by calling us at (781) 332-5465. The outdoor ones are further to the hub than Indoor but they seem to work well. As I say, so far so good. With Blink’s Live View feature you can stream 30 seconds of live video at a time.

Subscribe for Updates. This had me believing I may have another device causing the issue (duplicate IP or something) so I powered off ALL (but my iPhone) devices except the cameras and my network switches, router, etc. Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router, CM2000-> Arris AX11000 W31-> GS716v2-> WAX***-AP. PITA! So we’re back in business and I can go on spotting the wildlife in my garden after dark, but more importantly (to me) I can track any of my cats I’ve not been able to lure back indoors at bedtime so at least I know they’re not actually missing if I don’t see them myself till they stroll in the next day for lunch!

I got live view to work only once on one camera. When Blink camera or synch module acts odd, power down, then restart. What firmware is on the router and satellites? The camera didn’t have any protective film over the lens. The wifi wobbles sometimes but I think that’s a local problem and nothing to do with Blink. I have 3 cameras (2 outdoor and 1 indoor) connected to the same module. The Ethernet port is 100% non-functional. First attempt… I had problems adding each camera back into the system, but after repeated tries, I got them all in. Location-wise, the indoor is closest to the hub. Autoreboot option could be a handy feature for blink camera and synch module as well.

I just received my second camera yesterday and it is not acting right compared to my current camera. It wasn’t connected (if it is connected that way at all) by ethernet when all the problems of disconnection began and it hasn’t disconnected since I plugged in the ethernet cable. which can cause issues such as your having. Just tried schedule again, half hour since it failed… schedule works again.

Removing the batteries from my XT involves a ladder, removing the camera from the mount, opening the camera, reinstalling, and readjusting. Is it because I am using Outdoor and Indoor to the same sync module? My “Front” and “Back” cams are much closer and have a good signal… they still fail Live View.

As of a couple of days ago, this has been driving me mad!

Great idea for an auto reboot via the app! Can you ping them for me please? Speculation but that’s solved problems for me before so I’m not knocking it. Looking at your system it seems that your driveway cam has a low camera to sync module connection. The new Camera works perfect so far. I did go ahead and update to the latest iOS 11.4.1 This does not appear to fix the issue either. I think it was intermittently sending commands to the cameras and intermittently receiving command status. I did, and it’s working when it didn’t before so …. Thank you very much, I'll definitely try the updates, and keep you all updated. Tap the speaker icon to mute or unmute live audio from the camera's microphone. My inside cameras are on a schedule, but my outside ones are always armed. So that other camera was definitely repackaged from amazon after someone returned it and sent to me which pisses me off! Newer versions don’t even have the Ethernet port. The blink software updated about a month ago and that’s about when I started noticing a problem. Blink Tech support can reset an individual camera remotely also.

Wireless devices need to be rebooted from time to time. If so, are you having issues viewing Live Views? Every thing has been working great for about 15 hours now.

I’ve recommended blink systems to 3 friends/family who all made purchases because of my recommendation. I thought this was a just my phone, but I opened it on wife’s phone. Can I record when I’m in Live View mode? So I cleared everything and tried a second time. Batteries are good and it has full strength WiFi and Sync indication. I have the sync module connected by cable to a Devolo Powerline and that seems to help. I'd be looking at the firmware and the double nat issue. I get the “Live View Failed” always for the indoor camera. The issue I have now, was happening before I switched to the Arris, I thought this was the problem at first, so I bought it in place of the older cox modem I had. Now I can’t recommend any more… and I’m dreading the phone calls when and if they start having issues. You can either submit a support ticket or call us at (781) 332-5465. Just the Live View does not work at all. Every now and then, I can get a live view to work but only once…. One of my outdoor cameras began acting up today. Just noticing that he satelites are both utilizing the 5ghz bands.

Fix it now!!! Didn’t see that yesterday. Time will tell. ANyway, thanks, fingers crossed. I have the sync module connected by cable to a Devolo Powerline and that seems to help. don't know if that could be the the camera's are only 2.4ghz.

Looking for anyone that might be experiencing the same. I’ve tried repositioning the sync module and getting a wifi booster but the problem persists. BR500 VPN Currently Experiencing Intermittent Connectivity Issues. Also, something that could be impossible in the winter months. I deleted the whole thing - three cameras and the sync module - and reinstalled from scratch. I did not want to start a new thread on the same topic.

It is true that the ethernet port is not enabled, but hey, if it works, why change it? I can’t update thumbnail images either.

it’s not that. A reboot/reset option for users would be nice. It didn’t do that a month or 2 ago. This resulted in system hangs that even affected the good module. Best Settings for Blink XT2 Camera. Well I returned that camera and ordered a new one. Update time :-D, i just wanted to say i also have blink cameras and after the update my blink all worked. So I’m confident I have a bad sync module! Could you try bringing the camera inside/closer to your SM and see if that resolves the issue? To access Live View, tap the Live View icon from your home screen for the camera you would like to view. The satellites have both 2.4ghz and 5ghz and use both. And I could swear that the first camera I bought also had a protective plastic around the sides. a sync module should be capable of handling up to 10 cameras. It did the same to hers. Hello Nick, WiFi 6 Access Points and devices are the future of WiFi. I had tried soft reboots, but did not try a hard boot… when I did, everything worked. Obviously this issue has not been taken care of since the new update. just make sure to do the satellites first. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. There is full bars on the WiFi and Camera Module. Hi all, Does anyone have the Blink XT2 Camera's on the Orbi System? And I love these cameras so far! I had these camera's for months, and about 6 weeks ago, they started having issues connecting to live view; and Blink Support said that its something to do with with the fact that Orib has both 5ghz and 2.4ghz merged and allegedly that's the problem. This works fine, except every night between 2.45 and 6.30am it doesn’t record anything. It does band steering. EDIT: I put some brand new batteries in it, even though the app said the batteries were OK. I work 10 hour days, so I’ll give that a shot this evening… THANKS! If you are only interested in hearing the same thing from the blink employee that manages this online community, see any of the below posts: I’m interested in what everyone has to say and then I compare these suggestions to my own observations.

I do not recall it working even once. I have tried multiple phones… would be nice if I could get the Blink app on the wife’s Kindle as another way to test… This looked like it worked at first… but an hour or so later after updating the passphrase on all my other WiFi devices, I began having the same issues. I've got multiple cameras on mine that are only 2.4ghz. It is very frustrating. Possible compatibility issue? And forget about taking a snapshot, for some reason that’s harder then live view. Could this be a possible issue? I do not recall it working even once. 2. the arris sbg10 is a modem/router combo device. I’m going to try rebooting the cameras tomorrow as someone has suggested elsewhere and I’ll report back. I have the same issue. Intermittently, it will fail to active with motion or will not open for live view. I only tried each camera once. If anyone from Blink is looking in, do you have any thoughts about this?

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