NO REFUND. Splayed feet and weak pasterns area fault. These little dynamos should have typical bulldog tenacity and vigor with added staying power from it’s more refined and re-worked chassis. Also yearly check ups. Some bull breeds have been described as "dogs of velvet & steel". The chest spread, girth, and hindquarters on her is amazing! The Official Breed standard has been carefully laid out by the Bull Breed Coalition and it describes the attributes of a TRUE Shorty. Also, make sure she has access to constant fresh water. Training can take place at this age. up at 8 weeks. Try Ch NSB Maverick, Blue River X-Man, GrCh BrassBullies Elvis, plus the top producing female ever...Blue River Voodoo! Â. Expect hard-muscled, thick-boned, correct Shorties that will draw the judge’s attention in the show ring. If shipping is needed, we will provide this service for an additional fee which will include travel method, crate and health certificate required for shipping.                                  email: Shortys have been worked by some in various working venues such as protection sport, agility, weight pulling and obedience. The chest may be broader than the rear, but narrow hindquarters are a fault. A Shorty shouldn't be confused with another bulldog, but may share some colors from the bully palette. We Deliver and ship our Blue River Shorty Bulls to all 50 states You will not need the electrolytes again unless on hot days, after exercise, or during dehydration. While some of these conditions are hereditary many of them are simply the result of the blue coat coloring. Let it soften then mix it with the milk to a soupy consistency. Make sure you let them swallow at their pace, too fast could force the fluid into their lungs. Feed twice a day now or free feed. BLUE RIVER sets the bar continually with top notch breedings that are planned in advance to promote type and temperament. The drama that comes with any bull breed's development is unlike any other group of dogs it seems, and lines are drawn on all sides...although one camp has solidified itself through hard work and a strong ideal of what the Shorty should be. At this age heavy exercise is not recommended. Thompson Marshall Dillon x Thompson Tanya Tucker  I also supplement Powdered Brewers Yeast (a little over a teaspoon).                         ...Breeding planned for early fall 2014! By our first generation we had another champion in Rocky Mountain Blanca. , Carroll, Ohio 43112 740-756-7387 . Pedigree position 14 . The feeding, exercise, vitamins, training, etc…all remain the same now until around 6 years of age. Continue the Brewers Yeast and now up the Nuvet vitamin to a whole one a day.        Blue River's Situation x Thompson's Belle Star Also always skip a day in between. Shorty Bulls should never be aggressive to humans. 12 weeks feeding and care are still the same. After breeding, the female should go on a high protein diet. Head:  Round head with typical bulldog features. At this time the pup is fully guaranteed. Eyes:  Brown is preferred although eyes may be any colour. Pups are shipped or picked Blue coated dogs of all breeds are more prone to bacterial, viral, staph and fungal infections as well as various forms of dermatitis, allergies, demodex and color mutant alopecia. Laurel NJ BEDMINSTER NJ ENGLEWOOD NJ. 4-5 weeks I do the same thing, except I mix in . This camp is owned and operated by one of the 2 founders of the Shorty and surely the originator of the concept itself... Jaime Sweet of the long standing bull breed kennel known as BLUE RIVER BULLDOGS. Always keep the puppies in a warm and "DRY" area! * If your pup is found in Give a third worming with Nemex X2 6-9 cc's. Just watch what we lead into the showring from this magical match-up!!! Exercise should just be free roam play. More is better. Your vet should know the things you will need to have checked. Feet: Tight feet and straight pasterns are desired. Body: Body should be short from withers to tail. KD Shorty Bulls have done countless hours of research and had lengthy conversations with our vets. Its birth has been explosive and has gained momentum with every breeding. Some registries will piggy-back on the tails of other registries to carry their shows and rely on the forums of others to promote themselves, but the BBC stands alone to ensure the Shorty is its SOLE focus with a qualified team appointed by Jaime Sweet herself. . Not many families of dogs have had the constant re-interpretation the Bull Breeds have had. breeding program that promotes the positive traits of the Shorty Bull At this point start to give them a half of the Nuvet vitamin daily! Mange   IF   it is life threatening with a dog of equal value. Huge gratitude goes to Jamie Sweet of Blue River Bullies for granting this opportunity to breed to her amazing stud, Blue River Sitty! We could have the whole package in one dog, athletic, energetic, healthy, happy & loves kids, at 40lbs or less. 1 ½ years your dog is now out of the puppy stage! There's fire in the belly of every Shorty BLUE RIVER builds.

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