* Various bugfixes. In 1.0e11, this was changed. * The Maw 1D = 1,000U = One Duodecillion I have heared that ppl like to invest lets say 0-2 levels on Borb because instead of increasing the max reward even more you can invest into making the runs last longer (= more primals with max reward).

* Xavira The minimum number of monsters required to kill to complete a zone is 2. Actually Borb is literally useless untill you hit the "max transcendent primal soul reward" while beating primals. If you need further support please contact us. * Auto Clickers now provide exponentially more Nogardnit bonus per additional unused Auto Clicker. * +1 monster required per zone Early game, Borb is not leveled very high. It's the maximum amount of HS you can get from Transcendent Power from a single primal boss. If you need further help, please contact us for assistance. * The xMAX hero leveling modifier now levels an even 10000 levels (changed from 9999).

* V+Click leveling now supports a decimal place on the number's base (i.e. Borb was added to the game in Patch 1.0, and originally increased the maximum transcendent primal reward.

* There is no longer a maximum transcendent soul reward Hate ads on your game page?

Ruby Shop: Miscellaneous Achievements: What excatly does 'maximum transcendent primal soul reward' mean?


* Activating a skill while it is still active will now extend the energized state in addition to resetting the duration.

* New Item: Spiked Nog * Yachiyl, the Primordial Soul * Reduces the frequency of HZE updates are sent to the clan server Ancients: For issues and suggestions, please contact clickerheroes@playsaurus.com, Legend of Large Numbers 1@ = 1,000! * Borb now grows at a rate of 12.5% per level (up from 10%).

Clicker Heroes is an idle game made by Playsaurus, the developers of Cloudstone, a popular MMORPG.Some features include an Export/Import feature, mute, option for lower quality, manual and auto saving, offline progression, hard reset, achievements, statistics, a skill bar, 45 heroes, and the ability to donate for perks. * Maximum Transcendent Power is now 25% Zone Scaling: Wonder no more! After you hit the max reward every primal after that will give the same amount of +HS (on top of the normal HS reward). = 1,000D = One Tredecillion Bugfixes: 1.1e10). * Fixes an issue preventing Click Combo from continuing to grow.

Omeet gave me 1 HS, and now, at 105 I get +20 HS from TP. Heroes: * New Heroes! * Timelapse now has a minimum gold reward of an average monster farmed at highest zone this ascension. Ever wondered what one quadrillion damage per second feels like? * Adds a button to summon all remaining ancients if you can afford the Hero Soul cost * New Item: Label Maker

Borb increases the effectiveness of Kumawakamaru. * Adds text to the Ancient tooltip describing the 'V' modifier which can be used to enter a custom ancient level quantity. * Adds an option to toggle the 'Entering Zone' text.

Past the transcension to one million, and every transcension after that, Borb levels skyrocket, to make sure you have 2 monsters per zone for your entire run. Kumawakamaru reduces monsters required to kill per non-boss zone. * 8 Hours - Cost 10 Rubies (down from 20) * -2% primal boss chance (minimum 5% primal boss chance)

* Partial monsters per zone are counted as a chance of an additional monster. Each of the outsiders that buffs an ancient is holding one of the platonic solids. Gives +% Gold from Golden Clicks

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