She was a rescue from the humane society. He has an evil look in his eyes and I don't trust him. They come from working parents their father is pure bred border collie, while mom is 3/4 bor... Border Heeler (Border Collie / Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler) puppies for sale and adoption near me in United States. She is still young and I am very excited to see how she continues to develop as she grows and continues her training. This is a hybrid whose energy levels are high as contributed from both breed parents. Negan is very energetic!

He is extremely intelligent. Loves to go on walks can even walk him without a leash. He's also extremely aggressive with the neighbors' dogs, so that's been great. We have only had Adrian a week, and it's no lie that this breed is incredibly trainable. Their popularity in canine sports is rising, so it’s perfect active owners who enjoy having their dog compete. We just fenced in our back yard (a must) and it has saved us a lot of headache. She's located in Redmond Washington. A little scared of other dogs but were working on that.

Tip is a sweet chill and calm Border Heeler. She learns commands within 3 tries typically as long as there's a treat involved. She is a super affectionate dog. Loves to cuddle but won't sleep in a bed. Most canine breeds require regular and routine dental examinations and teeth cleaning to prevent periodontal disease and tooth loss. Snout and muzzle will be strong and of medium length with tight lips and scissors bite with powerful, well-developed jaws. I always wanted one and now I got one and it is super nice and extremely exciting to watch them grow up and play. Making me bleed on a daily. We just love him and would consider getting another border heeler as a friend for him in the future. They will be coming with th... Border Heeler puppies ready for their new home. She is friendly with other dogs and people. All in all she’s a very sweet, loyal, goof ball and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Odin is very loyal. This is my first one.

When we met him in person we realized quickly he was a border heeled as his personality and physical characteristics were clearly a combination of the two breeds. Tessa is super energetic and smart. He does dig when he’s alone or he use to chew on the same ottoman but has stopped that. Our Mazey is a loving little puppy but she can be very protective which causes her to growl and bark at strangers, even from inside the car.

I absolutely love the mix, Bowen was the first dog i’ve ever owned on my own and he’s the absolute best, his energy is what draws me to him. She is well behaved with my young nephew (5y/o) and will listen to commands from him. Very loyal, very protective. We got Jax from a shelter when he was about 10 months old. Male doodle mix. And he's learning tricks even now. Franco is easily the smartest dog I've had so far. In an effort to develop a breed which would be focused and “no nonsense” in their work ethic, they began to breed those collie-type breeds with their natural dingo. For the cost of a Border Heeler puppy, expect to pay a price of $500 to $800 on average. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." Any dog of this breed family needs LOTS of exercise and LOTS of little jobs. Loved my Border collie mix who passed away, this guy, not so much. Our Rosie is a wonderful dog! I’ve tried combating the excessive nipping with a spray bottle of diluted vinegar and it has worked pretty well. She has a habit of scratching me when we are playing. His personality is hilarious. She is learning to trust us and wants pets 24/7. Feet can be round with short toes, well arched and close together with hard, deep pads and short, strong nails or may be compact, oval in shape with strong, deep pads and moderately arched toes which are close together and have moderately long strong nails. The Australian Cattle Dog can be traced back to the early 1800’s when Australian ranchers began to mix various Collie-type breeds with the native dingo in an attempt to get a breed of dog with a no nonsense approach to herding and protecting their livestock. He loves to play, very excited all the time. She started being protective 4 months old ( growling at strangers that approached the car. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." Picked from a litter of 9 because she was the largest, quietest pup. My Border Heeler is the best dog I have ever dreamed I wanted. She has bad back legs/back already at 2 so we can't take her to the park or on walks but she's the happiest friendliest dog I've owned. He has to take anti-seizure meds twice a day as a result. More independent and less velcro-like than our cattle dog, Duke is exploratory and adventurous yet quick to return to our side when beckoned. The only downside is he got the unfortunate Gene from the Border Collie side. Knows how to stay.

Your Border Heeler will be good with kids and relatively good with strangers and other dogs and cats. She has signs of rough treatment, emotionally none physical. What resulted is a highly energetic, extremely alert and focused dog who is both intelligent and loyal. They are also very intelligent, alert, loyal and protective. Will be up for anything. We love mia,11,she is definitely an escape artist, but always goes from the back yard to the front door and barks

Moo is the sweetest dog very affectionate in the morning. Border Collie & Poodle mix (AKA Bordoodle) Formerly known as Borderdoodle, this Poodle-Border Collie cross is one of the most obedient hybrids. And loves to be loved. Maybe she just wasn’t used to being so socialized before? I got her to eat and finally after talking to her for awhile got her in my van. Easy to train was able to sit lay down and speak at 3 months. As a younger pup would cry if I was out of sight. Doesn’t like to sleep at bed time. For her being only a year old she has been an amazing pup. I dont live with my horses so I was a little nervous about getting this kind of dog in the city but if you are active enough and get them working they are the best dogs ever. Your Border Heeler comes from a rich history of herding and working dog ancestry. Maze is a great girl! She is a little wary of strangers at first but after a couple of minutes she's your best friend. And...we call him the Silver Bullet because he runs like a greyhound. An interesting mix for sure, with quirks, strengths and challenges from both breeds! He learns tricks pretty quickly but doesn’t listen to commands every time.

Lots of energy, but able to shut down and curl up for cuddles. I went home, got food and when she stood up I could see she was really thin. Heeled our mules and nips at kids clothing. Bella has been nothing but fun and she is quite funny. He is a high energy canine which has been bred to work hard and help his masters, so it would be a good idea to allow him to help you in your daily activities as much as possible. I already have 2 Australian Shepherds. I weigh 98lbs & she strong for me. Very loving and is very intelligent. Rescued him from a bad situation, but I think that he may be part demon. Very obedient. I interact her with everything I do that’s possible. She will play goalie when the kids are playing soccer and loves jumping on the trampoline with them. Very, very smart, sometimes stubborn but quick to learn. The appearance of the Border Heeler can reflect the traits contributed to the bio gene pool from either or both of the parent breeds. I hear it at night if someone is outside that shouldn't be as well. She house trained very quickly and has always been very affectionate with my boys.

After her winter coat she's pretty slick all year. But not a dog to man-handle around. Keep this breed busy because if you don't, they will pester you until you play. Such loveable dogs!
He has caused nothing but problems. Adopted Abby just shy of 1 year old. She loves to be with me at all times, helping with laundry or whatever I’m doing at the time.

This is not a dog who can be submitted to the confines of apartment living. Attachde gunman on command. The intelligence level which is contributed by both parent breeds is nothing short of amazing and, having said that, it is important to note that this hybrid will need to be kept mentally as well as physically challenged to prevent boredom and the unacceptable behaviors which can accompany that condition. She loves the shade over the heat. Skulls are strong and in proportion to the rest of the body. That loves to play and chase down squirrels (sometimes killing) but also loves to lay in your lap and get kisses. He watches everything and learns very fast. He loves going anywhere I go and at the dog parks, he socializes with the humans almost as much as the other dogs! Don’t be surprised if he “herds” the kids, other animals in your household or even in the neighborhood.

She’s relatively quiet... not an obnoxious barker... thank goodness.... can take her just about anywhere... except for the dog park episodes towards certain dogs... she’s a true delight, a wonderful companion and perfect !! Obsessed with balls and sticks! Petfinder currently includes pets and adoption organizations from the regions listed above. My kids and I got her when she was 10 weeks old.

The Border Collie breed can be traced back to the first century, when the invading Romans brought their larger shepherd breeds into England which were later bred with the spitz-type breeds brought by the Vikings. As with most canine breeds, attention to proper examination and cleaning of the ears to prevent ear infections and regular eye examinations to assess and monitor the variety of eye problems which afflicts the parent breeds. he is amazing. No luck. He listens well and is eager to please. I adopted Indy from my local shelter knowing nothing about her or her breed! We call him Hank, but it should be A-Hole. Chew toys were a necessity... just ask our living room pillows! He is being trained to be a service dog for my son with severe autism, who is a runner and has no sense of danger, Cool calm collected dog that is easily trainable. Sometimes a pain in the butt but I love her!!
We were able to rescue her and she is the best thing that has happened to us. Most seem to inherit the speckling or mottling in blue or red from the Australian Cattle Dog parent and a combination type of coat from the Border Collie parent. They keep the herding atmosphere alive. Got him from a farm. We have some cutie, beautiful four females border collie / blue heeler puppies left. She learns tricks in minutes and it sticks pretty well and actually for the most part she is pretty lazy. And he’s loyal as heck, and a total lovebug. We rescued our Border Heeler and he has been nothing short of amazing. I'm so glad he found us. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. The complements I get about her makes me happy. Woof! Took her roughly 2-3 weeks of fetch training for her to become proficient at it. Be first in the know about all the latest in RSPCA news. I realized she was lost.

He has already learned to sit, lay and roll with some guidance and walks on a leash perfectly. Please click OK below and a new tab will open where you can sponsor a pet’s care. She didn't take to fetch right away, but now that she's learned it she's obsessed. This breed, too, boasts a coat which is both water and weather resistant. Beware of her bark though, it’s high pitched and frequent...we’re working on it! She loves getting up to watch thunder storms in the middle of the night. But I trained her VERY early on to never bite. They never leave each other sight.

When to get up and when to stay down.

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