Add to Cart. Just hit the pizza button and it will ask how many slices and adjust the time accordingly. The microwave does get hot fast. Quiet operation, Large Display. It even tells you if that temperature is considered reheat or soften or defrost as a guide.

If I would have known I would have bought amd different brand of apliances that carry an actual built in micrwave but now im stuck. Premium appliances deserve a premium trim kit. Got this for the office. User rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars with 124 reviews.

We have documented all of the concerns you have mentioned, for review by our managers and engineers. Kit was of good quality, just didn't fit. When preparing burgers, the smart defrost button came in handy and the hamburger meat defrosted quite well. I am very happy with this powerful smart microwave.

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. - Versatile design, to be used either flush-to-cabinet or surface mount.

So far everything with one exception has cooked well and even better than in my old microwave.

Site Map, We're available on phone and Live chat Monday - Friday from 8AM - 4:30PM PT.

The flatbed design eliminates the need for a turntable, … So why not get the microwave off the counter and into a more convenient space?

- High quality Stainless Steel construction. Add to Cart.

The Power Smoothing Inverter automatically adjusts power intensity and delivers smooth power for deliciously even results. It does have several shortcuts for different cooking programs which is helpful. Very nice! Compact microwave that’s big on convenience. Whether you’re after a microwave or microwave oven that is small in size, but big on convenience or one that does it all, Breville’s range will suit any need. Defrosting meats properly without cooking them was one of the features that most interested me in this microwave oven, I previously had a very expensive convection/microwave w/inverter tech; that could not defrost a product with any accuracy. I found this microwave to be a bit complicated as there are 2 knobs that you turn for different things.

One knob changes the temperature from 10% to 100%. The trim kit is compatible with select countertop microwaves, check your microwave … Its streamlined design gives it a modern look.

Discover the right trim kit for your microwave oven from top brands. The digital display is large enough to see the status from across the room, and I appreciate that it changes color based on the status. Kit... 27 in.

The outside looks nice but seems to be made of a thin material and I am worried how long it will be before it get s dented or dinged.

Since it's smart sensing, I tried it to see if it adjusts to the difference. I tossed in some delicious chicken and shrimp Alfredo that I wanted to reheat, but just tapped the SmartReheat feature and let it do it’s thing. Not cooked and rubbery around the edges like I'm use to. The inside is very nice looking spacious. I'd rather have a few (and I mean a few) unpopped kernels than have any burnt taste, and I'm sure we've all gone that extra 10s to get the last kernel to pop only to lift out the bag and see it's burnt on the bottom, an you know it also burnt inside :-( I select the popcorn from the food type menu (top of list) , place the bag on the center of the turntable and and tell it is a 6.8 oz bag (much larger than the 3.2 oz default); About 3.5minutes later it chirps that's it done (btw you can choose the tones used), I open the door, lots of steam escapes, I carefully remove the hot bag, shaking it, a last kernel pops, and I don't hear the rattle of uncooked kernels, and the bottom of the bag is just barely turning brown. The menu on the screen is hard for my old eyes to read, the fast buttons inside the door are also too small for me to see without putting my eyeglasses on. Free-up counter space.

Side buttons allow for quick selection of commonly used items. Sharp - Microwave Oven Trim Kit for Carousel SMC1585BS Microwave - Stainless steel.

They felt it made a nice addition to the kitchen. Why does your list of specifications say that this microwave does not have sensor heating but in the description it says that the microwave has sensor IQ technology? Thank you, Whirlpool® Social Care, Compatible with select countertop microwaves which gives the microwave oven an integrated look (sold separately), Recommended for select Whirlpool and KitchenAid brand countertop microwaves; please see your model's use and care manual to ensure compatibility, Includes all hardware needed for standard installation, Hide fingerprints and smudges with steel that easily wipes clean.
I have reheated many leftover items including pizza and the results have been perfect. When finished 5 kernels didn't pop (one of those tried). I also miss having the time of day lit up on my microwave for a quick check of the time as I pass. Can you adjust the weight for the popcorn setting ? Voir les détails, Clientes internacionales pueden comparer en y enviar sus pedidos a cualquier domicilio o tienda en EE.

Using the Smart Sense popcorn setting has only one option for the size of a popcorn bag, 3.2 oz. It has multiple humidity/moisture sensors that measure the steam/heat released by the cooking/headed product to determine level of doneness and/or temperature. If your kitchen features a built-in microwave, which is already slotted into the cabinetry, look for a trim kit that matches the finish, size, and brand of your built-in microwave. And a lot of easy to use features like smart cook, smart reheat and smart defrost taking the guess work out of cooking. Looking for a Microwave, that is simple to use?

Have cooked soups, warm drinks, and reheated leftovers. Looks expensive.

It didn't cook the steak at all just did what I asked it to by defrosting it.

 |  How long is the power cord and where on the back of the microwave is it attached? I pour it out into a bowl, it smells great, and looks good, I add some sea salt and did in. EuroTrim™ premium microwave trim panels feature: - Unique, patent pending StopPads™, for fast, accurate, and secure positioning of the microwave.

By default it went to 3.2 oz, I'm guessing that's a full bag and I only use the single serve bags weighing in at 1.5 oz.

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