YOU ALL DO SUCH WONDERFUL WORK. About a year ago, officials at the Bronx Zoo assembled a second troop consisting of a male silverback and four females. One of the most popular animals in the Congo Gorilla Forest exhibit at WCS’s Bronx Zoo is Ernie, the 36-year-old western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Of course there are plenty of men who behave like elephants. ©2020 Wildlife Conservation Society, 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, New York 10460. He has since sired four additional offspring, and they currently all live in a family troop. Was Ernie born in the zoo? The male gorilla will protect the troop if it is threatened, and because female gorillas will leave if they are unhappy, Ernie has an incentive to behave himself.

Whether it is love or hormones, most visitors to the zoo’s Congo Gorilla Forest do not have a clue how many conference calls, committee meetings, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations it takes to produce a healthy relationship between two gorillas. Ernie came to the Bronx Zoo in 2010 on a breeding recommendation from the Knoxville Zoo. Born in the Oklahoma City Zoo, he lived in Colorado Springs and Knoxville, Tenn., before arriving in the Bronx on May 25, 2010, shipped in a large crate via FedEx overnight express. But does Ernie love the five adult female gorillas in his troop? If you've been to Congo Gorilla Forest recently, chances are you've seen Ernie. EDITOR’S NOTE: September 24 is World Gorilla Day. Because gorillas live in troops, it is not just a matter of a male gorilla’s bonding with a particular female. Two radiated turtles touched noses, but that was all. The largest and most impressive western lowland gorilla living at the Wildlife Conservation Society ’ s Bronx Zoo is Ernie, the 35-year-old silverback. HE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. Looking for love in New York is not for the meek. It helps me visit with the animals all the way in MA. “The female is receptive for four days every four years,” Mr. Safina says. A gorilla’s personality, sexual experience and behavioral patterns are also factored in. You guys are amazing! Ernie is the largest gorilla and primate residing at the zoo. When zookeepers describe Ernie, they use words like “cautious,” “gentle,” “patient” and “excellent father.”.

Lions and elephants make male gorillas look like family men. He spends most of his days lounging in large nests and playing with his five offspring. The series takes viewers behind the scenes at the Bronx Zoo and the other WCS wildlife parks in New York City to tell powerful, compelling stories of animals and their care givers, and the zoos’ contribution to conserving wildlife around the globe.

Ernie, whose stud registry number is 808, was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo on Dec. 7, 1982, to Moemba, No.

“You wouldn’t want to introduce a sexually naïve male that hasn’t had a lot of experience with courtship behavior.” (The human equivalent would be trying to match up an Eagle Scout with Madonna.). As you may have seen on this week's episode of THE ZOO, Bronx Zoo keepers, in conjunction with the veterinary team, practice daily ultrasound training with Ernie to monitor his heart. I live in MA but have family in Long Island.

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