This term is given to reptiles whose scales have a ridge down the center, giving a rough appearance. The amount and strength of the venom differs based on factors such as the viper’s age, geographic region, and even the weather. Depending on the season the snake may be found at varying altitudes. Bites from Hairy Bush Vipers cause at the least severe pain and blood clotting problems.

It’s actually one of the most unique snakes in the world, given it’s ‘hairy’ look.

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However, after delivery, the female viper abandons the offspring immediately. is dedicated to offering you fantastic resources about this exquisite reptile, Atheris, or normally known as the beautiful Bush Viper snake. To attract prey the snake will sometimes use its colored scales on the tail to lure in unknowing critters. It has a yellowish-greenish coloration which helps in its camouflage in its habitats. Besides being an agile climber, the African bush viper is also able to maneuver itself with stealth on the ground.

The complete mating cycle of the reptile is not known but one feature is known, these vipers are seasonally monogamous. These snakes are usually a solitary species that spend most of their time away from other habitation. As for their family description spiny vipers are part of the Atheris family too. To learn more about this behavioral advertising practice or to opt-out of this type of advertising, please visit If you’re considering buying one of these as a pet, be warned.

Not much is known about the venom as the vipers live in such remote areas where people rarely visit. Even the spacing between the eyes is separated by 6-9 scales.

Atheris are very good at climbing and can easily climb up at a higher point. This species is available in South Africa. Females do not mate until they are nearly 3-4 years old but males start to mate after 24 months. Photograph taken in Cameroon. If cornered or threatened, it will assume a strike position with the upper part of its body extended above ground. A lot of their species are now isolated and have become fragmented in their distribution because they are able to live properly only in rain forests or areas that have a similar climate. Different Bush Viper Species This allows it not only to hide but also to surprise its potential prey. Common names include rough-scaled bush viper, spiny bush viper, hairy bush viper, and more.

The African Bush viper (Atheris hispida) is a venomous reptile species located in East and Central Africa. The females tend to be slimmer and a few inches longer. Unlike other vipers, the eyes are oval, large, and surrounded by at least a dozen circumorbital scales. Atheris hispida or bush viper venom, are found mostly in tropical forests and in areas with dark vegetation mostly in areas with abundant of small rodents and prey. This makes the head of this viper look distinctly different from the neck. The bush viper is the only member of the viper family that makes its home entirely in trees. The venom of the Brazilian lancehead viper was once used on arrowheads. "Snakebites are a major health concern worldwide, with 2.7 million cases each year," commented Dr Chris Carbone of the Institute of Zoology in the Zoological Society of London. Copyright (C) 2019 All Rights Reserved, Super Hypo White and Yellow Leopard Gecko, How to Avoid Gut Impaction in Leopard Geckos. Most specimens in for sale are wild caught. However, the venom does have a neurotoxic effect, causing internal organs to hemorrhage. Also, one thing that is quite noticeable in the location of the eyes on the snake is the fact that, The scales on the body of these types of snakes are keeled, which makes them. Reports indicate that most vipers will live in between 10-12 years but because of predation and disease, most have a shorter life span. No subspecies are currently recognized. African viper species 6. The prime reason for the decrease in numbers includes urbanization, deforestation, and human killings. ... Snakes are infamous for possessing potent venoms, a fact that makes them deadly predators and also strikes fear into humans and other animals alike. In the scientific world, they rank as Genus. The snake overall is not a threat to humans as it does not venture out of its rural habitat. West African Bush Viper. The African Bush viper habitat is in Central and East Africa; namely the southern part of Uganda, northern and eastern Congo, Western Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and Northern Tanzania.

Because of its lethality, there is an antivenom available in some African hospitals. …and many more facts about bush vipers below. They are found only in tropical subsaharan Africa (excluding southern Africa) and many species have isolated and fragmented distributions due to their confinement to rain forests.

The snake is a versatile tree climber and it often hangs from the tree branches and vines, waiting for prey to pass by. "Understanding how venom evolves may help us better identify the risks to humans from different snake groups, and also potentially from other venomous animals such as spiders, scorpions, centipedes and jellyfish.". Hairy Bush vipers feed on mammals and frogs. While extensive studies on its venom have not been done, some studies indicate that the venom is primarily neurotoxic- meaning it damages the nerves. Happy Serpent is not a medical resource. The documentation of the African bush viper lifespan is poor. Dr Healy added: "The next step is to see how well this model may predict the potency of venoms in groups that have yet to have their venoms tested. However, as the snake matures, the coloration of the scales becomes more uniform, and luring prey via this method does not work. The scientific name of these snakes is Atheris.Here is a look at some of the different species that are found around the world: 1. The potency of the venom does vary a great deal dependent on where the species is located, its size, weather, and altitude. The African Bush viper is a nocturnal reptile. As the snakes age, the pigmentation of their scales becomes even and might change totally in some cases. But, don’t be fooled by it’s cuteness and smallness. After mating, the female will keep the fertilized eggs inside her body.
The cages should be built tall, spacious for the bush viper venom to display their natural habitats. Variable venom -- why are some snakes deadlier than others? reptiles4all / iStock / Getty Images Plus Habitat and Distribution .

From location, diet, to 8 stunning photos of the Hairy bush viper, we’ve covered it all. The courtship is a nocturnal activity.

Hairy Bush Vipers live in rain forest, woodlands and around swamps. The venom paralyzes and kills quickly, but it’s definitely not a pleasant death for the unfortunate victims. Common names: Usambara bush viper, horned bush viper, eyelash bush viper, more.. Atheris ceratophora is a venomous viper species endemic to a few mountain ranges in Tanzania.This used to be the only horned, arboreal viper known from Africa, until the discovery in 2011 of Atheris matildae, also found in Tanzania. Usumbara Bush […]

When preparing to strike, the viper wraps the end of its tail around a branch to anchor itself, then thrusts the front half of its body in a lightning-quick strike. We’ve perused through all the research just for YOU: the confused, hopeful Bush Viper enthusiast who wants a fantastic space online to learn more about this peculiar creature! The green variety is a type of African viper, and is also known as the Atheris squamigera. For the most part, the African bush viper is a solitary animal except during mating. He was bitten by a saw-scaled viper.The boy’s hand swelled up and his skin turned white.

After reproduction, the viper gives birth to young ones called ovoviviparous. The bush viper venom has long, and hollow fangs, that are supplied with venom by a gland located on the upper jaw, between the eyes and mouth. The head is triangular and its eyes are large and oval, which makes it easier for the snake to see in the thick dense forest. The snake is usually not aggressive, but will stand its ground when threatened. Mostly because it’s so unique looking. These species of snakes are extremely venomous, and while they usually do not come forward to attack, unless they are hunting, they can easily strike their venom if they come in close proximity to humans.

The bush viper venom scientifically known as Atheris hispida is a snake.

Because they are excellent climbers, they can often be found at heights between 2,900 and 7,800 feet. So, if you see one in the wild or in captivity, don’t get too close. Unfortunately, these snakes are common among the exotic, and sometimes black market pet trade. It's Time To Stop Pretending Polls Are Scientific, Microgaster Godzilla: New Species Of Wasp Dives Underwater To Attack A Caterpillar Host (Video), Fossil Fuel Divestment Has Been An Environmental Placebo - Low Carbon Investment Could Take Its Place, Get Chills When You Hear Music You Like? The reptile will grow to a length of about 24-36 inches with the females slightly longer by a few inches compared to the males. Some of them feeds on birds ,and small reptiles.

Atheris hispida is a venomous viper species endemic to Central Africa.It is known for its extremely keeled dorsal scales that give it a bristly appearance.

Spiny bush vipers are often green or brownish in color; there are brightly colored ones but they are rarely found in the wild. West African Bush Viper An attractive viper from tropical West Africa. The habitat of spiny bush vipers includes rainforests, woodlands, and swamps.

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