Sometimes, all it takes is a shoulder tap to get guests going. Furthermore, Scream-a-geddon … They learn how to touch guests with enough force to scare them, but enough restraint to keep them safe. "So I get to see people's reactions to it, too," she said. No. We do not allow foul language, touching, fighting, weapons of any kind, drugs or other unacceptable and illegal behavior. The spooked-out guests at the Scream-A-Geddon horror park got a good look at the scarer now standing on their table. NOTE: SUPER VIP “Fast Pass” customers must bring their credit card and ID to the box office on the night of the event to pick up their tickets. This works great for setting up jump scares and surprise characters. Carrying babies through our haunted house attractions is NOT recommended. We also offer group discounts for groups of 15 victims or more. Do I need to sign a waiver to ride Zombie Paintball Assault? Website:

The event ran really smoothly and the haunts that we managed to experience were of a very high quality. All of our attractions have strobe lights. The General Admission ticket gives you unlimited General Admission access to all of our attractions throughout the night (Note: Food, drinks and other services in the Monster Midway, including Zombie Paintball Assault, are not included). But she'd learned some tricks after more than a month on the job.

That short amount of isolation creates the illusion that your group is the only one in the danger zone, an underwear-soiling situation when surrounded by a zombie horde. Yes. Yes. Please visit our group sales page for more information.

Additionally, we do not allow admission into our facility or attractions if you are intoxicated. Long story short, a few mishaps with taxis (one cancelling on us fifteen minutes after accepting our fare) meant that we arrived at ‘Scream-A-Geddon’ later than expected. Yes. Visit our Hours Page for exact dates and hours. Understood. Known hazards include dark passages, uneven terrain, steep terrain, sudden/startling scares, falling props and other hidden hazards that may cause injury, death or other physical or mental harm. If you have any of these conditions, we highly recommend you refrain from visiting SCREAM-A-GEDDON.

For each of the past three seasons, Reedy has headed to this 60-acre field 10 miles east of Dade City, one of more than 200 performers at the park. I’ve been to both and Scream a Geddon wasn’t bad for the price and I really enjoyed the ones where they could touch you but idk what their plan is with Covid either.

Patients Living With An Incurable Blood Cancer Have A New Option, Dark Web Bust: 2 Arrested And 16,000 Pills, $143K & Firearms Seized, Georgia Court Says Man Owes Delta Air Lines $1M By Jan. 27, 2021, Operation Dead Ringer: 13 Floridians Charged In Dead Beneficiary Scam, No Contest: Grady Judd Will Be Polk County Sheriff 4 More Years, Recently Released Florida Man Indicted For Third Federal Drug Charge, Florida Man Bit Elderly Man's Ear, Attempted To Stab Him With Broken Glass, COVID Relief Scam: Florida Man Collects $1.9M, Buys Benz, Ford & Kept $100k Cash, Says Officials. Both of the indoor haunted attractions are wheelchair accessible, but the terrain leading to and from the indoor haunted attractions is outdoors and uneven in sections. So there’s a lot of space outdoors, even a lot of the haunted houses that are ‘indoors’, a lot of the sections are still outdoors. Park officials with SCREAM-A-GEDDON in Pasco County have figured out a way to give you the horrifically haunted time you’ve been waiting for – safely. Ticket transfers are subject to a $5 per ticket transfer fee, as well as any price difference between the original amount paid and the price for the same ticket type on the new day of attendance. There's little time for drama in an HHN house beyond a character shrieking brief instructions at you. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Monster Midway is also located outdoors and has sections of uneven terrain. It is a crazy, crazy time. Without a doubt, their inclusion of full contact mazes. It’s probably the most in depth house we’ve ever done.”. It's partly for intimidation, but it's also a cue to the performers next door. Not her blue-and-red contact lenses, though.

Inherent risks of agritourism activities include, among others, risks of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals, as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury, death, damage, or loss.

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