They only appear in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw. He is 36 years old in the first book and he is interested in U.S. history, and his replica of a Civil War battlefield is a plot point in the series. Arthur is the brother of Reba, Grandpa, and Loretta Heffley.[7]. He is characterized by his short stature. He has had so many weddings that Greg's family does not need to use a growth chart. A minor character, she earns a prominent role in The Last Straw as the object of Greg's most recent infatuation. Aunt Audra is one of Susan's sisters. Mr. Gupta is not impressed, but Chirag accepts the apology and forgives Greg.

Malvin and Malcolm are Gretchen's two sons. She believes in crystal balls and took Greg along with her to see her fortuneteller a few times. When she found this out, she did not care. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a 4-6 career record against San Francisco, one he hopes to better when the teams meet Thursday. First appearing in The Last Straw, The Snellas are a family that lives in the Heffleys' neighborhood. He will then sniff his rear end until he goes to sleep. By the end of the film adaptation of Rodrick Rules, he is much closer to Greg, and his actions to him become much less aggressive. Greg hates Watercress Salad, and Rodrick is aware of this, so he pretends that Greg loves it and puts a large helping onto his plate. In the novel Rodrick Rules, he was voted "Most Likely to Be a Rock Star" which influenced Rodrick to persuade him to join the band. They all call Frank "Aunt Fwank.". He once got hold of Frank's shaving kit and shaved himself.

She seems to have a very small knowledge of kid's Rodrick and Greg's age and constantly humiliates and ignores them. Frank Heffley strongly dislikes Bill because he disapproves of his lifestyle, and is afraid Rodrick will follow in his footsteps. Mr. Jefferson is Rowley's father and is far more shrill than Mr. Heffley. One of the statements which were not confirmed by Greg was when Albert told him that "it was medically impossible for a girl to fart". As China reports low numbers of new coronavirus cases, it’s shutting its borders to countries still struggling with outbreaks. Despite this, Mrs. Jefferson always enjoys Greg's company with Rowley. Albert has appeared in The Last Straw, The Ugly Truth, Old School, Double Down, The Meltdown, and Wrecking Ball. [7] Albert Sandy is a minor character, who talks often about rumors he has heard. Rowley has what Greg considers strange interests for his age and gender, such as liking a singer for "six-year-old girls" named Joshie and action figures Greg believes are for younger kids.
She is overweight and sometimes passes gas loudly. Rowley Jefferson is Greg's best friend. Greg is presented with a rather luxurious blanket as a Christmas gift, only to be repelled by it upon learning that it had formerly belonged to Great Uncle Bruce before his death. It has been mentioned that Fregley is prohibited from eating sugar by his parents, and the consumption of it in large quantities will send him into hysterical, uncontrollable frenzies. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Greg accidentally bites Dr. Kagan's finger when his teeth are being checked. Susan thinks Audra is wasting her money. She also seems to have a passion for bingo and knitting. When Greg was sitting on the toilet playing games on his new phone (which was actually a hand-me-down from his mother), she accidentally started a video chat with him.

In Rodrick Rules, Scotty was going to do a magic act in the Talent Show with Rowley as his assistant. Grandpa has a girlfriend named Darlene in the Hard Luck and broke up with her in Old School. However, despite Rowley's opinion, Joshie appears to be a singer that is mainly idolized by females. She gets along with Rowley, but starts a rocky relationship with Greg after he egotistically declines her offer to join the school newspaper. When someone in the family is about 12 or 13 years old she gives them The Talk, which is about how kids should not be hurrying to grow up. ", the team takes a picture of Tyson's bent arm, which gets them disqualified as the chaperones think the picture is of his buttocks.

In the film adaptations of the books, Fregley is played by Grayson Russell. She got a thank you note for some pants she gave Greg at Christmas. He also mentions that Joe's dog, Killer ate most of his birthday cake. It is also likely Manny knows his parent's favoritism towards him and he often takes advantage of it like making money out of the no swearing rule, breaking Greg's items and getting away with it, never getting in trouble for his actions and often passing the blame towards Greg or Rodrick, etc.
Gammie is the mother of Grandpa, Arthur, Reba, and Loretta Heffley. When Greg jumps, he loses his swimsuit on the board, and Taylor chucks it onto a nearby fence to get back at Greg for brushing her off. Gupta is also working as Executive (Production) at Umang Dairies Ltd (JK Organization). However, his fears are quickly eased after the story becomes distorted to Greg's advantage due to it being passed around by so many people, temporarily boosting his popularity. This results in Frank angrily making them leave. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, It is also shown that Mr. Jefferson had a close bond with Rowley. Sweetie wreaks havoc in the Heffley household and is given to Gramma at the end of the book. He had a minor childhood rivalry with Frank, that they appear to have gotten over as adults. In the movie version of Rodrick Rules, he is portrayed by Fran Kranz and is an antagonist. Chirag Gupta cofounded Deyor Camps with his partners Himanshu Agarwal and Gautam Yadav to meet the demands of the fragmented adventure travel market in India.

How they died, how old they were at the time of death, their birthday, age and much more!

They are out-of-control kids.

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