the server will run like a player dedi so it’s locked to a gamertag, no clusters, and fewer ini file options. red when we cant green when we can.. its not that hard fellas..

"join button" is greyed out in multiplayer. I've seen this, too: among other things my character has a distant cousin in France (I've sown dynasts all over the place in the 240-odd years this game has been active), the Duc d'Poitou at the time. All correct NO mods sorry didn't mean to get your hopes up! So my fellow catholics had all kind of wars against them and i joined all kind of them, revolts against them, holy wars against them etc. I cannot join her game since it'll say she's playing "A different game than the one I am currently playing", tho it shows only CK2. but the server auto-reboots so it doesn’t affect the host in any way.

Should we be contacting Microsoft about the join game issue? I cannot hear my friends or Host/Join Online games. A week ago I wouldn't have said that.

I've been hosting a dedicated server for a couple weeks now and I'm trying to leave it on so friends can play when I'm not on. NAT is open. Do you mean that even after the first war ended, you couldn't join another?
On day 1 my friend tried joining and he just got the grey "join game" but day 5 he decided to try again and this time he could get in. Have the graphics improved ie quality/ render?

All rights reserved. Odd thing though, it has happened in the past and some people can join- but for others it is greyed out (although this is infrequent).

I have now, however, unchecked the join over platforms box.... its a mystery? But have no idea how that works. upload to an obelisk then use the nitrado xbox app web access to change the map and restart the server then everyone joining the server loads into new map. You can only offer to join one war at a time for the same character. My friend is having the issues above. Can't be the internet as that bounces the game back to home and or start screen. Jun 7, 2016 @ 6:19am I was able to get mine working by disabling all my mods. I'm having a BETTER game play experience than I did when my server was in the next room... and having access to ALL the config options (sans mods) finally is a dream come true (Easter event anyone? Have you checked your network connection on the Xbox? I did have a small problem getting my server started but they had it fixed and running in about 24hrs and gave me 2 days extra run time. Really have no idea why it keeps happening- but sometimes it can happen twice a day. The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. To the best of my memory it seemed to start about a month after Rag was released- can't remember it ever happening before that? Any ideas? As this is an old thread, I will be locking this one. All the requirements are met, and it's not telling me any reason why I can't push any forward. I've already bought an xbox S (when Nitrado servers were just a twinkle in someones eye) and bought the game and DLC's twice. Having said that, NITRADO is still a superior option. Xsolla is an authorized global distributor of Paradox Interactive.

And one more question guys, say you have a 10 slot server- can you whitelist the players that boost so they can always get on? Lag is far fewer and in between but no server is immune to it. You mentioned mods... what mods can be enabled on nitrado?

I will go down the list of who is playing the game and try them all and they are greyed out. I suppose the PC games do have run time payment to keep them up like WoW.... food for thought. cant start multpiplayer, option to invite is gone and join game is greyed out (SOLVED) anyone figure out why? © Valve Corporation. GAME HARD just not too hard :) ಠ益ಠ, I need help with my Xbox One network connection. The only time it has happened (to some) is when the server accidentally goes off open NAT. I missed some sort of workaround or update but it's pretty frustrating. I have 2 x 10 slot servers for my community but I allow server boosting so people can directly donate run time. Archived.

How do I correct that? connection and multiplayer connection were the first things I tried. Oh I’ve already sold my player dedicated server Xbox and been running a Nitrado server cluster since launch in November. 2.

#1. duane. I actually LAG/pause less (like almost never) so far on the NITRADO server, a very pleasant surprise. It's also not map related, happened on Rag and Ab and now on the Island. That ship sailed LONG ago!). All rights reserved.

Monday night, the "Refresh Internet" button is gone. It apparently jumps back and forth on its own though as I was just in mexico and left the server running the whole time. On 08/03/2018 at 12:12 PM, DebzyzZz said: On ‎3‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 6:23 AM, DJRone89 said: JOIN GAME Greyed out- why is this happening? Each map must have its own server if you want to include them as part of your cluster (auto-generated unique ID shared amongst the servers). same versions both on steam multiplayer doesnt work. I've tried the obvious- hard reboot and cashe clear, reset MAC address (a few times). © Valve Corporation. Every other feature works perfectly fine, including the online gaming itself.

I just got this xbox in June 2018 so I'm not sure if I can't keep the server going up longer than 24hrs without an issue, 2 weeks ago I could run it for weeks at a time with no issues.

I know my server is "across the pond" in NYC but if your interested in seeing how a server runs you can msg me on Live (Kyd Rok) and I'll hook you up with the password. Jun 9, 2016 @ 6:45pm still wont work. Doesn't matter if someone dies or not (unless your own character's death kicks you out of the war), the first war needs to end before you can join another.

To help clarify: I recommend to try this article:

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