It was produced with one clear goal in mind - to deliver a folding knife with the maximum strength and performance possible within a 4" blade limit. Online prodej nožů, mačet, mečů a dalších chladných zbraní americké značky Cold Steel. It’s a simple drop point with a deep belly, high flat grind, and decorative swedge.
It will be 1year in two weeks that I have had this knife. All the edges of the G-10 have been chamferred. Thanks for taking the time out to leave a comment. It’s a mm or so off.

Personally, part of the allure of the 4Max to me was that it was made in the USA. PayPal checkout is disabled for carts that contain products with restrictions due to PayPal's acceptable use policy. I wouldn’t turn up my nose at a belt sheath for this one. He founded the site in 2010, and for the first 5 years Dan wrote all of the reviews and recorded all of the video reviews. It was produced with one clear goal in mind - to deliver a folding knife with the maximum strength and performance possible within a 4" blade limit. Demko's proprietary "tri-ad lock" elevates this blade to an exceptionally; strong tool for self-defense, bush-crafting, or everyday work applications. For more information go to It has become part of my EDC and i trust my life with it. It’s big, it’s heavy, and it takes up a ton of space in your pocket.
The spring tension turns the 4-Max into a guillotine of sorts. This was my first ever purchase with Botach and it was perfect. No way I would want to carry it around on a daily basis. The edge has been evenly applied, although the sharpener did run up onto the choil a little. The AD-15 might be the most comfortable, user friendly, sub 4 inch tactical folder we’ve ever made! The G-10 scales have been nicely finished. Be careful. The 4 max is a massive folder, but it's mid sized for a Cold Steel. It was built without compromise, and in that respect the 4-Max is a roaring success. Where I do have a complaint is when it’s time to unlock the knife. This one however is the best one to date. The 4" blade is satin stainless CPM-S35VN steel, nestled between green G10 scales, and it comes direct from the factory with a razor-sharp, perfectly-centered blade.

It’s massive in every way. Like many Demko fans, it’s my sincere hope that Cold Steel will eventually release a production AD-10. It slices beautifully thanks to the high flat grind that gets surprisingly thin behind the edge. For lockup we have an oversized Tri-Ad lock.

When you finally maneuver the blade into the open position you are greeted with a hugely satisfying “click”. Zboží skladem ihned k odběru. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. It’s a knife so ridiculous that it almost needs to be made in the USA.

I should have bought this knife before, just didn't want to pay the price. I love the feel of the grips, and the color is awesome too.

But it’s a beautiful and unique piece and I appreciate it for what it is.

Great knife, best price around.

It’s excellent stuff providing a covetable blend of edge retention, ease of sharpness, corrosion resistance and toughness. I would like to see Cold Steel come-out with a black G10 variant on this knife. Modeled after Andrew Demko’s patented original, it offers ambidextrous operation and... Our Recon Tanto continues to redefine the standard for combat knives around the globe. The pommel is large and angular and could be used as an “impact tool” if the need ever arised. If you are looking for the biggest, baddest hard use folding knife on the planet then I think the 4-Max should be at the top of your short list.

Amazing! I highly recommend it if you don't mind having probably one of the largest & strongest folders in the market. There's not much from Cold Steel I don't have. As you will be able to see in the size comparisons, if the Ultimate Hunter is a great white, then this 4Max is a megalodon.

ColdSteelThe 4-Max’s tumbled titanium liners and back spacers and Cool Grey 3-D CNC machined and bead blasted G-10 handle scales provide even greater degrees of strength!

For blade steel Cold Steel went with CPM-20CV.

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