‘stitch’ is a metaphor which illustrates how closely bonded the mother and son were together, as their bond stitches together and they grew so close to each other during her son’s childhood. On the other hand, Armitage uses colloquial language to show casual attitudes to war and suffering. Have you noticed that you have grown fat while sitting at home in quarantine? Powerful emotions are demonstrated in both 'War Photographer' and 'Poppies' by the theme of remorse and tragedy and the use of imagery throughout the poems.

How to answer a 30 mark question on english literature?

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It also covers most of the basis: language, form, content. The powerful emotions in Poppies appear to be reflected through the relationship of a mother and a son and this leads to a very personal reflection, which one could be forgiven for thinking is Weir’s own experience but is not. ‘Paper’ could insinuate how disposable the soldiers are by the perspective of civilians who take them for granted. There is no SPAG (4 marks) for this essay so can you please give a mark out of 30 like this 26/30,27/30 22/30 etc. As well as the actual poppies creating vivid visual imagery and the as yet undeveloped film from War Photographer, in Poppies the setting is visually represented. Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Which poems are the best to learn in depth for English Lit?

Both poets use imagery and metaphors to allow the reader to understand the lasting effects that war has on those who to part.

All these places are known to be places that have suffered from conflict and the removal of the familiar by Duffy to the less familiar name only settings could show another removal from the powerful emotions that ordinary people feel when they see images in the newspapers. Grade 8/9. Economics degree at Leeds University?

Piano, The Tyger, War Photographer, The Lamb, In Mrs Tilscher’s Class, The Early Purges The six poems that I will be discussing are all linked by themes of innocence and experience; however, these themes are expressed differently by each poet through their tone, language choices or structure. I don’t know how to write this assessment or start it due tomorrow!!

Whereas, in War Photographer the experience is that of a third-party bystander, who was employed to take pictures of the conflicts and sell these, but Duffy shows that the powerful emotions evoked by the pictures mean that the persona is not able to see this as a purely business and unemotional transaction. The next poems that I’ll be teaching are Poppies and War Photographer so I’ve tried to complete a high level example on these two poems. ), who got good english GCSE's or is a teacher cuz im sruggling big time, GCSE English Literature 8702 - Paper 2 - 23rd May 2019, AQA Power and Conflict poems to compare to eachother. In the first, he describes a memory of which he and two other killed looters raiding a bank, and in the second he explains how the memory of this still haunt his and has suggestions of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.) GradesFixer.

Memory is differently explored in War Photographer and the memory is from the perspective of a persona, who was in the conflict, but as a bystander and observer, rather than as an active participant.

Both highlight the sometimes uncaring and casual attitudes that others have towards the conflict that these people face.

Their memory is sharply painful “the cries of this man’s wife” with the enjambment reinforcing the powerful jolt of remembrance, when the “half formed ghost” appears as it is revealed in his darkroom. Furthermore, both poets use visual representations to emphasise the powerful emotions that are evident in the poems.

Lancaster? View all posts by susansenglish. The verbs “traced”, “leaned” and “pulled” in the final stanza show the powerful emotions of the persona missing her son and using touch as a way to keep her with her son.

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How can I improve GCSE English Language FAST !? © Copyright Get Revising 2020 all rights reserved. Beruit. Memory, in Poppies appears to be from a mother, who seems to remember her son leaving for school or leaving for the war. Help!! Weir frequently combines domestic language and military imagery in order to incorporate her grief into everyday actions, which conveys how this has overtaken her life and that this is how she views simple domestic actions. Why I love…Mentoring NQTs: advice for anyone taking this role.

Available from: https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/comparison-between-war-photography-carol-duffy-and-poppies-jane-weir/, Recieve 100% plagiarism-Free paper just for 4.99$ on email, *Public papers are open and may contain not unique content. Nevertheless, both poems successfully highlight the significant influence of remembering such sombre events in history.
Although both poems are based around memories and war zones, War Photographer is about first hand experiences unlike Poppies which is reminiscent and imagining what might have happened. War Photography is first hand real account. In 'Poppies' Jane Weir explores how she only depends on her son for survival and uses physical emotions to symbolize empathy for her advantage. Powerful emotions of loss are shown in the way she continually references caring touches “smoothed down your shirt’s” which are clearly memories of what she did when her son was with her. Uni experts answer your questions LIVE today at 5pm, © Copyright The Student Room 2017 all rights reserved. Duffy uses powerful imagery to not only display the conflicts of war, but the conflicts within himself, and… In the second half the tone is less casual as he explains his memories and how ‘the drugs won’t flush him out’, this imagery shows and emphasises the idea of his tortured mind. this essay is not unique. The Emigree X Kamikaze Grade 9 Essay plan, My Last Duchess X Ozymandias Grade 9 Essay, Wilfred Owen Remembrance Day Lesson Slide Pack KS4. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

», Anyone doing A level English literature », Suffering - a mother (Poppies), people in the photos (War Photography), Memories and Flashbacks - a mother of her son (Poppies), conflict of war (War Photography) - The Power of Memory, Caesura - Photographer realises what images he has taken once he gets home, he tries to compose himself once the images appear but becomes bitter.

Square Poppies uses color and texture imagery to symbolize how she reminisces of her son and her experiences in past times. KPMG 2021 Graduates - application process. War Photography is first hand real account; War Photography is comparing rural England (public) and a War Zone, emphasising their detachment. This suggests that the writer feels that their pain isn’t as recognised as it should be. GCSE English literature. In Poppies the persona appears to be a mother, who is experiencing feelings of loss as a result of her son growing up and going to war.

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Overall comparison Although both poems are based around memories and war zones, War Photographer is about first hand experiences unlike Poppies which is … Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

War Photographer depicts the outsider’s perspective in a different way to Poppies: it is seen more vividly and visually through the eyes of someone experiencing the conflict, photographing the conflict but not being able to do anything to help those injured by the conflict. English Language (9-1) Creative Writing Examples! In the poem, Poppies, the poet is comparing the beauty of nature with the carnage of war.

In Poppies this is done through the memory of tactile acts of care between the mother and the son and in War Photographer through the developing of the film and the release of the memories as a result of the pictures that were taken. Want us to write one just for you?

Mother try to remain calm and composed but she eventually breaks down as the break in verse implies choking back the tears. Explore the presentation of powerful emotions related to conflict in Poppies and War Photographer.


Duffy uses internal rhyming in the term ‘tears between the bath and pre-lunch beers’ within War Photographer.

The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. AQA GCSE English Language Exam 8700 Paper 1,2 2nd, 4th Nov 2020 - Exam Discussion. 2020 May 19 [cited 2020 Nov 5]. A quote that shows this is ‘spasms of paper red’ which is another metaphor which uses color imagery to present an image of blood and gore.

But does this detract from their importance? You can get 100% plagiarism FREE essay in 30sec, Sorry, we cannot unicalize this essay. Grade 8/9 Students who find writing to be a difficult task. A detailed, high-level model answer comparing War Photographer and Poppies. All rights reserved Gradesfixer ™, “Comparison Between War Photography (Carol Duffy) And Poppies (Jane Weir).”, Comparison Between War Photography (Carol Duffy) And Poppies (Jane Weir) [Internet]. Duffy, meanwhile, uses the actions of the people suffering in the conflict to create the feeling of how futile the conflict was “running children in a nightmare heat.” These images are only possible due to the developing of these with hands that “tremble” even though they “did not tremble then” which implies that while undertaking the job of taking photographs of the conflict the photographer is fine, but not after the event, when he has time to reflect and think about it.

Poppies are used to symbolise war … Compare War Photographer And Elegy 1175 Words | 5 Pages. Whereas, in War Photographer the setting and visual representation of areas is listed with the proper nouns naming places that are far away and unfamiliar to the reader “Belfast. Official Cambridge University 2021 Applicants thread.

Poppies - is reminiscing and imagining what might have happened. Poetry comparison essay AQA eng lit power and conflict. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Resources included:-- A PowerPoint containing two lessons, building up to a comparison of the poems War Photographer and Remains (includes essay plan).-- A model comparison essay-- A planning comparison activity- table comparing form/structure/voice, language/imagery and tone/message/themes (with completed model)-- Pictures for starter activity-- Help worksheet which …
With Remains, the writer also uses alliteration with the phrase ‘every round as it rips through his life.’ The harsh ‘r’ sound emphasises the violence of the image.

Home — Essay Samples — Art — Photography — Comparison Between War Photography (Carol Duffy) And Poppies (Jane Weir). At one point in War Photographer, Duffy uses sibilance alongside metaphors when he says, ‘spools of suffering set out in ordered rows.’ The use of the ‘s’ sound highlights the imagery and suggests graves or bodies ‘in ordered rows.’ Also, the contrasting images of ‘spools of suffering’ which seems chaotic but are ‘in ordered rows.’.

This enables students to identify good practice and techniques to implement in their work. The significance of the proper nouns and use of “Armistice” is important as it has symbolic meaning as a time when we all get together to remember those who fell in war, a time for reminiscing and a time to reflect on the human sacrifices that were made. However, Duffy may have been influenced to write about the powerful emotions in the poem in a detached way to show the outside world the horror that her friends had to catalogue and photograph, while not being able to help or do anything, as that was not what they were there to do.

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