Free Shipping. Sure enough the steps function perfectly. We are evidently a little challenged. Attached Files: PS1.jpg File size: 93.7 KB Views: 423. Never operate vehicle in excess of manufacturer's, Read and follow, precisely, all installation instructions, provided when installing this product. Swapped it out in about 10 minutes and the problem was solved. But I think you can work around that too. The installation instructions say 3 hrs for the steps and 1 hr for the light kit. Getting into your vehicle shouldn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest so running boards give you the leg up you need for easy access to your truck, Jeep or SUV. That's Us With Our Tailgates Down In The Parking Lot. I have read the installation manual and the installation looks like it isn't that tough, even for a hack like me. The videos should help you out with a lot of good info. AMP RESEARCH power-steps? So essentially AMP is charging $160 for this plug and play conversion kit when all you need is an OBD-II plug. These steps will be an awesome addition to the truck. So I did it in a few steps. Did you not have them slid on the hinges to the proper location front to rear? … Installation . It took me about 4 hours over 2 days. That’s Us With Mud On Our Tires When It Rained A Lot. 2552 McGaw Avenue

Just the packaging showed how much AMP Research cares about the quality of their product. White Wire Trigger Wires Flat Loom (under carpet) Using supplied PosiTaps®, connect trigger wires into corresponding door ajar wires. Got my steps from, This^^^^ Plug and play was not available when I purchased mine. Here is the link. It was freaking cold outside. I love how they maintain the clean look of the truck but fold down to help you get in and out.


Let us know how it goes. Dec 30, 2017 at 9:23 AM #28 #28. alpinepro4 New Member. © 2020 AMP Research. How to Install AMP Research Power Step on a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500.,,

Since I originally bought the steps, AMP has come out with a plug and play kit. ARB Twin Air Compressor w/ XFAKTR Mount AMP Research Power Running Boards, Bed Step, Bed Step 2 30% Tint Front w/ 5% Tint on the back Fold-A-Cover Bed Cover w/Caddy, Line-X Spray in Bed Liner Husky Floor Mats Front/Rear Console Organizer TRD Anti-Sway Bar American Flag, 4ID, and Duck's Unlimited Decals . But it is not a hard install I have the double cab and they come long enough for the crew max so you have to cut them down in length. The AMP Research Power Step is virtually hidden from view and fully protected when it is retracted. Sales and Support.

GO AHEAD AND STEP ON IT. And in talking to their Tech Support while at the dealer he said they do not make the OEM ones. Discussion in 'General Tundra Discussion' started by geno0506, Nov 16, ... but way down on the wishlist due to cost. TECHNICAL SUPPORT WARNING AMP Research Customer Service (888)983-2204 Failure to carefully follow the electrical installation steps could result in severe electrical shock which could harm the installer and/or damage the vehicle.

This is especially important on any 4x4 or off-road truck.

But, what I thought would have been an hour job *tops* getting these wired, it turned out into a couple hour ordeal due to them having a couple wires with correct colors/pins but opposite locations. See detail on next step for wiring. Traveling over a bump, ridge, or off camber section with a long wheelbase vehicle puts the center of your truck much lower to the obstacle than with a short wheelbase vehicle. Product comes with easy to understand vehicle specific installation instructions. Live … Took a couple hours because I was very anal about routing the wires cleanly. I can't see you finding them any cheaper. Once I re-installed this kit on the '18, same problem. They just made it on my mod list for next summer. If I had to do it all over again, I would have definitely gotten these rather than the Mopar ones. Thanks for the SVC heads up, I emailed them last night and got an email back this morning, he said $1099.99 shipped for standard and $1119.99 shipped for Plug and play so thats the best Ive found! Your mother, or grandmother will now have no problem getting in your Ram truck. phone 949-221-0023 Had them on my '06 Mega Cab. And the longer your wheelbase, the more you need these Power Steps. make sure it has been properly installed. PS20.jpg File size: 94 KB Views: 323.

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