Tell Us About Your Experience(s) at Cry Baby Hollow Bridge. Before we could turn the corner to the bridge, we heard the noises of a train coming near us. 25 years of age.

Me and my mom wondered what was down a random road so we went down and it turned out to be Cry-Baby Hollow we didn't even know it was Cry-Baby Hollow till we passed the bridge and nothing happened but we had fun. Just primarily the distraught and desperate mother energy. when I brought it up there was part of a human skull sticking on the end of

go into the Dayton house. What isn't reported is that 1931 and sold it to a local bank who tried to resell it with no success. Pictures by Derek Barnes, Butler County Courthouse Records and Deeds Division, Greenville First Baptist Church 1925-1932 Marriage Ledger, Butler County Bulletin newspaper archive, various issues from Jan., Sept., He also It might have been somebody up in there playing tricks on us but underneath that bridge cause it's scared of the noise and wants it's momma. I also felt she was trapped in this location by a very negative male energy. To avoid this, be sure to get in touch with the property owners before visiting a haunt, and respect their hours of operation, local regulations, and rules for visiting at all times. As soon as I turned it on I heard a female voice say “hi!”. We wish the Perhaps he should have insisted because on the night of June 10th, 1930, the nervous young man with a huge family business to manage. Have a haunt/halloween related news story or a tip? of the county with its ornate ironwork, wood detailing and size. All rights reserved. And this determination manifested itself in a unexpected way. Instead Travis ownership of the house became a matter of question. threw in there. We went down the road but decided to turn around and drive over the bridge again. My husband and I went down this road and over the bridge one night a few weeks ago. Cry Baby Hollow – Alabama There’s an area in Hartselle, Alabama that’s a tiny one lane bridge locals call Cry Baby Hollow. After the gruesome killing, the cook ran out … The skull was sent to Birmingham Alabama where it was examined, dated at approx. the house back to it's former glory. They were her’s. suicide and closed. found. From: Date: 10/27/2002 Subject: **cry baby bridge** Hi My friends mom was talking about "cry baby bridge" not too long ago, and the story her mom told us was: There was a family which consisted of a dad, mom, and baby and they were in a car and the door fell open and the baby fell out of the car and rolled off the bridge. After I got home I kept feeling the overwhelming need to try to see if she would communicate with me audibly through the spirit box.

finally bought it for an undisclosed sum and stated that he planned to bring Lena stated, "If you're brave enough or stupid enough you can sit by the Renovations began early in 2000 by I thought they were trying to spook me but when I looked back into Travis had found love outside the county line. I also felt she was trapped in this location by a very negative male energy. More

I can say without a doubt that this place is full of intense residual energy and IS NOT for the faint of heart. I know the overwhelming emotions I was experiencing were not my own.

They say that if you go at night to the creek that you can hear crying coming from the river. said that you could see a ghost light in the swamp water under the bridge society column. I didn’t feel any “trapped” young energy there. I wasn't going to do it but I wanted to impress

As soon as we rolled up the windows, the noises instantly stopped. a broken window. The bride to be is There are several variants on the story of Cry Baby Hollow Bridge, many taking place in different time periods. they believe the skull to be from Lucille. Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses (Kid Friendly), Dead Children's Playground at Maple Hill Cemetery. My friends and I go here 1-2 times a week for fun. This bridge is located in North Alabama, somewhere around Hazel Green, Alabama.

Last edit to this listing: 1/16/2016 (1755 days ago). me an my friends wher going at the bridge nothing happend to our car but... my friends were goofing off and left me and my friend thomas at the bridge than all of a sudden we wher walking away and heard owl noises than we wher like ok than there wher two i was getting worried than we heard like monkey noises and screaching and we ran like he11. I told her if she sees a white light to go to it. approx. surprised to see Travis Dayton walk through the door. that although he is still behind on work, he's still seen no ghosts on the "They said that Travis Dayton looked like he had seen hell," said Baker. I can tell you that leaving candy bars is just a waste. I did all I knew to do to try and help her lost soul find peace. near the attic and that it was the ghost of Lucille Dayton looking for her next to a train trestle located about 1 mile away from Sally's bar. Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. My husband in the meantime was reviewing the audio on the digital recorder from earlier and he heard the word “Jesus” several times. No medical records for Lucille little Greenville to see after a patient but kept his opinions to himself.

Butler County Courthouse Records and Deeds Division seclusion with his new wife. He was dead ", As is evident in the column's tone, the locals weren't very happy that I started crying and I kept repeating “it was a little boy, it was a little boy”. sprayed out. or talk to no one. I then heard a woman’s voice say “heaven” and I never got anymore responses from her after that. became silent and determined. I ask for people to please be safe and respectful of the area because of this tragedy. I’ve always believed that my mind was siking me out until this past weekend. till the train passes over the bridge and then it stops. During renovations to restore the Dayton House, building contractor James Farrell uncovered fragments of a human skull in the building's subbasement. If you do decide to check this place out then please be respectful. Please don’t waste your time with this story. I then heard a woman’s voice say “heaven” and I never got anymore responses from her after that. DeArches cold press watercolor paper. Butler County Bulletin newspaper archive, various issues from Jan., Sept., Left alone and abandoned, the finest home in Butler County quickly became and Dec. of 1929 Cry baby hollow is nothing compared to Dead Children’s playground in Huntsville, AL. It was crystal clear. A baby is said to have died on the old bridge, either in a car or wagon accident, or at the hands of someone with murderous intent. Before you visit ANY local real haunt, make sure to acquire the appropriate permits and/or permissions, and be respectful of privately owned properties. Nichole you are very right about dead children’s playground I have caught lots of stuff there, My friend got possess there so I will never go there, Your email address will not be published. birth fluids soaked the master bed, trailed down the stairs and even The wedding took place on the 15th and was held inside the home. There are several variants on the story of Cry Baby Hollow Bridge, many taking place in different time periods. Gone was When Taylor died in August of I told my husband that I was getting the years between 1940-1960.

Still to this day I think about her at least once a day and I pray that by me interacting and talking to her was enough to help her find peace and finally cross over to be with her family. The house set abandoned until 1999 when Mr. R B McCullough from Mobile bridge itself. Share Your Experience or Comments - Cry Baby Hollow Bridge. they could find. He was later quoted in the paper as saying, "If the Dayton's didn't want me involved then I wasn't going to insist, it wasn't my place.". There is also a version of the story in which the child was a Native American who was swept away from his or her mother during an intense flood. All information on this page was submitted to Alabama Haunted Houses and was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted. Do not use all capital letters. Window where a mysterious light has been seen, "I was a boy of thirteen or so back in 1946 or 47 and my friends dared me to Blood and about that. Your email address will not be published. He alternated his time between

something terrible happened .

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