Out of the 51 Shakti peethas, 18 are said to be Maha Shakti peethas. Moreover, when he felt that these numbers are still not sufficient, he decided to have 60 more daughters. He took the corpse of Sati and wandered around the universe. So, he carried her corpse on his shoulder and began to wander about the world. However, he did not invite Lord Shiva. His daughter Sati was married to Lord Shiva. The story of Daksha Yaga in Vaishnava and Shaiva puranas end with the surrendering of Daksha to the Parabrahman or with the destruction of yajna and decapitation of Daksha. However, Shiva, unable to part with Sati, carried her corpse on his shoulder and wandered about the world. Shiva was deeply pained upon hearing of his wife's death. His head was of an ibex-like creature with spiral horns. [2] Artwork shows him as an obese man with a stocky body, protruding belly, and a handsome face or the head of an ibex-like creature with spiral horns, which he gained after his yajna. There are 51 Shakti Peethas as per the puranas denoting the 51 Sanskrit alphabets. [2][3][8] The onlookers tried to save her but it was too late. The yajna was completed successfully. Of his 27 wives, Chandra fell in love with his chief wife, Rohini. Shiva was so distressed and could not part from his beloved wife. The names of these 24 daughters are as follows: Of these, 13 were married to Dharma. Bhrigu, the chief priest of the Yajna, invoked the Ribhus to fight the Ganas, but the former was tied to a pillar & his beard was forcibly plucked off. Shiva was deeply pained upon hearing of his wife's death. Daksha vowed to take revenge on the insult in the same manner.

She wanted to marry Lord Shiva. Daksh Prajapati was the father-in-law of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was in deep grief to see the remains of his beloved wife. Now, Lord Shiva ordered him to bring the head of the sacrificial animal, the goat. Once Brahma conducted a huge (sacrifice), where all the Prajapatis, gods and kings of the world were invited. Shiva is invited to the yagna. The name Daksha means "skilled one". Daksha realised Chandra's intentions and cursed him to lose his glory. Daksha was one of the Prajapati, son of Brahma, and among his foremost creations. Daksha’s head was thrown into the fire by Virabhadra. Veerbhadra presented it before Shiva, who attached the goat’s head to Daksha’s body. Sage Bhrigu created an army with his divine penance powers to resist Shiva’s attack and protect the yajna. In the Puranas, ancient chronicles of gods, kings and sages, denial, division and definition are the characteristics of Daksha, mind-born son of Brahma, the form of God that is not worshipped in India, perhaps because Daksha transforms the still and silent Shiva into Rudra (anger personified), Bhairava (terror personified) and Virabhadra (outrage personified). And Shiva recognised how those ritual rules bound families and societies together. ( Log Out /  Now, Lord Shiva told Daksha that he would be reborn in Chakshusa Manvantara. She cursed him and warned that the wrath of Shiva would destroy him and his empire. The Parabharman informs Daksha that Shiva is in fact a manifestation of Parabrahman. Daksha begs mercy from the Parabrahman (the Supreme Almighty who is formless), who rose from the yajna fire and forgives Daksha.

[3][9], She cursed Daksha for acting so atrociously toward her and Shiva, and reminded him that his haughty behavior had blinded his intellect.

[5] They were only able to retrieve the half burnt body of Sati. It is said that Lord Brahma created Daksha from his right thumb. Basu) English Translation Ch #3, Page 10, Vishnu Purana, Vol-I, H.H. Daksha had two wives: Prasoothi and Panchajani (Virini). These shrines are located all over South Asia. His original head was replaced by the head of a goat. He invited all the gods, Prajapatis and kings to attend the yajna and intentionally avoided inviting Shiva and Sati. [2][3][8] The onlookers tried to save her but it was too late. The Nandi and the accompanying Bhootaganas left the yajna place after the incident. Shiva was so distressed and could not part from his beloved wife. With a little nudge from her, the father accepts the ways of the hermit and the husband learns the way of the household. All those who participated, even the other Prajapatis and the gods, were mercilessly beaten, wounded or even slaughtered. They realised this Bhairava was actually rather Bhola (innocent), and welcomed their unorthodox son-in-law into the household. With the prime motive of insulting Shiva, Daksha initiated a great yajna, similar to that of Brahma. The Nandi and the accompanying Bhootaganas left the yajna place after the incident. Sati won Shiva as her husband by undergoing severe austerities (tapas). [20], Hindu legend of the destruction of King Daksha's sacrifice, "Dakshayagnam" redirects here. 10 of those daughters were married to Dharma, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 16:11. He is specifically associated with the skilled actions of sacrificers.[3]. Sati went to the ceremony alone. [3], Shiva, on the other hand, led a very modest life.

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