Spokeo is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In 1956, he played an Amalekite herder in Cecil B. DeMille‘s The Ten Commandments.

. Hello Pamela. Our ethnicity data indicates the majority is Caucasian. I too enjoyed Mannix watching it with my dad. Wilson had a knack for coming up with masculine, sporty, monosyllabic stage names.

After honing his skills in the UCLA drama department, Ohanian signed to the Famous Artist Agency, where he was handled by agent Henry Wilson. I have several DVDs of Mannix.

So reach 100 and get free haircuts.

If you look at a 1948–49 UCLA men’s basketball roster or team photo, you won’t find an Ohanian nor a Connors.

This site should not be used to make decisions about employment, tenant screening, or any purpose covered by the FCRA.The records were matched using first and last name only.

Your fans forever. The character of Joe Mannix could be taken advantage of by a pretty face, he could shed a tear on an emotional level, he was very close to his father and his family, so he was more a normal personality with normal behaviour.”.

. I enjoyed watching Mannix reruns on H&I channel.

What schools did his daughter go to in Boston was this in 1977 or 78 that u met him ? From Wiki- Krekor Ohanian (Armenian: Քրէկոր Օհանեան; August 15, 1925 – January 26, 2017), known professionally as Mike Connors, was an American actor best known for playing private detective Joe Mannix in the CBStelevision series Mannix from 1967–1975, a role which earned him a Golden Globe Award in 1970, the first of six straight nominations, as well as four consecutive Emmy nominations from 1970–1973. Oddly, Connors was not the only famous television Connors to earn his screen name from college athletics. Dana Connors was born circa 1865, at birth place, Wisconsin, to John Connors and Mary Connors.

Disclaimer: By using this website, you accept the Spokeo Terms of Use. And many more!!! He starred as a bureau veteran who mentors a team of agents in Today’s FBI (1981–1982).

and underwrote another program on another network.

Connors’ acting career spanned six decades. [23]However, the series was not picked up.

Connors married his wife Mary Lou Willey on September 10, 1949, when they were both UCLA students. During the rest of the 1980’s, Mike Connors continued to act in “B” movies and on television, scoring the role of Air Force Colonel Harrison “Hack” Peters in the mini-series War and Remembrance (1988).

; August 15, 1925 – January 26, 2017), known professionally as, , was an American actor best known for playing, from 1967–1975, a role which earned him a, in 1970, the first of six straight nominations, as well as four consecutive, nominations from 1970–1973. (Mike Connors 1966 Stagecoach Movie Screenshot). Matter fact l'm watching a episode now.

Try reaching Mike Connors via his fan mail address. . Brings me a great deal of enjoyment.

Thank you Mr. Connors for your suave, cool and athletic charm.

His real name was neither.

It is on MeTV now :) I just started enjoying it all over again#.

“My sophomore year, I played basketball during John Wooden’s first year,” Connors recalled late in his life in an interview with the online column Party Favors. When discussing the success of the series in an interview, Connors stated: “The show itself started a whole new era of detective shows, because this wasn’t the usual cynical private eye à la Humphrey Bogart.

Even a few of his friends like the shows. (Mike Connors & Eddie Eagan 1972 Mannix Photo: CBS Television), (Mike Connors & wife Mary Lou Connors 1972 Hollywood Studio Magazine). Related To Mary Connors, Michael Connors.

After getting the starring role in Tightrope!, Connors wanted to be credited as Ohanian but Columbia Pictures told him that he had already done too much work as Connors, though he was allowed to change his first name to Mike.

Below, the movie trailer for James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young features Casper Van Dien, Robert Mitchum, Mike Connors and Connie Stevens.

Your email address will not be published. Connors married his wife Mary Lou Willey on September 10, 1949, when they were both UCLA students. It certainly was interesting to learn that you did your own stunts in the pilot episode! Thanks for the keen eyes and feedback. Saint Louis MO, Springfield MO, Saint Peters MO, Defiance MO, Michele Connors, Timothy Connors, Deborah Connors, Charlotte NC, Franklin Square NY, Matthews NC, Binghamton NY, Robert Plate, Sandra Plate, Kevin Plate, Bob Plate, Patricia Connors, Jennifer Connors, Daniel Connors, Jeffrey Connors, Sherley Connors, D Connors, Connors Connors, Connors Dana, Danna M Connors, Marlene Connors, Michael Connors, Robert Connors, Cleveland TN, Los Alamitos CA, Hemet CA, Riverside CA, Troy Connors, Jessica Connors, George Connors, Lindsey Connors, Mary Connors, Sara Connors, Terence Connors, Daniel Connors, Sandra Connors, Augusta ME, Presque Isle ME, East Winthrop ME, Christopher Connors, Patricia Connors, Gregory Connors, Benjamin Connors, Jan Connors, Martin Connors, Robert Connors, Thomas Connors, Jason Connors, Sean Connors, Sharlene Connors, Wallace Connors, Jeffrey Connors, Robert Connors, Umeko Connors, Dana Conno, Connors Dana, D Connors, Dana R Conners, Tyler Connors, Joseph Connors, Karen Connors, Jeffrey Connors, Thomas Connors, Craig Connors, Buren Connors, Bradford Connors, Susan Connors, Brian Connors.

All rights reserved. very nice and down yo earth man.

I sure hope your knee & back issue have resolved somewhat!

Thank you for letting me comment,,,,,,,,its jan 30 and im here at a starbucks in florida, was talking to 2 very nice young men .and as Fate would have it i asked them what their nationality one said he was a "mix" and the young man said he ws Armeanian.. right away being 71 i though of a man who WAS just simply a "hero" to me my whole life .. Mike Connors...somas i went toshow these two young men on my computer my hero i am just shell-shocked i read that mike passed away.. my onlynregret which is huge for me is that i never met him.. but he was such an inspiration because i knew this man a man who always tried toto what was right and he had so much class..and integrity.. my prayers go out to his wife and family .

I have lived with this illness for 8 long years and TRULY know and FEEL for what the Connor’s family endured. The article incorrectly stares that Joseph Campanella played Joe Mannix boss Lew Wickersham from 1967-1972.

Connors was offered to become the new Perry Mason actor, but the producers had actually wanted to pressure Burr into re-signing his contract with the series. You look very wonderful!!!

Thanks Mike for showing what class was back in the day. In 1958, Connors appeared in the title role of the episode “Simon Pitt”, the series finale of the NBC Western Jefferson Drum, starring Jeff Richardsas a frontier newspaper editor. Despite the show’s popularity, it was canceled after only one season.

Son Matthew Gunanr Ohanion was born in 1958. The second deems Ohanian a “varsity hopeful.” Back then, there would have been a J.V.

Love you!!!

More “B” movie roles – quite a few of them in horror films such as The Day the World Ended (1955) with Richard Denning (Hawaii Five-O) – followed for “Touch” Connors in the 1950’s. Mike and his wife had a son and when I was reading about Mike’s life, there it was. The show was taken off the air due to a dispute between CBS and Paramount. rest in peace Mike Connors...... Gary Saraceno. Like so much to watch this detective series. Dana Lee Connors, 50. we talk for 5 min , then he had to go , I'll never forget how much of a nice man he was , I'll miss him.

I am delighted that you are alive and well and loving every minute of it! We were curious and did a little digging.

His son Matthew Connors died in 2007 from heart failure, a tragedy for Connors and his family; he’s been completely retired since then. When Mannix ended, now 50+ Mike Connors had a short break from acting before being cast in several movies. California Births, 1905 - 1995

Even though it's not August yet!! Connors was recognized by UC Irvine College of Medicine’s Brain Imaging Center Committee with the Silver Ribbon Award in 1998 for his contribution to this cause. The remarkable story of Krekor Ohanian who became known as Mike Connors, the Star of the tv series Mannix, can happen only in America.

Yep, that’s Mik— wait, Touch Connors?

He narrated J. Michael Hagopian‘s 1975 documentary film The Forgotten Genocide, one of the first full-length features on the Armenian Genocide. I have all the DVD's and now my son whose 12 is watching them with me. Met mr corners when I worked at the Logan Hilton Hotel in east Boston ma.

Joe's honesty really stood out! I barely even looked at Bill until the show was over, then I was hungry and wanted to go get dinner.

In 1995, Connors narrated another Armenian documentary by Hagopian, Ararat Beckons.

It was Mannix in the making! He and I are enjoying the first season now almost ready to start season two. After that he was an independent contractor with a home office and a secretary.

Cheers always to you. . .

In 1964, Connors had a role in the Jack Lemmon comedy Good Neighbor Samand was the leading man to Susan Hayward and Bette Davis in Where Love Has Gone. I just bought the complete Mannix series on DVD. I will try to contact his family soon. Very glad you are still around. Dana L Connors, 48. An Old friend from TWA, at JFK.

Connors still had the touch.

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