Biden urged patience, while Trump called the election into question. It’s enough to make you wistful for capes and linked rings and cockatoos. I have never been able to balance my checkbook, yet my cache of Google searches now includes the phrase "how to get a mortgage broker license." Derek DelGaudio, whose Frank Oz-directed "In & of Itself" magic show at Geffen Playhouse is a hit, ... To categorize the 31-year-old performer as a “magician” would only validate his point. Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. It’s fitting that Derek DelGaudio’s new show began as an empty pair of brackets in the Geffen Playhouse’s season preview catalog. DelGaudio laments the word has a stink about it — whether of preening Vegas deception artists or someone doing silly party tricks for kids. The first time Derek DelGaudio performed at the Geffen Playhouse — in the 2012 show "Nothing to Hide," which he created with co-star Helder Guimarães and director Neil Patrick Harris — DelGaudio ended up staying longer than expected: The magic act, originally slotted for a one-month run, packed the house for 18 weeks. Comedian Kathy Griffin made a bold statement on election night by tweeting the gory, Trump-related image that nearly torpedoed her career in 2017. How Mr. DelGaudio, a phenomenally talented magician last seen in the two-sorceror show “Nothing to Hide,” can set himself apart from the rest of the abracadabra crowd.

It is … Now DelGaudio is back at the Geffen with a new solo show, "In & Of Itself." Although I had not in fact chosen the mortgage broker card, in light of the questions this show raises about how identity is felt, expressed and perceived, I can't help wondering whether DelGaudio slipped up or — maybe something else was going on?

What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. Guimarães has been selling out his own one-man show, “Borrowed Time,” something of a clandestine affair held at a secret L.A. location.

DelGaudio quipped that “In & of Itself” has been brewing since he was 4, but he began developing the show in earnest last May. I see there is a Houdini museum and I hope to make it to Steve Cohen's Chamber Magic show. Oz clicked with the younger man, who is given to dreamy philosophizing, thanks to DelGaudio’s “purity of intent.”. And TV itself is partly to blame for the discomfort you’re feeling. He may be the only one on stage, but DelGaudio has surrounded himself with other talent, many to serve as human “guardrails” to prevent him from veering off course. Mr. DelGaudio seems torn between wanting to deliver gee-whiz effects and wanting to withhold them in service of something more sophisticated. But his air of vulnerability can't entirely hide the swagger common to people who make their living by astonishing others. The timing doesn’t hurt. If its starry creative team, which includes Frank Oz as director and Mark Mothersbaugh as composer, isn't sufficient enticement to fill seats, DelGaudio has a secret weapon: At every performance, he asks a member of the audience to return the next night. Backed by Mark Mothersbaugh’s electro-twang score, he divides a pack of cards; he disappears a brick; he presents an audience member with a note from a nearest and dearest. After the first trick left the audience in stunned silence, DelGaudio retorted tartly, "Miss Tomorrow, please note that they didn't applaud there.". On Wednesday night, when he made this surprising request, it wasn't immediately clear that he was serious, and a long, awkward pause ensued. The men discovered how surprisingly simpatico they were in 2013 when Oz attended DelGaudio’s show, “Nothing to Hide,” in its off-Broadway run in New York, and Oz’s wife urged him to say hello. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Wonder is a rare commodity these days. TV news coverage is cautious as election night turns into a weeklong epic. What’s on TV Thursday: ‘The Outpost’; ‘Young Sheldon’, What’s on TV Thursday, Nov. 5: “The Outpost” on the CW; the season premieres of “Young Sheldon” and “Mom” on CBS, Commentary: Trump’s America runs on adrenaline. But what really impressed me was his card work.

Any card. DelGaudio is one of several magicians enjoying a resurrected fascination with magic. How we see ourselves. But this premise is mostly loose scaffolding on which to arrange a short evening of sly and artful deceptions and effects. Los Angeles Community College District elections: Everything you need to know. If people keep making good on their promises, then every show is guaranteed at least one audience member. But overall viewing of election coverage on TV is down significantly from 2016.

2:06. 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, 3 and 8 p.m. Saturdays, 2 and 7 p.m. Sundays. I don't know if I should tell this but uh cuz it involves Blaine and Derek Delgado got married in La Derek got married at Mike's House and Mike was the fish he officiate and. DelGaudio, a two-time winner of the Academy of Magical Arts' Close-Up Magician of the Year award, is in his 30s but looks younger, with a round face and an aura of melancholy, like the lonely child who figures in the bittersweet, deeply personal anecdotes he weaves among his machinations.

“‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ was my favorite movie growing up,” DelGaudio said, “so accessibility is really important to me.” In Oz’s witty work he recognized that “simplicity is not simple.”, “Also,” DelGaudio added, “I know Frank cares. Salk Institute in La Jolla. It is all here. But it comes from a place of trust and respect, that I will blindly go where he tells me.”. Astonishingly. $100-$150. TV news coverage is cautious as election night turns into a weeklong epic. You can tell he really knows it was good.

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