Born: 24-Jan-1860 Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH Died: 21-Jul-1938 Location of death: Cape Cod, MA Cause of death: unspecified Remains: Buried. Kroger was also involved in many charitable ventures, including the opening of parks, donations to zoos, and medical research.

A year later, seeking to escape the city and earn extra money, Bernard took a job as a laborer on a farm near Pleasant Plain, Ohio, where he earned six dollars a month. IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO USE CAUTION WHEN DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION. Local grocers expressed concern, while the Post-Dispatch, St. Louis’ largest newspaper, referred to the store as just the beginning of a “Kroger Invasion.” In response, Kroger stepped into the public relations fray and told the Post, “I have the best help and pay them well. [14] The Kroger Magazine, L. 10, no. Their arrival, however, was marked by disappointment, since land speculators had already purchased nearly all of the usable farmland in Minster, leaving only low-level swamps and impenetrable forests. Initially, Mary’s father proved reluctant to allow the young and not yet established grocer to pursue his daughter, but Kroger, who was nothing if not ambitious, refused to let up until his future father-in-law conceded. Though the Kroger family stayed well connected to the German immigrant community, Bernard, like many children of immigrants, attended a local, English-language, Protestant parochial school, where German was treated as a second language. [22] B. Kroger Scrapbook. Dobbert examined the formation of immigrant identity, which, as he noted, underwent “erosion by rapid assimilation” by the time the second generation was born. At the time, Kroger’s optimism and financial support offered buoyancy to a sinking ship; still, it is worth remembering that Kroger’s own confidence had been somewhat bolstered when, at the age of sixty-eight (and less than a year before the onset of the Great Depression), he sold his interest in the Kroger Company and increased his private wealth immensely while avoiding any personal loss.
Later in life, Kroger was described by a contemporary as a “titan” of his industry, a man whose “white head was like a plume among the warriors.” He was known for his temper, which he himself lamented, and which he often attributed to his youth “in the streets of the bottoms” in Over-the-Rhine. If so, login to add it. Within Cincinnati, Kroger’s German heritage was certainly widely known. With this expansion came new and pioneering strategies that aimed to offer lower prices through wholesale buying. Barney Kroger.

He was born Abt. Born: on January 24, 1860 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, Died: on July 21, 1938 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States. Mary Gertrude Kroger (née Schlebbe), Bernard’s mother, was born in Elve, a tiny village in Westphalia. For many, in a time of economic depression, Kroger represented a uniquely American brand of self-made prosperity, and he served as an example for other second- and third-generation German immigrants in Cincinnati. After saving the business of a local grocer who then refused to let him in as a partner, Kroger began scouting locations for his own enterprise. After securing Dayton in a matter of months, B.H. The grocery was not doing well, and the two owners made Kroger a manager. sold the controlling interests in the Kroger Company, primarily to the Lehman brothers, for an estimated $28 million (approximately $352 million in 2010) – this, of course, would soon prove a timely transaction. [1]. Bernard is the child of Johan Kroger and Maria Greshoff. In 1912, he was besieged by calls to run for governor of Ohio. Kroger was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the fifth of ten children of German immigrants John Henry and Mary Gertrude (née Schlebbe) Kroger. [5] Thus, while Kroger spent his early years surrounded by German immigrant culture, he also assimilated into the majority society. In addition to the customer cards and brightly painted wagons, Kroger invested heavily in the advertising of grocery products. Kroger was a pioneering grocery innovator who introduced self-service shopping to the public in 1916. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. By the end of World War I, the Kroger grocery store had evolved from a local neighborhood shop into a national business. B.H. He listed all acquisitions, including one from Proctor and Gamble, the future manufacturing behemoth, for forty boxes of Ivory soap at $4.00 (approximately $97.60) per box. Rising to a level of seventy-one feet, the river swept through downtown Cincinnati, including Kroger’s store. This allowed Kroger to put butcher shops next to bakeries – all of which were conveniently located inside his stores. Shortly thereafter, the Ohio River swelled up over its banks in one of the worst floods in the city’s history. Such a business plan, however, raised the ire of Kroger’s competitors, particularly smaller ones who could not afford to lower their prices to meet Kroger’s. Despite an unbounded willingness to work, the new businessmen quickly found their resolve tested.Disaster first struck while Branagan made a delivery run in the store’s brand new wagon. view all Bernard "Barney" Kroger's Timeline. Kroger's store, The Great Western Tea Co., succeeded despite numerous growing pains and catastrophes. Leave a message for others who see this profile. Birth: Apr 6 1881 - Russia.

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