People have different reasons to wait for the Rainy Season eagerly. There was some well-dressed person running like schoolboys to save their clothes from the splash of mud. Such pleasant atmosphere, compels one to cancel all the prior engagements and just relax, letting the cool drizzle fall on your face. Even at that time, I didn’t know why but I still wanting to enjoy the rain, as if it would rain because I’m saying. I came back to home after relaxing few minutes, washed my face with addition to ablution and took a bath. This moment brought a smile on my face, that day. Rain is a very beautiful moment that can enhance any person, and is able to make many people to admit it as a great blessing of God bestowed upon man by him in some specific time. This is because it marks the beginning of the monsoon season that promotes the growth of crops.

We packed our bags, got into our raincoats and ran outside the classroom to enjoy the rain. The little discomfort that a rainy day causes to some, is weighed much low against the benefits it brings. I really have a sound sleep on a rainy day as the weather is extremely chilly.

google_ad_height = 250; Monsoon season these days gets delayed often and rains have become quite erratic. Apart from the human population rainy day is also beneficial to flora and fauna of a place. Sometimes there are stormy winds and heavy rains.

It’s really greatness of God. But out of all my favourite season is monsoon season or the rainy season. We use raincoats, gumboots and umbrellas in this seasons.

After spending my afternoon and relaxing with my mom, I love to go on a drive with my dad in the evening to explore the city and relish the beauty of nature. “The best part of the beauty is that which no picture can describe”. I was too much depressed because of my performance, which was good but not excellent, even after continuous and hard struggle.
It impacts our lives in some way or the other. The fields seem to appear full of life on a rainy day. As soon as I reach there, I remove my flip-flops and throw away my pink umbrella on the sand and run towards the sea. A rainy day is certainly not an ordinary day. “He send rain on the just and the unjust” (New-Testament). Despite being beneficial to the ecology of a place, rainy day might cause little discomfort in some cases.

Here I have mentioned 10 helpful points for making paragraph on a rainy day. Rain is the falling of water from the clouds coming back to the earth, which is taken indirectly by the sun. It’s like that it gives a new lease of life to the whole place. Therefore, it is wise to spend a rainy day, admiring the beauty of nature and not complaining about the little discomforts. The only time I usually have rainy days is when it is July though.Rainy days are awesome to me sense I can do a lot of things in my own house. All of sudden, dark black cloud appeared in the sky.

My dad dropped me to the school. Heat waves engulf this part of the country for most part of the year. White dress, as I like the contrast it gives, the dark weather and a white dress is a pretty combination and I love it. I hate it when the rain stops and we need to get back.

I live in a joint family. “Nature like man sometimes weeps for gladness” (Disraeli). We have described how people enjoy the rainy season?

My ideal rainy day would be sitting by the window and watching rain, catching some droplets of rain and feeling the chilly breeze on my cheeks. I was overtaken by the traffic downpour.

We all hopped from our seats with excitement.

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